Monday, November 21, 2011

Thumbs up to 'detention without trial'... and TAHNIAH MALAYSIA!

The score between Malaysia and Indonesia is 1-1 (as at 9.15PM). I believe my fellow-bloggers are watching the football match and of course I would like our Tigers to win.

However, let me be the first to comment on Hishammuddin's statement today - that the new Act to replace the Internal Security Act (ISA) will retain 'detention without trial'.

Good move by the Home Ministry. Indeed, such a provision has been very effective in keeping our home 'clean and tidy' from the elements of subversive, money laundering, drug trafficking and religious deviates.

And I am confident most bloggers, politicians and Malaysians are giving their thumbs up for the decision. With unforeseen domestic and outside threats that may cripple our democracy, detention without trial has been opted by many countries as a preventive measure to curb them.

Detention without trial was also being practised in some countries in the fight against terrorism, such as through the Patriot Act in the United States and Anti-Terrorism Act in the United Kingdom and Australia.

"The US, UK and Australia all champion human rights, but they realised that when dealing with militancy and terrorism, they needed to have acts of that nature.

"In fact, there are some Malaysians who are being detained by the US in Guantanamo without trial for many years now. So, please don't have double standards and we don't want hypocracy in this matter," Hisham said in Putrajaya.

So, to Hisham, just go on with it. We cannot discount on security matters, neither can we fall under pressure from any groups, including the Opposition.

This is our country, our homeland. What we do is for the benefit of the country and rakyat. Compared to the US, our set of preventive law is very 'mild and transparent'.

No need to listen to the Opposition, no need to succumb to the NGOs pressure as they have a stinky agenda if they wins the next general election. If they win, the country would be open up to any foreign onslaught as their 'free and total freedom concept' will destroy Malaysia.

There will be more foreign intervention under Pakatan Rakyat's government. Why? Their 'human rights' label will stay and our stability and harmony would go down the drain. To them, human rights is a new religion to worship, and don't be surprise if Malaysia under them signs a diplomatic treaty with Israel.

Furthermore, we need not listen to foreign pressure groups because their leaders are mainly from the US and Europe who are a bunch of coward for not trying their own governments to dismantle own set of laws.

I bet people like Kit Siang, Karpal, Anwar, Nurul, Guan Eng and perhaps Ambiga and Marina will blast the Home Ministry tomorrow but again, just ignore them because they don't know what are they fighting for!

and... TAHNIAH MALAYSIA, for defending the Sea Games soccer gold!


tempayan said...


i support the move by hisham. we are in power, so we should get it done. after all, it is meant to keep law and order.

i think if the opposition rules the country, they will introduce a harsher set of law to protect their interest!

penangan said...


memang patut dikekalkan tahanan tanpa bicara ni. dah makin banyak negara yang menggunakannya, termasuk yang menghentam ISA kita dulu. apa kkurangnya amerika syarikat?

kalau kita tidak menjaga kesleamatan dalam negara sendiri, siapa yang akan menjaganya? amerika ke? atau karpal singh?

eloklah teruskan pembentangan rang undang-undang ni di parlimen dan pastikan dapat kelulusan dewan rakyat dan dewan negara.

ini hak kita, bukan hak ambiga atau lim kit siang seorang!

johnny deeper said...



midas touch said...

close down kamunting lor... no need to keep anybody without trial. if we nab them, just produce them in court and let them seek justice.

no good la lu tahan orang without trial.

america different la, they are stupid lot!

Anonymous said...

its a good decision.

we need such law. singapore has decided to keep its ISA and the US with its patriot.

we cannot be blamed if the country is in a mess due to a loose set of law.

fuck the opposition. they only care about politics!

mat gombau said...


dah extra time dah. moh la tengok. bukan selalu kito masuk final.

kang buleh tulih laie..

1-1 skrg ni.


kaki bodek said...

hisham is the best!

although so many people and bloggers attack him, he remains effective in his duty!

