Saturday, December 3, 2011

Don't turn Malaysia into another Libya!

Just in case you haven't been following the horror the West brought upon Libya, here is a photo which is worth one thousand words. These people were all killed by the National Transitional Council forces, you know, the good people the US and many governments supported.

Imagine our country being taken over by a new regime we are not familiar with. At least, we have been comfortable with Barisan Nasional. Tell me, who are inviting foreign intervention into our system?

I remember the late Gaddafi's famous quote:

We fear that Obama will feel that, because he is black with an inferiority complex, this will make him behave worse than the whites. This will be a tragedy. We tell him to be proud of himself as a black and feel that all Africa is behind him.”

Moammar Gaddafi said these words in 2008. I don’t know if they were translated from the Arabic or if he said it in English, which was not his first language.

In any case, Gaddafi had no reason that Obama would quite literally be the death of him, but his words were prescient. Africa is at Obama’s mercy, whether it is because of an inferiority complex isn’t clear. I don’t know that Obama is all that complicated. He is just ambitious and does what the system requires of him.


cindy will said...

my god!

its horrific!

how could they treated the deads like this?

bangsa malaysia said...

i didnt notice what it is until i took a closer look. my god. dead people in a big grave! i guess they simply bulldozed them into the hole. disgusting for an islamic nation!

penangan said...


mereka ni orang islam yang dibunuh oleh rakan seagama atas telunjuk amerika dan sekutu natonya.

beginilah agaknya akan terjadi kepada rakyat malaysia jika pembangkang inginkan campur tangan asing terhadap pentadbiran kita.

selisih malaikat 44!

panji semerang said...

agaknya mereka langsung tidak dibacakan talkin.

dibuang je dalam kubur besar ni, ditimbus dan dibiarkan begitu saja.

beginilah umat islam jika terlalu dengar telunjuk orang kafir!

semoga ia dijadikan iktibar untuk kita semua di malaysia

mat gombau said...

tekojot den bilo tengok gamba ni. mulo2 tak pegasan, lopeh duo tigo kali pakai spek, baghulah nampak.

sodih boto tengok orang mati dibuek macam ni, macam takdo nilai langsung.

kono bunuh, dah tu kono campak yo dalam kubo ni...

apolah nak jadi dongan dunio ni.

Anonymous said...

anwar, nik aziz and kit siang should see this.

if they are thinking of inviting foreign powers to interfere in malaysia, may as well they discard it...

it will be a disaster!

penggali kubur said...

siapa nak tengok malaysia jadi macam ni, buatlah agar amerika dan orang lain ganyang kita.

akai tarak.

cleo said...

what a heartbreaking sight!

the US and allies are to be blamed for this brutality against the innocent libyans.

as a christian, i share their sorrow...

Charles F. Moreira said...

"Africa is at Obama’s mercy, whether it is because of an inferiority complex isn’t clear. I don’t know that Obama is all that complicated. He is just ambitious and does what the system requires of him."

It is more likely that Obama is just a puppet of some higher power which got him elected to be their front man who does the dirty work on their behalf, and that higher power is finance capital.

Also, since the Republicans won Congress, Obama has been much less prominent on the US and world stage but more of just a figurehead president.

In fact, the secretary of state Hillary Clinton now plays a more prominent role now, and she is the one who told CBS, "We came, we saw, he died" and laughed at Ghadaffi's death.

There are many theories as to why NATO militarily backed the "rebels" to oust Ghadaffi. One of them is tat he wanted to introduce a gold dinar currency for Africa as an alternative to reliance on the western banking system.

BTW. Saddam Hussein adopted switched from the U.S. dollar to the euro as the currency to buy Iraqi oil.

We should also note that the "independent" media in Malaysia cheered the "rebels" in Libya and the NATO aggressors in ousting Ghadaffi but have been silent about the atrocities the "rebels" have subsequently committed against Ghadaffi loyalists.

