Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Aahh... what about our Lotus?

Speculation that Lotus Group International is for sale is revving up again.

Proton bought control of Lotus in 1996 but has yet to make a profit from the Norfolk-based British sports car subsidiary, a situation likely to continue to at least 2014.

Now that Proton itself could be divested by its state-run parent, LGI is said to be on the grid for an early sale in 2012.

Lotus has struggled to compete against Germany’s Porsche and Italy’s Ferrari in Europe, and has kept its top reputation in the automotive industry partly because of its long expertise in designing lightweight frames.

Its Lotus Elise model (picture), weighing 2,010lbs, is one of the lightest performance cars on the market. Lotus’s DNA shows few similarities with that of its Malaysian owner and for that reason alone analysts feel Proton should unload it.

Lotus makes sports cars which sell for as much as $163,000 in Malaysia, while Proton sells cheap hatchbacks at $15,000.

Now, what about Proton? The news that a local tycoon is already winning the bid for a major stake in the company, is already leading to serious contemplation and speculation.

Some say if the majority stakeholder is someone of 'never in the car business', the future of Proton looks uncertain...



i like proton perdana said...

if lotus is a burden to proton, its owner should either sell it off or find avenues to make it profitable.

no point keeping something if it eats up our savings!

clifford said...

how to compete with other sports car if the europeans are on a campaign to undermine proton and lotus malaysia?

what is being done to correct the perception and gimmick that malaysian products are of low quality.

even an episode in mr bean shows how a proton saga was easily wrangled!

pokok getah tua said...

lotus ada pasarannya di kalangan mereka yang kaya je.

baru2 ni proton ada rancangan jual lotus ke china.

apa dah jadi? apa kemajuan yang dicatat setakat ni?

takda laporan ke berapa unit dah jual atau ditempah?

penangan said...


saya tak yakin yang lotus tak boleh dijual dan menandingi model supercar lain.

mesti ada caranya. cubalah dapat pandangan dan idea mereka yang lebih arif di bidang pengeluaran kereta jenis ni.

janganlah sampai proton rugi dan terpaksa dijual keseluruhannya!

taukeh lim said...

lotus cant sell in malsyia.

we made a wrong choice when buying up proton.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

Anonymous said...

are we proud of malaysian technology?

Anonymous said...

Natioal Projects are the last refuge of a scoundrel.