Anonymous said...

keputusan yang amat ditunggu-tunggu.

come on hisham... let's do it!

pekakkan telinga je dengan pembangkang dan anasir lahanat yang nak jahanamkan negara ni!


gigi emas said...

mak oi.

sambil blogging pun kau sempat tgk bola!


apa pun, memang kena pada tempatnya peruntukan tu dikekalkan sepertimana di amerika dan australia.

tak guna ada undang2 kalau ia terlalu longgar. agaknya pembangkang nak mansuhkan semua undang2 yang ada kalau dia perintah negara ni kelak!

gasoline said...

the opp wants to open up malaysia to terrorists... thats why they press for that human rights.

bloody hell!

the rights to sodomy also!

kapal korek usang said...

msia-indon game was an even one, we are just lucky.

the detention without trial is also fair as we cant depend on our luck in fighting terrorism

Anonymous said...

tahniah malaysia!

tahniah hisham!

malaysia boleh!

arcadia said...

one thing most ppl seems to forgot or didnt really understand is, ISA is a preventative. So how can u put some1 on trial in court based on his intention only? Any lawyer will be able defend him bcause the act of terrorism isnt happening yet... or u guys telling us to wait till they blow up some school, mosque, church, temple, etc then only we can act?

fuad, nilai said...

of course the govt will be the subject of criticism again for retaining the clause.

however, as being practiced in some developed nations, we cannot but to contain elements of terrorism from taking refugee in our compound.

the opp should understand that taking pre-emptive measures are much better than clearing the mess later on.

Anonymous said...

back to square one!

better retain ISA instead of enacting a new law to replace it!

obladi oblada said...

morning bro,

even a small singapore cant let go of its ISA. they cant afford to be trapped within circumstances and opp pressure.

malaysia is taking the right move to 'stabilise' terrorism and i think it is in line with what the world is doing.

bravo, hisham!

musalmah said...

bayangkan anwar jadi pm... ada kemungkinan kita jadi rakan diplomatik israel seperti yang tuan cakapkan...


Anonymous said...

no point falling for the opposition. i believe they will introduce a more stringent law if they form the government.

and najib made a big mistake by dropping ISA on sept 15. to become popular, he listened to the opp

i love malaysia said...

elok kekalkan.

daripada kutip mayat mangsa bom atau serangan ganas, elok cekau mereka ni dulu, simpan elok2 dan betulkan otak mereka!

Anonymous said...

a draconian law is much better than a 'free for all' country under the opposition - free sex, free sodomy and many other free to do!

al-ansari said...

dato hisham dan kerajaan tak perlu bimbang dengan tekanan. dari dulu lagi ISA berjaya mengekang banyak kegiatan yang boleh membahayakan rakyat dan negara.

jadi, kenapa perlu kita tukar sistem perundangan yang ada hanya kerana ingin ambil hati pembangkang dan puak minoriti?

pergi jahanam dengan ambiga dan kawan2 pembangkangnya!

Anonymous said...

stupid law!

it wont work and will not work anymore!

Anonymous said...

kau memang suka puji hisham, dia kawan baik kau.

apa saja dia buat, kau kata baik. apa kau dapat daripada dia?

takda peluang dia ni!

soman gagap said...

malaysia memang best.

ada pasukan bola yang meningkat naik dan undang2 yang memelihara keselamatan dan kesejahteraan negara!

dua2nya kaw!

venus fly trap said...

let's hear to what the opposition leaders have to say.

they will say 'ISA is still intact in malaysia, bla bla bla...'

kublai khan said...

if we are doing the right thing, no need to feel intimidated by others, and dont hesitate to proceed.

the rakyat knows very well that its for their own good

Anonymous said...

In cases of national security, the provision of the ISA that has proven effective in addressing them is the detention without trial.

The prerequisite is the collection and collation of solid intelligence from highly delicate sources whose identity shall not be in any way compromised.

The detractors can say anything but at the end of the day, national interest and national security are paramount.