Friday, December 23, 2011

Khir Toyo deserves it... but NOT Anwar!

I bet the Opposition, especially those in Selangor are 'celebrating' the verdict on former MB Khir Toyo who was slapped with a year jail term for graft earlier today. I believe they are laughing at him and at Barisan Nasional.

Of course, the pro-Pakatan Rakyat newspapers, most of the Chinese media and bloggers are already publishing their news and editorials about him.

However, they would not say anything about the just in our judiciary and the impartiality of the MACC in dealing with the case. What they would write and say is to condemn Khir, Umno and Barisan Nasional. Also, the possibility that they will link it with Najib's 'corrupt government'.

No way will they attribute the verdict to the judiciary, that it is a system to be trusted and reckoned with. And there is also no reason for them to credit the MACC officials for expediting their duty without favor.

I have read some headlines such as 'Padan muka Khir!' (Khir deserves it!) and 'Umno leader guilty of graft' in the Opposition blogs and news portal. I have no complaint against that. It's their rights.

However, let us wait for another two more weeks. Come January 9, 2012, Anwar Ibrahim's case will hear the sentence. If he is not guilty, it's fine.

But what if the Opposition Leader is found guilty? And what kind of 'reprisals' can we expect from the Opposition, their media and bloggers?

Surely, they will blame the judiciary by accusing it of bias and unjust. Najib's government will once again come under their attacks. Like it or not, there would be riots in the country to protest the guilty verdict on Anwar.

And that's what the Opposition is all about - that they are everything right. While failing to recognise the justice in Khir's case, they will not take it if Anwar goes back to jail for the second time.

Just like accusing the Election Commission (EC) of being pro-government, they also failed to notice how the EC 'unjust practice' had given Pakatan the five States in the last general election. Until they fill up all the portfolio in the Federal Cabinet, they will go on making such claims!

That's how their brain works!


konekticut said...

its the usual thing la bro.

when they see a point to whack the govt, they will go for it.

but they wont accept any fault in themselves... and also in anwar!

mind of a pig!

penangan said...


sudah menjadi tabiat pembangkang untuk melihat kesalahan orang lain tetapi gagal mengesan silap sendiri.

memang khir toyo akan dijadikan punching bag oleh mereka. selepas ini, kes shahrizat pula.

mereka suka khir dipenjarakan tetapi mereka sudah pasti akan membantah keras jika anwar didapati bersalah dan dipenjarakan.

taukeh lim said...

what la u.

their objective is to conquer putrajaya. that is why they dont find mistake in themselves.

they only know how to hantam and judge other people but they dont admit their own mistakes.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

Anonymous said...

khir toyo memang bersalah. memang dia patut dihukum.

tetapi dalam kes anwar, dia memang difitnah oleh manusia macam korang, kucing kurap barisan nasional!

so far said...

i think anwar is ready to go back to jail...

pro-PKR said...

it wont fair at all if khir gets a year and anwar gets 5 (if he is found guilty).

graft is worse than sodomy!

do think about it!

vincent said...

utusan predicts riot should the court finds anwar guilty.

we better be prepared! it is expected to be very, very ugly bro.

Anonymous said...

anwar deserves more than khir toyo. if khir toyo sentenced to 1year and propertyu seized. anwar should be sentenced more than that and also be canned as his crime has destroyed the dignity of another person.

Anonymous said...

if we dont trust our own judiciary and the macc, who will?

Anonymous said...

Fuckatan Rakyat and their mindset, ... its not surprising.

The Eugenist said...

Brother, that's what happens if the balls that hangs between the legs are bigger than the pea brain inside their brain!

They talk without consulting the pea brain and let the balls do the talking..


Hesmel Faznee Faisal

online watch said...


whoever forms the govt will have at least a hand in everything - the judiciary, the election commission, the police, etc....

if pakatan rakyat wins the next general election, they will also do the same...

so... no different!

anggun said...

bila dah mabuk kuasa, mereka akan rasa merekalah yang betul dalam semua hal. mereka tidak akan mengaku silap sendiri sebaliknya akan terus menuding jari ke arah orang lain. selagi kuasa belum ada di tangan, mereka akan buat apa saja yang patut dan menggunakan segala peluang yang ada untuk berkuasa, sama ada ia kotor atau tidak.... inilah pembangkang... di mana-mana negara sekalipun! cuma bezanya, pembangkang di malaysia amat menjijik dan memalukan rakyat!

benci rosmah said...

khir toyo akan merayu, dan mahkamah akan kurangkan hukuman penjaranya kepada kurang daripada enam bulan bagi membolehkannya bertanding dalam pilihanraya.

korang di pihak kerajaan akan menyaksikan bagaimana anwar akan diperlakukan sesuka hati oleh mahkamah nanti....

kita sama2 lihat ketidakadilan ini!

sodo mee said...

salam bro.

agaknya kalau anwar didapati bersalah, diorang akan bakar mahkamah tu!

lampong karam said...

anon 11.48.

kau la yang sebenarnya anjing kurap kerana sokong orang yang tak bermoral, yang nak hancurkan bangsa sendiri dan yang melangggar perintah allah.


Anonymous said...


anwar akan didapati tidak bersalah. saiful yang akan bersalah sebab masukkan mainan dalam dubur dia...

red jacket said...

if they take over putrajaya, they will turnaround the judiciary and election commission to the worst!

as they are so crazy for power, they will try to keep it once they achieve their objective.

they will be more mean than BN!

Anonymous said...

Thats the greedy opposition politicians.
True color
Just fighting for themselves..(or one joker) not for the rakyat or Malaysia

in between said...

khir should get more than just one stupid year!

anwar too must get at least 5 years.

both are leaders of low moral...!

Yati Md Noor said...

The whole system of democracy is wrong.

Tun Sodomy said...


Only a umno supporter is dumb enough to believe saiful umno's story about holding sperm (lovingly) in his ass for days.

only a sly umno shit would have the nerve to compare the two cases.