Thursday, November 24, 2011

Which politician would you like to slap most?!

If you got the opportunity to express your disappointment, anger or frustration over matters that adversely affect your life, carrier or your family, what would you do?

And if you are given the chance to vent it on someone, especially a minister or a politician (BN or PR), who would you choose?

In India, Indian agriculture minister Sharad Pawar (pic) has been slapped at a public function by a youth who claimed he was angry with corruption and price hike, local media reports.

Harvinder Singh, a transporter in his thirties, had been sentenced for assaulting former telecom minister Sukhram on Saturday, before the latest assault took place at a public auditorium on Parliament Street on Thursday.

Later, Pawar reacted to the incident calling it stupid and that he did not make much out of it, NDTV said.

"I was answering some questions by a group of journalists when I saw this man coming towards me and I thought he wanted to ask me a question. I don't know what his intention was. It is up to the police whether they want to press charges against him or not.

Prime minister Manmohan Singh and finance minister Pranab Mukherjee have condemned the attack on Pawar.

Reacting to the assault on Pawar, anti-corruption campaigner Anna Hazare asked, "...only one slap?"

I don't recall any similar incidents took place in Malaysia, except for former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who was 'attacked' by chilly powder at a Kelantan airport a few years ago.

It also reminds me of Iraqi journalist Muntazar al-Zaidi who threw shoes at George Bush during the US leader's visit to Baghdad in 2008.

Well, leaders and politicians alike should stay clear of such assaults, don't you think so? If they are nice, good and performing, they should be okay, I suppose...


kepala angin said...


not one but about 10 of them, bro. you wouldnt like it if i am angry (incredible hulk version).

most of all, i will start with anwar for breaking up the malays apart, then guan eng for boasting about his achievement in penang, nazri aziz for being a rotten minister... a few more...

once i lose my temper, they will kena, for sure!

short and sweet said...

i wud lov to give a big tight slap on tony phua's face for being the most idiotic politician!

and maybe tian chua as well!

penangan said...


saya tak suka tempeleng orang sebab saya pun tak suka kena tempeleng.

tapi kalau ada peluang la... dah tak kena tempeleng balik, saya nak tempeleng mat sabu je... kuangajor!

blue fish said...

why only politicians?

bloggers like u, big dog, house pk, a voice, satD, apanama...all deserve a big slap on the face for being umno stooges!

lee lap tiang said...

given the chance, i would like to slap ong tee keat for not being loyal to his party. i heard he is joining dap soon.

as a former mca president, he should accept defeat to chua soi lek and continue supporting the party.

but he is 'leaving' then party! what a shame!

turtle tears said...


for issues like this, u should run a poll with carry some names. in this order, readers can choose which politician they want to slap most.

as for me, i would like to slap t'ganu mentri besar for making so many promises which he cant keep.

good topic bro... thank u

desperate din said...

uuaarrghh hargghhh hah!

tajuk yang bagus bro. aku pun tak pernah pikir.

hmmm... siapa yang aku nak tempeleng ni agaknya...

jap ek....


... haaaaaa..... dah dapat!

azmin ali!

ahli umno juga said...

malaysians are more polite, jai. not easy for them, either malays, chinese or indians to act to such an extent.

however, we never know. someone out there is losing his head, maybe.

as u said, if our politicians are of the good ones, no worries. unless they really need to be slapped!

Anonymous said...

aku agak minggu depan, masa perhimpunan agung umno di pwtc, akan berlaku benda macam ni.

silap2 ada yang bagi terajang sekali!

budak kota tinggi said...

i want to slap my ketua bahagian.

why? because he is a botak!


org serkam said...

serius jai.

kalau orang malaysia ni macam kat india, iraq, iran, china dan amerika, dah ramai ahli politik kita yang bukan setakat kena penampar jepun, malah kena bunuh pun.

sebab tu la mereka mesti bekerja kuat untuk rakyat dan negara, tanpa mengira kaum.

aku rasa kalau nak ikutkan hati, ramai gak ahli politik dan pemimpin negara ni yang wajar ke cepuk!

cuka getah said...

kesian gak menteri india tu, dah tua, lebih 70 umur dia.

tapi kalau orang dah marah, inilah jadinya.

so, kepada ahli politik tempatan kita, janganlah menaikkan kemarahan rakyat!

tak kira la parti dalam BN atau PR sekalipun!

clara said...


funny and good posting. i like it.

yes, i feel like slapping a minister but i wont mention his name. he is a useless MP!

old BMW said...

given the opportunity, i would like to slap george bush and tony blair for what they did in iraq and afghanistan.

another person who deserves severe slap on his face is benjamin netanyahu!

all of them are satanic love child!

biol said...

apa tempeleng2 nih?

siapa nak kena tempeleng, meh ar sini.

tapak tangan aku punya la lebar!

Anonymous said...

those who do such thing are non-civilized. politicians who fail to deliver are more uncivilized!

Anonymous said...

i almost slap a politician at his office in penang in 2002 but later he died...

unfortunate of me and very fortunate of him

Anonymous said...

yang kuat bohong, tak ambil berat hal rakyat dan bongkak - mereka inilah yang layak ditempeleng di khalayak ramai.

nasib baiklah negara ni ada undang2. kalau tak, hari2 kita lihat dan dengar kisah ahli politik kena lempang ni!

reeman said...


aku baru je kena lempang ngan bini. aku gurau je cakap nak kawin lagi. salah ke?

eye for an eye said...


almost each and every of our politicians deserve a slap, except a few who really are good leaders.

the rest are half past six.

BN or not, both sides are the same.

karipuley said...

morning bro,

breakfast oredi?

on my part, i will choose nalakarupan. i dont understand why najib made him a senator!

Anonymous said...

it was a shame for the indian minister. however, its a good lesson for all politicians. never test the patience of the people. if u are at any faults, quickly apologise and amend the mistakes... or quit for good!

JK said...

kj deserves a good one.

he creates a lot of trouble ever since he joined politics

Anonymous said...

I will slap following the sequence below:-
1. Anwar (plus terajang sekali)
2. Nazri Aziz (for his kurang ajar)
3. Hishamuddin Hussin (because lembik)
4. Nor Yaakop (for his GLC suckers)
5. Najib (for not following Tun's advice)
6. Guan Eng, Kit siang, Kapal, Ah beng, ah Soh, Ah Pek , ........bla bla

Anonymous said...

Oh forgot one more which is at the top position before Anwar.....TUN DOL!!!

Md Radzi Ahmad said...

Kalu boleh...banyak...amat banyak...tapi yang paling baik parti-part politik pilehlah orang senonoh...baru aman....dan rakyat perlu sedar depa yang pileh ....depa yang sokong.....yang elok lagi orang kita perlu sedar apayang kita buat...kita lah yang perlu pileh yang senonoh...parti yang boleh memberi manafaat pada orang ramai dan juga ikut hukum Tuhan.