Saturday, November 12, 2011

PR States impose 'high commision' on projects... contractors 'boleh mati!'

Do you know why the Opposition turned down the Federal Government's proposal to revise the allowance of the Members of Parliament? Because they already got more than enough; some of them are quite rich, to say.

Do you know why some projects in the Pakatan States are either abandoned, aborted or even failed to start? Because of too many red tapes.

And do you know why so many contractors in the Pakatan-controlled States refused any project, including the major ones? Because they are made to comply to sickening terms and conditions.

Okay. All this are inter-related. Money, contracts and contractors.

We only know that the bosses of the State GLC are highly paid, much higher than what the Prime Minister and Fed Govt GLC top circle are getting, the Mentri Besar, Chief Minister and most of the Pakatan state assemblymen are believed to be enjoying some perks extra perks.

States' GLC are imposing exorbitant 'fees and commission' for any projects awarded to the contractors and consultant.

I was told, for instance, that Selangor government imposes a compulsory 'kickback' of between 25 per cent to 35 per cent on big projects. Worst still, such a percentage is charged from the value of project and not from profit before tax.

I don't think any contractor enjoys a profit margin of more than 25 per cent for projects such as road maintenance or construction. At Federal level, such projects seldom passes the 12-20 per cent profit margin.

So, if a contractor undertakes a Selangor project, his company will have to bear heavy losses after making 'settlements' with the State officials, expecially the GLCs. And who controls the state GLCs? The Mentri Besar or Chief Minister and their 'team'.

And where do this 'kickbacks' money go? Not to the state govt purse but being shared among the lawmakers. So, an increase of 10 per cent to the monthly allowance is not a big deal; chicken feed!

Some contractors are squeezed to the last penny of profit. So, they eventually stop going after State projects and turn to Federal tenders instead.

Now you know...


tumbler said...

thank u,

now that i know, i will hantam them when the state assembly commences on monday.

no wonder some of my contractor friends changed from pajero to kancil!

siapa rajah said...

i have heard similar allegations but the contractors are too naive or afraid to come forward.

had they lodged reports to the macc, i believe investigation can be conducted.

its time to reconsider the pakatan position in these states.

Anonymous said...


syarikat yang jalin usahasama dengan yayasan selangor, misalnya, turut dikenakan yuran yang tinggi, iaitu sehingga 30 peratus daripada nilai projek.

kalau nilai projek rm20 juta, kerajaan negeri dapat 6 juta tetapi jika dinilai keuntungan selepas projek siap, ia cuma 15 peratus.

ini menyebabkan kontraktor gulung tikar dan menanggung hutang yang tinggi kepada pembekal bahan binaan dan lain2.

siasatlah segera hal ini. ia bukanlah sesuatu yang adil. ini menindas rakyat namanya!

blue fish said...

surely they reject extra allowance from govt. if najib wants to hike it by 100 per cent, i think they will support it. what they are getting as pakatan's legislators are already more than enough. i agree!

penangan said...

kepada kontraktor terbabit, jangan lagi ambil projek negeri pakatan dan pulaukan semua projek. kalau beginilah caranya, rakyat ternyata sudah jadi mangsa kerakusan mereka!

scarlet ortiz said...

i thought they swap the kickback from receiving money to in kinds?

i.e if the kickback is rm100,000 the contractor will be requested to build a surau or multipurpose hall or balai raya for the rakyat?

this is morally wrong, and the macc should step in!

Anonymous said...

mana ada!!!!

semua kontraktor hepi semacam je dapat projek negeri...

cuba tanya khalid gagap, yang 100 kali ganda lebih hepi daripada kontraktor yang dapat job!

budak sekolah said...

memang cun la pakatan rakyat ni.


Anonymous said... proof!

Anonymous said...

no different between fed and state legislators.

both are corrupt!

bison said...

agaknya diorang rasa akan perintah semua negeri ni satu penggal je.

sebab tu la bila ada peluang buat duit dan buncitkan perut, diorang gasak semacam je!

Anonymous said...

BN memang baguih...Lembu pun boleh beli kondo...haa...haa...lembu dapat komisyen tinggi kut?!..he.he.