Thursday, December 22, 2011

PAS' pressure is DAP's pleasure!

Who says Umno is using PAS' leaders and exploiting the rift in the Pakatan Rakyat's component? What is the basis to accuse Umno of taking advantage of the fragile condition at PAS' top brass now?

I wonder whether those who hurled such allegations are aware of the present situation in the Opposition. With Anwar facing the possibility of going back behind bars for the second time and some DAP leaders are still at loggerheads over the latest incident in Penang and Perak, PAS is actually dangling on a very thin line.

And if there is a party to take advantage on such a condition, will be DAP itself. Umno will never meddle with problems plaguing the Opposition, let alone being associated with any of PAS', PKR or DAP leaders in their own tug-of-war game.

Umno vice-president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said Thursday it was not appropriate for PAS to accuse Umno of making use of two of its leaders, following their open criticisms of the PAS leadership.

He said Umno had never interfered in the internal business of PAS and this was proven when PAS ex-deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa himself said several quarters in the party were overreacting to his statement prior to this.

"Other than Nasharuddin's statement, the criticism of Selangor State Executive Councillor for Islamic Affairs, Datuk Dr Hasan Ali that PAS should return to its original struggle based on Islamic principles, showed the weakness of the party," he said.

Zahid was commenting on Nasharuddin and Hasan's latest statements when met by reporters after attending the Royal Military College's annual parade and prize Presentation Ceremony in Sungai Besi.

The fact that the duo have been throwing their sticks at PAS leadership did not only signify the party's internal problem but also reflects how DAP - against the 'hudud' all this while - has managed to play a tactical politic to weaken the Islamic party, hoping to supersede it as an option for the Malays in the next general election.

But PAS is too blind to realise such an antagonism from DAP. Seeing how inept 'hudud' is for the next 'PR-led' government (should they win the general poll), DAP seized the opportunity by battering PAS from behind.

If you attend some of DAP 'ceramah' nationwide, opposition towards 'hudud' is always among their topic.

So, who actually trapped Nasharuddin, Hassan and others in PAS. As far as 'hudud' is concerned, Umno has never come up with invidious statements about it, except that the party (Umno) has been very successful in developing and nurturing a fundamental Islamic society in the country.

And suggestions that Nasha and Hassan should join Umno were not made by Umno leaders but by others. Umno subscribes to an open door policy - if someone wishes to join it as a member, all he needs to do is fill up the form and submit it.

By the way, someone in DAP also accused Umno of 'buying' the duo.

This is absolutely rubbish! If Umno really wants to apply such a tactic, it will cost the party millions of ringgit. But it has never done so, unlike other parties who make this and that offers!


tupperware party said...


in politics, all parties are good at exploiting each others' weakness. who does it better will win.

in this case, dap wins

penangan said...


saya tak faham langsung apa sebenarnya yang berlaku dalam pas.

entah2 ini semua cuma helah diorang untuk menagih sokongan atas pagar, macam yang dibuat oleh dap baru-baru ni.

ini semua tak boleh dipercayai. setakat perang mulut sesama mereka, adalah perkara biasa.

lainlah kalau dah ada yang kena pecat atau keluar parti, barulah kita boleh percaya yang mereka benar2 bersengketa. kalau tak, elok biarkan dulu...

mamud june said...


melayu sama melayu gaduh, bangsa lain dok gelak.

padan muka hangpa!

Anonymous said...

umno is also taking advantage on pas bickering.

dont deny that!

tongkang said...

no one should fall into this trap.

just like dap's 'wayang' in penang, pas is also screening their own drama.

Anonymous said...

apa susah2 bro.

suruh je diorang berdua tu keluar pas dan masuk dap.

boleh jadi calon melayu dap pada pru akan datang.

sure punya!

Anonymous said...

Nah, it is all a wayang to fool the rakyat. PAS has no issue, so they create something to show they are doing something for the people.

And then they will follow democracy DAP style. GAG ORDER.

PKR on the other hand is behaving like the meat in between a sandwich. It is the tastiest, compared to the two bland slices of bread.

This wayang will end sooner than expected in the usual script. UMNO is behind all this.

Hey, if UMNO is behind all this, kudos. They should be praised for being able to penetrate such thick skulls!


Anonymous said...

Let the polemics be now so that enough time and opportunity to work out a settlement ahead of the 13th gen.election.

In so far as UMNO is concerned, don't take pleasure of those polemics too. Don't rule out the existence of some latent
disgruntlements among its members which may only surface during or around the election. It can be worse when those who think they are the winnable candidates are not selected to stand.

Time and effort would be spent more on solving the internal problems rather on the election campaign.


umbut pisang said...

jai, jangan ambil pot dengan apa yang dibuat oleh dap, pas dan pkr. biarkanlah mereka dengan cara mereka sendiri.

apa yang penitng, kita berjuang untuk barisan nasional. adalah menjadi tugas penyokong kerajaan untuk menarik semula undi yang hilang pada 2008...

insya-allah berjaya

Anonymous said...

AHMAD Z- can submarines dive n re surface?? or they only float???cakap tak serupa bikin??