Monday, December 26, 2011

Just a melodrama!

Whether it's Karpal against Ramasamy or Hasan Ali vs Mustafa Ali, to me all this is getting too melodramatic. They get so much attention for nothing.

I don't know why the Press and blogs gave them too much space. You think they simply want to put their respective parties -DAP and PAS - at rickety and let others, especially those in Barisan Nasional to gain some advantages?

These people are mature politicians, matured enough to weigh the adverse impact of their action on their party. Why must their strip naked and let others bugger them?

After all, general election is just around the corner. While PM Najib is waiting for some 'signs' as to when is the right time to dissolve the Parliament, there is no logic for the Opposition to open up their party to the onslaught of others.

If there is a real rift among them, the Opposition is only courting trouble as any unresolved internal issue will be very costly for their dream of wresting Putrajaya from Barisan Nasional. While the party members are hoping for the best in the next outing, they can't afford to take such internal crisis to their campaign.

So, it is a melodrama by the Opposition, and some BN leaders are already buying the tickets to watch it. They are already making so many statements and comments about the 'bickering' among the Opposition leaders. To be precise, they are falling into this simple political trap.

Those at rift are political hooligans. They want cheap publicity for their political platform. As their popularity goes down among their own supporters, they need a vehicle to recharge.

And the best choice is to moot an idea among themselves, write the script, direct it and tailor themselves to what was planned. Not so difficult as they are already good natural actors. All they needed was just a perfect rehearsal.

Now, when the drama gets popular, it leaves BN politicians and analysts to no choice but to watch and pass remarks about it, just like many who spoke about anti-Namewee but also went to the cinema to watch his 'Nasi Lemak 2.0'.

That is how some BN politicans, inlcuding ministers made stupid gain by coming out with various comments about the crisis in DAP and PAS. However, instead of getting lauded for inviting Rama and Hasan Ali to join Umno should they choose to leave their respective parties, they are getting chided and criticised.

All this leads to a common public perception - that BN is so hard up to have this few people from the Opposition to join them, forgetting the fact that more BN senior politicians had left the ruling party to join Pakatan Rakyat or going against the BN.

Please leave Karpal, Ramasamy, Hasan and Mustafa alone. Let them batter each other because it has nothing to do with BN, especially Umno. We would be happy if they finally shake hands and reconcile. If this happens, who will 'malu'?

There is no need for us to invite them into Barisan Nasional. The ruling party is well-recognised and needs no ads and marketing. We should stay focus and attend to our own problems before we can build confidence for the next national poll.

Do not be sucked into the Opposition's affairs. Let them be. If the crisis is for real, BN will indirectly gain some boost out of it. However, when we start to 'interfere' in their internal-but-publicised affairs, we already turned ourselves as political cheapskates.


alarm said...


bn leaders must avoid landing a foot into this drama or they will look stupid.

let them bash up each other, if its true that they are at loggerheads. it has nothing to do with us in bn.

we will happier if they start to kill each other!

penangan said...


saya juga tidak setuju dengan tpm, zahid dan beberapa lagi pemimpin bn yang dengan suka hati mengajak hasan ali masuk umno.

buat apa kita gadaikan maruah parti untuk seorang ini?

malu dibuatnya!

yang mulus yang kudus said...

now u are talking, after some ministers already made statements about the issue.

karpal, rama, mustafa and hasan are not stupid bro. they know the game they play. its to confuse and attract attention, particularly from umno and other bn component parties.

umno invites hasan while mic invites ramasamy.

dont we feel tired of all this 'inviting'? i thought we already invited more than enough.

but those invitees are now pain in the ass... do u know who?

Anonymous said...

obviously its a drama.

they wont simply allow their motive to be questioned by members, right?

biol said...


ada orang tanya saya - di antara hasan ali dan mustafa ali, siapa yang betul dan salah?

saya jawab - yang betul dan salah ialah ALI!

ok ke jawapan saya tu?

kuli batak umno said...

buat hapa nak jemput hasan ali masuk umno? dia bukan handal sangat pun.

sikit2 nak jemput, sikit2 nak jemput.

abih tu, kalaulah betul dia masuk umno, nak bagi jawatan apa?

orang macam ni menyusahkan kita je kemudian nanti!

gajah berang said...

kalau pas pun nak hasan ali blah dari parti tu, buat apa pulak umno yang buka pintu kepada dia? apa pekdah yang umno dapat? apa nak ditawarkan kepada hasan agar dia masuk umno? jadi calon? eloklah bagi kat ahli yang dah lama berkhidmat dengan setia kepada parti, daripada bagi orang luar...sama jugak macam kes ezam md nor yang dapat senator lepas masuk semula umno. apa sumbangan dia kepada parti dan ahli? so, fikir-fikirkanlah!

zethro said...

