Thursday, November 17, 2011

'Umno wants Koh Tsu Koon out!'

Gerakan president Koh Tsu Koon has decided not to contest in the next general election. That was his final decision and everybody must respect it. Nobody pressured him to stay out of the poll, Deputy PM Muhyiddin Yassin said.

However, Penang Chief Minister and Koh's successor Lim Guan Eng was quick to politically lucre from the decision by accusing Umno of having a major role in forcing Koh out of the picture.

What a silly and stupid idea it was!

However, LGE intention and motive is very clear. By showing sympathy for Koh, he expects the Chinese in Gerakan will rally behind DAP in the next national poll. He is also keeping his fingers crossed for Gerakan to demise and Koh and members would hop over to DAP.

“It is an orchestrated campaign to remove him and they (Barisan Nasional and Umno) have succeeded. What Umno wants Umno gets,” he told reporters in the Parliament lobby today.

Lim said Koh was forced to leave as it was obvious that the latter still had intentions to contest in the coming elections as Koh retained his other positions as a federal minister and party president.

What a crap!

Actually LGE tries to be chummy with Penangites, especially the Chinese. By accusing Umno of 'chasing out' Koh, the Malays too would be divided, just like what happened during the 2008 general election.

His sympathy for Koh did not mean anything. After taking over from Koh, he battered his predecessor by saying that it was the end for Koh and Gerakan. Maybe LGE should refresh his mind.

So, what is the sympathy for?

Dr Koh announced earlier today that he will not contest in the next general election, saying the announcement is the first step towards driving transformation and renewal in the party.

He said, however, that he will retain the posts of party president, Penang BN chairman and Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, adding that he will decide whether to give up the party presidency after the next general election.

As for the ministerial post, he said the decision to retain him rested with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.


panorama said...

guan eng wants to show his concern for tsu koon but he hates gerakan. so, whats the difference?

he shows a lot sympathise for tsu koon not because the gerakan president deserves a second chance but for knowing that tsu koon stands no chance to win.

so, it was guan eng'crocodile tears!

Anonymous said...

you people in umno are responsible for kicking koh out of next general election.

let's see if barisan can survive without gerakan!

samagagah said...

no sincerity in what lim guan eng said about tsu koon.

he was trying to show his concern for the gerakan president but deep inside, he was overjoyed that koh is out completely from malaysian politics.

what a joker!

Anonymous said...

dua2 tak boleh pakai - koh dan lim.

dua2 nak merosakkan melayu pulau pinang!

Anonymous said...

umno treats him as a liability, so they get rid of him.

i believe in guan eng!

nila setitik said...

guan eng ni mengarut amende ni?

umno tak pernah dan tak akan berbuat demikian, apa lagi nak memperkecilkan presiden sebuah parti komponen barisan nasional.

guan eng ni saja cari pasal!

pisau lipat said...


guan eng saja nak tunjuk baik dan prihatin dengan tsu koon walhal dia memang suka parti gerakan musnah sama sekali. dengan itu, mudahlah tugas dap di pulau pinang.

penangan said...

dah mengada-ngada nampaknya lim guan eng ni!

maae said...

kong kali kong politik cina. lge tersenyum lebar. orang cina dah balik ke tampuk nya...

umno mesti sedar! semua melayu mesti sedar! terutama orang-orang melayu suka berpolitik.

apo nak kato...cino totap cino... jenis cina malaysia yang selalu siang malam mengira-ngira untung... rugi sedikit tak mahu langsung.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese in Penang were totally fed up with UMNO and that's the reason why the BN governement was voted out in the 2008 GE. In the process Koh Tsu Khoon ang Gerakan were caught in the cross fire.

No matter how strong and influential DAP is now, but the moment the party decides to join BN it will suffer the same fate like Gerakan.It will be wiped out and accused as traitors to the Chinese cause. They cannot be blamed. They simply cannot tolerate UMNO and its warlords warlording over them.

In the next GE, UMNO may be able to retain its seats, but do not dream of wresting the state from DAP/PR.

Burung Kakaktua said...

What do you expect Mr Lim to say,forget about Gerakan it will be history after the 13th General election.Why not join DAP.

amoi said...

faham aja la org politik cakap d mulut lain buat lain..dalam hati lain...politik semua sampah..

Anonymous said...

Jokerlah ini LGE

Everything UMNO's fault
His keretapi rosak also UMNO doing

Next thing we know, he may blame UMNO for his rise to CM.
"Because of youlah, I become so powerful"

Now if he trips down and fell, he'll blame UMNO again

Anonymous said...

All rubishhhhhhh comment