Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shahrizat must go, says Dr M

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad yesterday called for Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil to quit politics following the controversy over the RM250 million National Feedlot Centre (NFC) project awarded to the her family.

The former prime minister, who is still highly influential in Umno, told a press conference Friday that the Wanita Umno chief should leave before being “chased out” by her party.

“If we feel it is necessary to quit for the sake of party, we quit. When I wanted to quit, I didn’t ask anyone. I hope others do the same. Don’t wait for people to chase you off.

“Yes, ukur baju di badan sendiri (measure yourself up),” he said when asked if the senator should resign.

The former Lembah Pantai MP had gained the support of both the Youth and her Wanita wings of Umno last week after denying any wrongdoing in the controversy over the national cattle-farming project.

Looks like there is no 'cooling down' over the issue. If Dr M himself has spoken up, I believe a few others will follow suit. However, let us listen to Shahrizat...

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Anonymous said...

So you found your balls?

salina said...

kalau TDM yang bersuara, maka najib perlu beri perhatian.

beliau tahu apa yang berlaku agaknya

lambretta66 said...

better leave it to the cabinet and datuk najib to decide. as wanita umno chief, i believe shahrizat is wise enough to distinguish the effect of such an issue on the party.

if she has to go, then she will have to sacrifice for the party.

i believe she is wise enough to weigh her position now.

kilat said...

she is a liability to umno and also barisan nasional. whether she is guilty or not, does not matter but the issue is giving a lot of ammo to the opposition. she must go!

penangan said...


perlu hati2 dalam menilai kesan kes shahrizat ke atas barisan nasional. pm sebagai presiden umno juga harus menilai semula isu ini di segi perspektif politik, lebih2 lagi menjelang pilihanraya umum akan datang

Anonymous said...

saya rasa adalah tidak adil untuk memaksa shahrizat berundur kerana wanita umno berdiri teguh di belakangnya. jika dipaksa berbuat demikian, wanita umno pula akan terjejas dan undi mereka mungkin juga terserong.

banyak perkara perlu ditimbangkan oleh perdana menteri dan semua pihak.

saya rasa adalah tidak adil memaksanya berundur dari politik hanya kerana kes yang setakat ini tidak menunjukkan pembabitan shahrizat.

bujai said...

anon 3.03,

i always keep it. as a pro-govt blogger, i dont simply support everything blindly. what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong.

u are the one with no balls... hiding behind your anon! admit it!

Anonymous said...

nobody got the rights to ask he to go, except datuk najib as the prime minister.

those outside the cabinet and without solid ground to accuse her, just SHUT UP please!

Anonymous said...

The controversy was brewing hot and Shahrizat was attacked left, right and centre both from the opposition and UMNO back-benchers. DSNTR and TSMY made attempts to soften the impact but to no avail. The intervention of Khairy has only worsened the controversy as approval for the NFC project was made when his FIL was the PM and he was the crown prince.

By the time her husband issued a press statement, damage had already been done. The press statement had only invited more questions than answers and more controversies stirred.

At long last, TDM has spoken. Something must be very serious. Hopefully DSNTR will weigh his views wisely - the personal interest of one backdoor minister or that of the whole of BN in the 13th gen.election.


Ridzuan said...

Kalau kat Jepun, dah lama resign/harakiri, sbb tu negara mereka maju, ni kat M'sia lagi mau sokong. Bahalol penyokong umporno.

Anonymous said...

For a good and clean UMNO, Shahrizat must sacrifice and resign like an honorable lady.