Yep2, I think the same way too. C'mon UMNO/BN, u said u r matured enough in politics arena. Just don't simply fallen to this "childish" trap. Keep on focus what rakyat wants or at least just say u r supporting PM Najib. I can see most youngsters rite now like PM Najib very much bcos of what he has been doing but they just can't see any other UMNO members that really supporting him. Remember this, if u dont want to lose face just bcos u had to support something that aspired people, u just lost their aspiration to support u as well. Buck up, UMNO!

mat gombau said...


takyah heboh2 hal pembangkang ni. kang den pulak yang bangkang kau.

den ke klumpo potang sok. kau ado sanun ko?

tolong la bawak den jalan2, den takut sosek, maklumlah den ni org kampung.

pro-Pakatan Rakyat said...


umno bodoh!

Shahrizal Kamal said...

i concur

cynide said...

they will cry, weep and sadden but will shake hands, laugh and dine together without us knowing it.

mustafa and hasan are the best actors, throwing punches in the air but never really hit each other.

to them, their drama attracts more attention than karpal-ramasamy episode.

Anonymous said...

apa guna kita campur tangan dalam hal ehwal mereka.

waimma kalau mereka nak berbunuhan sekalipun, ia tidak dapat mengubah pendirian pembangkang terhadap barisan nasional.

jadi, elok tutup mulut je

isi hati said...

biarkan si lunchai terjun dengan labu-labunya.... biarkan! biarkan!

jangan kita pulak yang ikut jadi lunchai!

Anonymous said...

Bro Jai,

Cannot agree more.

The curtain will fall down with the players fully satisfied they have put up yet another good show.


Anonymous said...

dah agak pun

PAS sekarang tak mahu di label sebagai kaldai tunggangan DAP. Mungkin tulah angin untuk menyemarakkan perjuangan asal. Atau move jaga muka
Tapi kejap jee. Berapa minggu kemudian diam. Semua lupa.
Hasan Ali pun dapat publisiti dan vote percuma. Dalam bicara TV kalau tak silap minute last last macam promosi PAS jee

Fikirlah/ingatlah ke Mat Sabu. Publisiti sungguh hebat masa issue Komunis.
Itulah gaya PAS. Mempergunakan issue controversy(nationwide) dan ceramah cemuhan(kampungwide) untuk naik nama. Focus kepada issue luar dan bukan ke rakyat. Adakah ada pembangunan atau khidmat ke rakyat sebenarnnya?
Sequence:: 1. Sabu. 2. Hasan Ali 3. _____. 4.____

DAP pun sama juga. Guna tactic sama. Tak ada yang salah selain orang lain. Yang heran BN baik sangat tak guna attack mode (macam dema)ke atas kepincangan dia sekarang. Yang BN guna adalah defend mode jeee.Ada lawyer DAP kena hukum salah songlap duit tapi tak ada BN nak buat issue heboh macam Pakatan sekiranya lawyer BN kena

Biasalah govt of the day nak jadi gentlemen macam head of family. Tak boleh jadi guerilla yang musnahkan apa yang dibina.
Tapi kena hati hati sebab dema akan take advantage and hit below the belt

dondang sayang said...


talk about namewee.

i concur that many of those who hate him have already watched his movie.

wah lan neh!

Anonymous said...

Namewee again

Now heard that he is planning another movie

Him who whom have the last laugh (to the bank) wins

Anonymous said...

i agree that its wise for bn leaders not to say anything about it.

john white said...

let them fight among themselves. umno/bn should not interfere at all. umno/bn should concentrate more on how to unite amongst themselves. there are so many 'cah ketings' especially among umno members. stop being busy body about opposition!