Sunday, November 27, 2011

Selamat Maal Hijrah

Maal Hijrah or oftenly called Awal Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar, during which fighting is prohibited.

It's haram or forbidden for human kind to wage war against each other, killing or getting involved in any kind of confrontation.

So, it's unlawful to fight during this month.

However, I doubt it. In Malaysia, I am sorry to say that the spirit of Awal Muharram is not really observed, except for the public holiday.

Let's see who will break the 'rules'...



penangan said...


selamat menyambut maal hijrah, tuan, semoga umat islam dan orang melayu makin bersatu... dan semoga malaysia aman damai dan sejahtera... amin!

mat gombau said...

den pun macam tu yo.

kalau buleh sebulan ni taknak gaduh dengan bini walaupun dio memang suko gaduh.

selamat awal muharram, waghih!

ganesan, klang said...

happy new year to all muslims.

we differ in religion and culture but as malaysians, i hope the new islamic year will bond us together.

let's live in full harmony, mutual respect and harmony...

si pitak said...

salam maal hijrah.

semoga dirahmati allah selamanya.

org moncino said...

selamat maal hijrah, jai.

ingat tak apa berlaku semalam di kampung?

menyedihkan... tapi itulah takdir namanya.

semoga kita ditunjukkan jalan yang benar.

Anonymous said...

remember IMAGINE by john lennon?

that's the way we should be..

happy new year, bro.

adik, UM said...

salam bang,

selamat maal hijrah.

bila nak datang UM?

Anonymous said...

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