Friday, December 9, 2011

Another rebuttal?

Latest: AirAsia Bhd and Bumi Armada Bhd will replace Gamuda Bhd and MISC Bhd in the 30-stock FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI with effect from Dec 19.

FTSE Group (FTSE) and Bursa Malaysia Bhd said the changes following the semi-annual review of the FTSE Bursa Malaysia Index Series on Thursday.

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So, which is which now?

The Star and Bernama earlier reports said Tony Fernandes did hint about leaving AirAsia although no time line is set.

And just a few minutes ago, The Star produced yet another TF's denial and rebuttal - that he did not say anything about quitting as the head of the budget airline.

He tweeted on Thursday evening on the micro-blogging site to dismiss an earlier news report that he was going soon.

“All I said is next 10 years we must prepare for new leadership and my time is coming up soon. First a CEO for Malaysia and I focus on group functions as group CEO. Good leadership is to prepare for succession. Not going anytime soon though.”

Bernama had earlier reported that Fernandes hinted that he might leave soon at the airline's 10th anniversary celebrations.

The report also quoted him as saying that he has yet to identify his successor but hinted that it would be an internal change.

Confusion all over! Hope TF will come out with a 'real' statement this time around, not like when he denied making any statement about asking for a bigger KLIA2 the other day.

Unless, he intends to become a politician!


nicky lauda said...


why like that?

is tony under pressure? real pressure? i mean, from someone?

knowing that he never made such a blunder!

samarinda said...

siang cakap lain, malam cakap lain. ada yang tak kena dengan tony ni agaknya. atau....

Anonymous said...

jai, did tan sri bashir attend airasia 10th anniversary?

i doubt he did!

solomon tak selamat said...

why must he let go of airasia when he is one of those who founded it? its airasia that elevated him as one of the leading businessmen in malaysia, making him internationally-known.

aziz bakar too. dont tell me they just want to see others at the steering of airasia?

stupid jokes!

penangan said...

salam tuan,

bila saya baca laporan awal bernama, saya terkejut kerana ia sesuatu yang luar biasa dan mustahil bagi seseorang seperti tony.

dan selepas membaca blog ini, barulah saya dapat mengagak bahawa tony sebenarnya ingin melihat reaksi pihak tertentu terlebih dahulu sebelum membuat penafian.

seperti ada sesuatu yang bermain di kepalanya...

Anonymous said...

leaving airasia will be the last thing tony do.

why must he do that?

old curtains said...


we should thank airasia for putting malaysia high in the sky.

the fact that tony has led the carrier to what it is today has also made malaysia airlines realise what it has missed.

and also yesterday, airasia offered a 10 sen one-way fare to some destinations. tell me, which airline has such an extreme approach and yet still makes money?

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary airasia!

whatever problem u may have, u are providing the seats to all malaysians!

conrad said...

this guy must have something up his sleeve!

D24 said...

testing the water, perhaps?

tony has been making contradicting statements of late.

wonder why?

his QPR is not performing.... hehehehe!!

hot choc said...


in spite of that, airasia is offering a 10sen air fare to various destinations.

tony actually got a style in doing this business.

Anonymous said...

After what he said about MAHB and MOT, he should leave and concentrate on QPR. AirAsia is offering 10sen but bear in mind, that is not the nett amount to pay. Its much more than that. Read BigDog last blog posting. Just hilarious and true.

Anonymous said...

Bro Jai,

Am I surprised of his antics? Not at all! He is eyeing for another different category of award - perhaps akin to the joker in the Batman - in addition to what he has already garnered, of which I'm not at all impressed. A deception can work wonders.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tan Sri has been well rewarded. This part of our strategy under the NEP to move into PLCs. Our target is 30%.