Sunday, December 11, 2011

DAP losing Indian support and votes

DAP national chairman Karpal Singh, while calling Penang deputy chief minister P Ramasamy a 'warlord', also urged the latter to make a public apology for labeling him 'a godfather' or he is subjected to actions by the disciplinary committee.

In the latest spate of domestic bickering in the DAP, Karpal told the party's annual convention in Penang that the party could not afford to have a 'mafia', a reference to the label 'godfather' Ramasamy gave him earlier.

"Who built the DAP? The veteran leaders had built the party and no one should forget the sacrifices of these leaders. The present leaders would not be what they are now without the sacrifice made by the veterans," he said, turning the convention as a platform to criticise Ramasamy.

"Godfather portrays the image of a mafia group, while the DAP has never tolerated the mafia," he said, adding that Ramasamy joined the party to 'do things his own way'.

"Nobody can become warlords in the DAP, including Ramasamy by trying to nominate his election candidates," he said.

After that heated session, Ramsamy told reporters that he was prepared to leave the party for good if it comes to that as the allegations against him were baseless and a conspiracy to tarnish his reputation. "I can go back to my hometown Sitiawan," he said.

The crisis in DAP gains quick response from some bloggers.

Stopthelies says Lim Guan Eng, who now spots a new hairdo took Ramasamy along, according to news reports.

"He should have taken Tony Pua, the pseudo economic and defence expert. He should be visiting LIMA so he can get his facts correct.

"Back to Penang. Temperature is still soaring with Karpal’s faction headed by two Penang assemblymen RSN Rayner and A.Tanasekharan demanding Ramasamy’s head. They want him to apologise and the war has extended with Ramasamy’s aide,M.Satee tweeting away against the two."

Blogger Tun Faisal says Ramasamy was battered for being 'an Indian' in DAP, and this shows how racist the party is.

"Hari ini kita dibuktikan betapa DAP adalah sebuah parti yang rasis dan double standard ,P Ramasamy akan dihadapkan ke jawatankuasa displin dan akan dihukum ini berbeza apabila Lim Guan Eng, Ng Wei Aik, Jeff Ooi, Nga Khor Meng, Ronnie Liew, Tony Pua dan hampir kesemua evengelis Kristian di dalam DAP terlepas daripada tindakan dan diberi layanan istimewa..."

I guess the internal problem will not end just there. If Rama leaves the party or being subjected to the disciplinary committee, his supporters within the Indian community will also leave as Rama is portrayed as a champion for the Indians.

In the last general election, almost 35 per cent votes for DAP came from the Indians, and should Ramasamy leaves the party, the Opposition will be adversely affected in the next national poll, which is expected to be early next year.

However, this 'warlord', 'godfather' and 'mafia' things are getting so common nowadays, especially among the Pakatan Rakyat pact. The only issue is to identify and then deny it.


Cucu said...

The Indians in DAP should learn to swim in their own pond.
The DAP is a Chinese pond.

Anonymous said...

I'll not rejoice over the seemingly animosity between Karpal and Ramasamy that may result in DAP losing Indian support and votes.

Being a party that has been an opposition since its inception until it managed to capture Penang in the 12th Gen.Election, DAP has proven to be very resilient. It will regroup to face the 13th Gen. Election.

On the other hand, UMNO/BN which have never tasted severe defeat as in the last election, can easily fade into oblivion and the solidarity becomes suspect as they take a relatively longer time to heal whatever problems they have between them. Worse, they can drag right into the gen.election and thereby resulting in sabotage.


teluk kumbar said...


the crack is getting wider, actually.

dap is not please with lge because he visited the submarine the other dan gave it a thumb up.

karpal also didnt like that!

karipuley said...

mr jai,

ramasamy really fights for the indians' cause. he is a true leader and a gentleman.

he also fights for the rights of the penang malays. u can check this by talking to the malays in prai.

if he leaves the party, dap will lose a potential leader. however, i think no indian is given a space at the top leadership.

penangan said...


bukan ramasamy yang patut keluar parti.

karpal sendiri patut berundur. sampai bila nak jadi wakil rakyat? tak cukup2 lagi ke?

taukeh lim said...

i told u many times already.

dap is a racist party.

with not many malays as members, now they want to discard the malaysian indians.

that also u dont know aaar!

pro-PKR said...

to indians in DAP - LEAVE!

join PKR instead

balan said...

they are trying to put a halt to ramasamy's fast and vast popularity in dap, esp among the indians and malays. the chinese in dap do not like him much. and pls note that karpal is not an indian!

DAP rules! said...

karpal is right.

we dont need warlords in the party, neither do we condone any unilateral action taken by its leaders or members.

if rama feels its better for him to leave, then leave for good!

Anonymous said...


there goes karpal... and DAP!

sakuntala said...

abis koyak la dap kali ni. bergaduh sesama sendiri.

dah la tu, bergaduh pulak dengan pas.

pkr cuma lihat dan tepuk tangan beramai-ramai... harap2 dap dan pas runtuh!

samagagah said...

apa lagi dtk najib.

depa dok tgh bertelagah. bukan dap ja, pas pun sama.

kalau buat pilihanraya umum dalam sebulan dua ni, boleh menang bn!

Anonymous said...

agree with cucu,

dap is not meant for indians. no chance for any indian to make it to the party's top position.

if u dont like the govt, u may join pkr.

if u feel like supporting the govt, u may join mic or gerakan or ppp.

if u support hindraf, i got nothing to say.

lipas kudung said...

bila la karpal singah ni nak berenti daripada politik. dah tua sangat dah...

menyusahkan orang je!

kalianam said...

dey macha!

apa susah?

keluar itu dap, masuk lain parti la. jangan pikir itu hal lagi. diorang tarak pedulik sama lu punya.

Anonymous said...

This is all a wayang only. DAP wants people to think that arguing is democratic.

And then, before anything, they will issue their version of the ISA..... a GAG order.

By the way, when Khir Toyo goes for a facelift, the whole DAP mobsters kicked a fuss. How come they are as quiet as a mouse when Lim Guan Eng does the same?

Karpal used to say TDM was senile, too long in office etc but now he is defending the old folks home???


Anonymous said...

Wah...Karpal Singh - forgot to mention that ONLY in DAP where you have Big AND Little well as Lion King AND Lion Prince. The opposition is actually a FAMILY controlled opposition. You have the Lims and their daughter in law, the Lawyer Singhs and also The Omega Man with his wife and daughter. So why talk about warlords, Karpal?
UMNO is a racist party only it is for the malays as much as MCA and MIC for the Chinese and Indians and the Kadazan party but when you try and potray DAP as a multi racial party - this is like walking around with your fly open, Karpal.
With morons like Tony Phua talking with a brain the size of a chicken feed..DAP as lost its credibility.
If Tony became the defence minister, our soldiers and police personnel will be armed with cross bows and will even allow Singapore military to conduct trainigs on our soils and our airspace.#
After all - DAP is the bastard son of PAP.
Once a racist - always a racist.
The malay and indian Deputy CM posts are just to provide a halo effect on the malays and indians.
Bet you Senior Emperor Lim is already grooming his grandchildren to continue the Lim empire.

Anonymous said...

looks like DAP does not want indians, pkr as well don't need indians and BN have no interest in indians, so pru 13 all indians stay home and watch tamil movies. seriously. why bother making other's dream come true. Gear up for pru 14 as hindraf 3rd force with all minority groups in malaysia as a 3rd force