Now Hillary Clinton is in Burma to cheer on Aung San Syu Ki but what economic policies will Aung San Syu Ki implement that the western powers and corporations back he so much.

Nile Bowie explains.

Notable are:-

"The 1989 manifesto of her party (viewable here) is a document that essentially calls for transnational corporations and globalists to manage the innumerably vast supply of natural resources in her country and the abolition and privatization of all nationalized industries."

"A 2006 report released by Burma Campaign UK (viewable here) details the tremendous financing contributed by the federally supported National Endowment for Democracy and George Soros’s Open Society Institute.

PDF downloadable here:-

Well, enough said.

Anonymous said...

1.The killing of fellow Muslims has a long history - from time of immemorial. How do you explain the inhumane and callous killing of grandsons of Prophet Muhammad (pub) himself! In the name of Islam?

2.On foreign intervention, no revelation in the annals of any country that it had brought any positive impact other than miseries, turmoils, suppression, escalation of civil wars etc. Hence, we should condemn and abhor the opposition making contact with BJP of India or any similar action by any party.


Anonymous said...


BTW, foreign intervention can come in many forms - direct and indirect, overt and covert - and sometime too sophisticated to detect. It is, therefore,incumbent upon the government and its apparatus to take all the precautionary measures. Must look beyond the direct contacts made by the opposition.


nahraf said...

Gaddafi started this by shooting unarmed protester, you should go at youtube and see people blasted to pieces by anti-aircraft gun, using Grad rockets to bomb whole neighboorhood, killing whole families in their homes. Gaddafi lit the match and burnt the whole house down making everybody suffer in a chain of hatred and suffering, the chain is only broken when he paid with his life in the end.
If he did not behave so murderously by indiscriminate killings of his own citizens at the beginning of the protest, this should not has happened.

Anonymous said...

kali pertama saya lihat gambar sezalim ini. kalau beginilah yang diinginkan oleh pembangkang, tak taulah apa yang ada dalam kepala mereka.

so far said...

actually the US atrocity matches that of the israel.

adik, UM said...

mengerikan dan menyedihkan.

tak pernah saya lihat kekejaman seperti ini dan pada waktu yang sama tersayat hati apabila mayat orang islam ini diperlakukan sebegini.

di mana letaknya nilai kemanusiaan?

Anonymous said...

obama too should be condemned as a war criminal for what he has done to the libyans!

jembalang tanah said...

bila tengok gambar ni, aku rasa syaitan tu lebih baik daripada manusia!

Charles F. Moreira said...

"If he did not behave so murderously by indiscriminate killings of his own citizens at the beginning of the protest, this should not has happened."

Would appreciate if you could provide the links.

I don't say the Ghadaffi regime was not brutal itself but the NATO and U.S. imperialists choose which side to back which would serve their geo-strategic interests.

If ending brutality was the issue at stake, the U.S. and NATO imperialists should militarily back the Palestinians in Gaza against the Zionist aggressors.

It's kind of like East Timor. The U.S. imperialists gave Indonesia the green light to invade East Timor which was ruled by the left-wing Fretilin during the Cold War.

All the protests went unheeded till 20 years later when Indonesia was forced to give East Timor independence and a UN peace keeping force headed by Australia went in.

Well, you see, East Timor has oil.

vinnan said...

Disenfranchise a large chunk of your population in the name of whatever 'Ketuanan' and get ready for outside powers to use them against your country. Gaddafi and the Libyans who benefited from his rule at the expense of other Libyans only have themselves to blame.

Welcome to the real world.

Anonymous said...

fuck obama!

fuck amerika!

Anonymous said...

It's so funny how the author of this article explained the photo. I'm Libyan and I experienced the war there. Gaddafi used almost every type of weapons, bombs and tanks. He didn't care of families or children. Therefore, most people of Libya had to use guns to protect theirselves, families and cities. This photo was captured in Abo Salim prison in the capital Tripoli. As a result my readers don't let this author foll you in matter that you don't know arabic.