Thursday, November 24, 2011

No economic formulators... and no moral as well!

Wikileaks exposure about the disaster awaiting Malaysia should Pakatan Rakyat wins the next general election, is perhaps the most downright made by any US diplomats. Not because the fact that they have been supporting Anwar Ibrahim all this while but for the purported 'financial aid' to the Opposition.

Now it is clear that they are also shying away from Anwar & Gang, thus providing a strong testimony that Barisan Nasional under Najib Razak is the only option for the rakyat to stay on the path of progress.

Not only that Pakatan does not have good economic formulators to manage the country, they also don't have the right moral to lead us.

US diplomatic cables to Washington DC have reported that a Pakatan Rakyat win the next general election would be a disaster to Malaysia. The US envoys in Kuala Lumpur have told their bosses that Pakatan Rakyat simply does not have economic formulators.

In short, according to Stopthelies, it means if the Pakatan Rakyat forms the next federal government, the whole nation is in for a real serious economic disaster.

This information was obtained from a leaked US Department cable by Wikileaks, which added that the lacked of economic expertise in Pakatan 'weighs on them as a coalition'. It also said that this was due to 'Pakatan’s failure to give them high wages' and that 'politics' could have driven them away.

MCA President Dr Chua Soi Lek while commenting on the report, said Pakatan’s alternative budget was hastily prepared and contained only populist promises that were unrealistic.

“Their budget is rhetoric in nature,” he said, adding that even Pakatan’s leaders had stopped talking about it. He also urged the public to reconsider their support for Pakatan, cautioning that its lack of expertise might not bode well for the nation’s future.

While acknowledging the presence of leaders with strong religious credentials in Pakatan, Chua said they were not too concerned about issues in modern economics and management.

“I understand the sentiments of some voters who are against the government, but they must ask themselves whether Pakatan is a viable alternative to BN,” he said.

Yes, they have Anwar who was Finance Minister but he himself was not trained in economic or accountancy. When Dr Mahathir made him Finance Minister, many friends went to his aid. I remember a senior journalist giving him some good economic books for his reference.

So, how to manage a progressive and dynamic economy like Malaysia when you don't have the set of economists to formulate something better than that of Barisan Nasional? The best thing for them to do is spend whatever we have to the list dime!


cleo said...

no vision and no moral.

people like anwar who is facing trial fo sodomy.

people like karpal who supports gay and lesbian

people like guan eng who is racist

people like tian chua and tony pua who are full of rubbish.

people like hadi awang and nik aziz who are religious fanatic.

people like mat sabu who wants to get rid of the monarchy

... and much much more...

Anonymous said...

wikileaks lie too much...

they got nothing right about anything!

penangan said...


pemimpin perlu ada moral, ada wawasan dan ada perancangan untuk majukan negara dan meningkatkan taraf hidup rakyat.

kalau tidak ada kepakaran dan kebolehan, malah tidak pula menunjukkan contoh yang baik, bagaimana hendak memimpin?

tepuk dada, tanya selera!

taukeh lim said...

look at how they spent state govt money in sgor and penang.

u want this people to win the next election?

their erection also is not so good!

that also u dont know aaaar!

pro-Pakatan Rakyat said...


sesiapa yang pimpin kerajaan pusat sudah pasti akan berbuat sesuatu untuk memajukan negara.

tidak ada siapa nak hancurkan negara dan rakyat sendiri.

kalau buat macam tu, alamat nak mampus!

common sense said...

you people are really umno asslickers.

common sense lor. if any party wins, they will or course lay down a good dev and economic plans.

now that bn got the money, they talk cock.

if pakatan wins and rules, they will control the treasury!

Anonymous said...

so pathetic.

looks like anwar is losing the US favor this time.

for all the support all this while, now the US is screwing his backside!


Anonymous said...

anwar was never a good finance minister. he was in fact a finance monster!

jedi said...

i dont trust any WEAKYLICKS report. it was fabricated to fit into the western media gun barrels to shoot at countries like us.

bad company said...


rasa2nya rakyat dah makin tahu tembelang dan temberang pakatan rakyat ni, lebih2 lagi akan hal hudud.

so, kalau nak tengok anak cucu cicit mereka mundur dan rosak masa depan mereka, undilah pakatan!

hungry cat said...

bayangkan anwar jadi pm...

dia akan 'bebaskan' malaysia ni seperti yang dia nak...

dia akan bantu jadikan malaysia dan anak2 melayu gay dan lesbian, sperti yang diimpikan oleh marina dan ambiga.

lebih banyak wang kerajaan akan disonglap seperti dia sendiri pernah buat.

lebih ramai ejen asing, termasuk dari israel akan diberi masuk malaysia, dan mungkin diberikan PR.

bayangkan.... bayangkan! best kan?

Anonymous said...

no formulators but i guess they got enough vibrators and dildos for the gays and lesbos ambiga, marina and anwar want to champion.

in bangsar, there are already few shops selling this instrument.

anybody who wants it, plse contact ambigatal or marinanah at 015-6969696

anondo said...

to anon 7.19

wikileaks tell the whole truth. they are not bias. they even revealed wrongdoings in US and europe.

pls go back to school, arsehole!

Anonymous said...

akan bangkrap malaysia dibuatnya nanti.

lin chee kang said...

not reliable that wikileaks. pakatan also not reliable.

both are big liars!