Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rebuttal and denial

Latest: Local low-cost carrier AirAsia today claimed that it is the victim in the ongoing tiff with Malaysian Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) over the construction of the new KLIA2 low-cost air terminal.

“We are the victims here... we are at the mercy of MAHB, which is the only party building airports here,” said the carrier’s commercial director Jasmine Lee.

Some people are very downright with their statements; some are not. While we can understand why businesses apply a blanket on certain aspects of the operation, we still find it difficult to digest especially when it involves a government-linked entity. Let alone a pro-govt tycoon.

After all the publicity about MAS and AirAsia, with Tony Fernandes lambasting MAHB for 'giving his air carrier unreasonable problems', here come the most intriguing part - rebuttal and denial.

I think it has been more than a months since reports quoted him as saying that AisAsia wanted a bigger KLIA2.

In a Bernama report today, the low-cost carrier refuted claims by the airport operator that AirAsia was the main reason for the cost of the new low-cost terminal, or KLIA2, to increase substantially. (Also read Rocky's Bru).

The statement, issued yesterday also said it did not ask for a bigger KLIA2. But why did the company take 'plenty of time' to come up with this rebuttal?

The budget carrier also provided copies of two official letters sent by AirAsia to MAHB and vice versa to prove that it should not be blamed for the price tag of KLIA2 to almost double.

AirAsia, MAHB's biggest customer, said its chairman, Datuk Abdul Aziz Abu Bakar, had in a letter on November 2009 to MAHB managing director Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad Abdul Majid, cautioned that the location of KLIA2 at KLIA West was not suitable and would cause construction costs to soar.

"The site will definitely be more expensive than the planned budget of RM2 billion," AirAsia said, adding it had also estimated for MAHB that the construction cost will increase to RM3.6-RM3.9 billion.

In a separate letter dated Aug 9 this year, Bashir had written to AirAsia X chairman, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, claiming that the proposed KLIA2 would be sufficient to handle 30 million passengers per annum.

"This figure has never been officially changed by AirAsia or MAHB since Aug 9, 2011," AirAsia said, in refuting claims made by MAHB in an article entitled "Why KLIA2 has to be bigger" posted on its website.

Looks like the issue is taking a turn for the worse. So, which is which now? I believe the govt needs to step in to quell it (is Azman Moktar around?)

However, let's listen to what Tony has to say in a press conference at the AirAsia HQ in Sepang today.


komodo said...

this is what we call 'lidah bercabang' among the malays. we say something today and denies it on the very next day.

not a surprise to me.

our politicians, esp ministers are fond of doing it.

hulk hogan said...

good question - where is azman mokhtar!!!!

he should have monitored happenings at MAHB after tying up airasia and malaysia airlines. as a partner to the govt-linked carrier, airasia will demand for equal rights.

now, you kena laaaa.... who is actually the boss for the whole operation?


taukeh lim said...

build a new airport elsewhere for airasia la.

airasia wants to be boss now, wants to become the owner of malaysia airlines and mahb.

that also u dont know aaar?

penangan said...


memang kerajaan perlu campur tangan dalam urusan ni.

mas milik kerajaan. mahb milik kerajaan. airasia pula amat menyokong kerajaan.

jadi, semuanya orang kerajaan (macam najib kata, orang umno).

kalau benda kecik macam ni pun susah nak setel, apa lagi nak hadapi pilihanraya umum akan datang!

duduklah, berunding dengan baik demi faedah bersama.

mat saman said...

jangan sampai saman-menyaman, dah la.

buruk jadinya nanti.

i have told u people so many times already said...

who started the news about tony wanting a bigger klia2?

the media? bloggers?

but as u said, why did airasia take so long to deny it?

something is not right here...

Anonymous said...

just give tony what he wants lor. case close.

after all, its airasia that makes money, not malaysia airlines!

Anonymous said...

Komodo... why do you have to said "Lidah Bercabang" among the Malays? Can't you just said among some people? What do think that other races like Chinese and Indians have no "Lidah Bercabang"? You simply want to hurt Malays right? You think your race is so superior? Always do good things?

Anonymous said...


Do not have any high expectation from Azman to solve the wrangling between Bashir and Fernandez. He is simply clueless.

Mr.PM,sir. You have yet another issue that gravely need your indulgence - after NFC and the impending listing of GVH. If not solved, you may have to vacate Putrajaya.


