Friday, December 30, 2011

Of Anwar's road tour and January 9...

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim will go on a 'road tour' to every part of the country next week to claim his innocence, and come January 9, 2012, the Kuala Lumpur High Court will pass a verdict that will either see him go back to jail or getting acquitted of sodomy.

I am going to write about his fate but if its fated that he goes behind bars for the second time, he and his followers must recognise the fact that our judiciary system is not bias as alleged by the Opposition, their NGOs and foreign advocates.

Unfortunately, they will only trust the judiciary if Anwar gets his acquittal (I hope he is innocent) but otherwise, the government and the courts will be deemed as a rotten system that form a cahoot to politically murder him.

They will accuse the judiciary of corruption and that those appointed are just a bunch of 'yes man' to Prime Minister Najib Razak and his Barisan Nasional government.

They will also forget the fact that Khir Toyo, who was found guilty of graft last week is also an Umno leader, and so are other pro-BN VIPs penalised by the court for their crimes. And at this moment, two Datuks are being reprimanded for their alleged corruption case - one for the NFL and the other for IRDA.

Worse still, Anwar's supporters have vowed to stage street demonstrations nationwide should the court finds him guilty.

Maybe they have forgotten the fact that the proceedings or decision of any case relating to the laws of the country cannot be amended or denied by demonstrations.

Minister of Information, Communications and Culture Dr Rais Yatim said yesterday apart from considering their responsibility to the community, those who wished to demonstrate should be aware that their action would not influence or strike fear on the judiciary in making its decision.

"Demonstrations cannot change the flow or channels of the legal process of the country and if that is what they demand, it would destroy our nationhood," he said.

Rais is right. What the Opposition planned is really beyond comprehension. Will street demo and road tour justify Anwar's innocence? And what is the guarantee that they will introduce a 'better judiciary' should they are able to take over Putrajaya after the next general election?

If our judiciary is being mocked as providing shelters to government's wrongdoers and find fault in the Opposition - as a bad political strategy to hinder their advance - then what is the assurance that they will not be accused of practicing the same mode of legal system once they are in power?

They are the ones who said 'Khir deserves' the one year jail sentence. Some of the Opposition leaders also lauded the judiciary as being fair in passing the verdict. But why must the subscribe to double standard when it concerns Anwar?

No court will pass put judgement without tangible evidence, witnesses' account and other supporting documents. It is actually not an easy task for any judge to send the accused to jail. It all depends on the strength of prosecution and defense tools. There had been cases where murderers, drug dealers, rapists and others were acquitted because of loosed prosecuting presentation but the cases were then reopened.

However, if the judiciary is deemed as being bias, many 'real cases' involving government legislators and senior officers could have been covered. But they were found guilty.

If Anwar is not a politician, had Teoh Beng Hock was just an ordinary layman and not connected to the Opposition leader and Khir is a nobody, will the public care enough? Should the court sends someone to jail for the crime he never commit, will they fight for him? I don't think so.

This is all about politics, about the Opposition and about their pride to the eyes of international freedom propagators. And the planned street demonstration will not only undermine the judiciary but to throw the whole country into chaos.

What is the gain when we take to the street to avow out distrust toward the judiciary? And where is the just in our action if (God knows) all evidence and witnesses are pointing to Anwar's guilt?


peace lover said...

if they take to the streets, the police should act accordingly.

the home ministry must ensure that those people be barred from organising such action.

this is our country. if the police cannot contain them, then leave it to the rakyat!

we want a peaceful life, not a messy one

Anonymous said...


they are fighting for anwar's politics, not for anything else.

penangan said...


agaknya kalau mereka yang menjadi kerajaan, apa agaknya yang akan dibuat terhadap sistem perundangan dan kehakiman yang sedia ada?

adakah ia akan dipinda sedemikian rupa supaya kes2 seperti anwar ini dilepaskan begitu saja nanti?

renegade said...

good one bro.

if anwar is innocent, he will walk a free man. then the opposition will say the judiciary is a good one.

if anwar is guilty, he will go back to jail, and of course the opp will condemn the judiciary.

what brain do they have?

pro-Pakatan Rakyat said...

boleh blah la sama korang.

anwar memang tidak bersalah. ini semua komplot untuk jatuhkan dia, aibkan dia dan halang dia daripada jadi pemimpin nombor 1 negara.

tengoklah nanti!

bob magellan said...

there are flaws in the judiciary but compared with many countries, including the west, we are among the best and most fair in the world.

as u mentioned, its up to the strenght of the prosecutor and defense lawyers!

so, if karpal is not good, anwar will go to jail... but if he is good also, anwar will go to jail.


Anonymous said...

As long as the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) is allowed to perform its functions which are to maintain law and order, and to preserve peace and security WITHOUT ANY INTERFERENCE AND INTERVENTION FROM ANY QUARTERS, there is no reason for anyone to be apprehensive.

Nobody and no one should be allowed to take the law into their own hands.


zool said...

our judicial system is good and complete enough. so, there is no room to dispute it.

lucky this is malaysia. if we are in africa or latin america, the system is unreliable!

so, to the opposition, stop making noise

Anonymous said...

those who know and are close to anwar will know what kind of a person he is.

cakap tak serupa bikin punya orang!

harris abdullah cheng said...

tak perlulah buat demo, buat rusuhan dan tunjuk perasaan di sana-sini hanya untuk mempertahankan seorang pemimpin ni.

rakyat dah bosan dengan semua ni, nak hidup selesa dan aman damai.

jangn fikir negara kita ni takda undang2 nak buat sesuka hati.

takut nanti jadi lain pulak bila ketenteraman rakyat diganggu-gugat!

eric estrada said...


what do u think... is anwar guilty or not?

Anonymous said...

the want a clean judiciary which will not find them guilty of any wrongdoings.

they want a clean election system which will ensure their victory in the next general election.

but they failed to clean up their arses!

Anonymous said...

Anwar is Imam Mahadi!
Anwar is Imam Mahadi!
Anwar is Imam Mahadi!
Anwar is Imam Mahadi!

He is our final savior!

kai-lan said...

tell them to fly kite if they want to organise street demo.

as a rakyat, i will be among the first to throw rotten eggs at them!

Anonymous said...

renegade said...

good one bro.

if anwar is innocent, he will walk a free man. then the opposition will say the judiciary is a good one.

Wrong renegade, if Anwar is acquitted, they will still say that the judiciary is corrupt, except that the conspirator failed to proof his innocent.

That's the typical of PR goons

Anonymous said...

sooner or later, the nation will be at the hands of america and its allies, just like libya, iraq, afghan and others...

Al-Hussaini said...

Jika Allah s.w.t berkenan pada dia tentu Allah angkat dia jadi PM bukan setakat jadi DPM.Semuanya adalah ketentuan dari Allah.Mengapa ada yang tak mahu akur ketentuan Allah.Masuk penjara pun ketentuan Allah.Malah lebih baik dia masuk penjara.Negara ni akan aman, masa rakyat terbuang kerana kerenah dia. Melayu berpecah belah kerana dia.Orang lain amat sukalah Melayu berpecah.Amat malanglah kalau orang kita terpengaruh dengan dia.

Anonymous said...

if they use street demo to free anwar, then when anwar gets power, there will no longer be trials based on facts and evidence

it will be anwar's court that dish out punishment as he likes - definitely not based on justice