Monday, December 5, 2011

Obama's peace plan

"I'm done with Libya. Next is Syria. Then Iran and Yemen. Of course I will help Britain to keep Falklands. And there are also calls from the people of Pakistan... and also Malaysia!"


obladi oblada said...


very insinuating!

i think obama will send his CIA to nab u first!

penangan said...


macam menyindir je! sindir siapa bang?

memang dah ada orang malaysia yang jemput campur tangan asing, dari kerajaan india lah, australia lah... israel tu dah biasa agaknya. ni pulak amerika.

Anonymous said...

us ambassador wants to see u, jai.

he says you are a devil to their eyes.


ex-diplomat said...

i believe the us-nato atrocities in the middle east will continue in the next decade until each and every anti-US regime perishes.

obama is no different from bush, clinton, carter and the rest. they wont achieve anything without waging war against the weaker nations in the middle east and latin amerika.

now falklands is another issue between argentina and britain. the US will of course side UK. another war, i suppose?

Anonymous said...

nampaknya begitulah akan terjadi kepada malaysia jika pembangkang ingin sangat mahu melihat campur tangan asing di sini....

Anonymous said...

they should come to malaysia first... to flush the opposition!