Anonymous said...

tony is an honest businessmen, he means good for mas, mahb and the govt. we need more people like him around.

so, matters like this should be solved behind close doors, not open it for public speculation.

kuchai said...

fernandes wants to become the king of the sky for malaysia.

azman mokhtar, in sealing the deal between airasia and mas, has forgotten his priority... and the govt priority as well.

he should resign for good!

an umno reporter said...


i hope tony will give the press conference tomorrow, and not his pr or other senior officers.

got so many things to ask him.

obladi oblada said...

tony will say (at tmorow pc), among others:

hey, you bloggers started it all.

hey, airsia is trying to help boost mas operation and revenue, so stop putting all the blame on us

yooo bro. mahb doesnt manage the airport well enough. airasia should also second its personnel to them.

and.... bla bla bla...

Anonymous said...

why not a joint press conference with malaysia airport?

i think it can solve the issue amicably, rather than one party issuing conflicting statements!

komodo said...

anon 2:02,

correction. maybe my poor english. what i meant was - among the malay people, people like this are called 'lidah bercabang'. i was not accusing the malays.

sorry bro, for the confusion.

takut naik kapal terbang said...

setuju dengan PENANGAN.

kalau benda simple macam ni pun dah berperang, susah lah nak setel isu lebih besar.

elok la berunding. buat pc sama2 dengan mahb esok, mr tony!

hotentot said...

give tony the chance.

he has proven his worth in the airasia-mas swap deal and i believe he will help boost mas and mahb business in the long run.

never undermine what's he doing. as a malaysian, he knows what to do for the benefit of the country...and the government

lim gone eng said...

its getting more complicated. mahb belongs to the govt, malaysia airlines too belongs to the govt.

but u allow airasia, a private-owned co to dominate their operation.

why privatized the govt?

Anonymous said...

sack azman mokhtar,

appoint tony as a senator...

boleh ka?

Anonymous said...

put hassan merican as boos of Khazanah...Tony must be pusing kepala..

Hassan is the man to dealk with Tony..eg his being unable to get Petronas monies for his bullshit F1 team.


Anonymous said...

say anything, write anything... najib wont dare to touch azman or interfere in tony's business...

u know laaarr!!!!

Anonymous said...

someone should put a stop to this game. it looks stupid all around, including the govt.

najib should bear in mind that airasia, mas and mahb are important to keep our aviation industry on the go.

dont allow any split

Anonymous said...

why didnt tony attend the press conference?

we wanted to hear direct from him, not his aides!

Anonymous said...

bagi betis nak peha

..the tony guy

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaaaaa.....all of you talking, arguing, trying to make sense of all these situations. My friend, the culprit is AM. He mastermind this and create all this situation. I bet he is feeding our macha with internal info and tactics to tackle situation. He hates that other guy there. You have to work with AM to understand his tactics. This guy dont sleep you know. Stay awake all night strategising only. Ask his staff, 4am ask for report. This AM, want to make money quickly also, he think BN will not make it next election (same story, story his staff always).
You readers pi cari itu AM la...baling batu, sorok tangan ma..

Anonymous said...


Air Asia and its associates have been surviving and enriching themselves by making people believe, right from their inception, that they have been victimised high and dry by everybody.

That's the reason why it easily got away with the misleading advertisements even though one cabinet minister himself had made a complaint.

That's the reason why it easily got away with only a meagre payment of a mammoth sum of airport tax it owed the MAHB. Even that, after a long period time and rendering the MAHB as beggers.

That's the reason why it has become so emboldened to orchestrate a series of vehement protest against Tan Sri Bashir for the latest increase in airport tax even though they know fully well such increase is not the unilateral decision of TS Bashir but with the concurrence of the govt.

That's the reason why..........many more to come if the PM chose to be 'elegant silent.'


Anonymous said...

Air Asia is a low cost airline but not necessarily cheap. Those who have travelled in it know what I mean.


q0l0p said...

Poor Firefly..

T F* main aim is to be king of the sky. To monopoly National air industry. He 2/3 on that target.
Whe he 100 monopoly, his motto will be "Everyone can be suck".

MAS doomed. Govt. should do some thing to save Firefly, so T F* cant make any excuses to suck rakyat.