Saturday, November 5, 2011

Next: 'Free Sex Merdeka'!

Their 'Bersih 2.0' was more or less successful. They went on without the police permit. Unfortunately, their 'Seksualiti Merdeka' which was planned on the pretext of human rights - the rights for gays and lesbians to live their own kind of life - was jettisoned by the police order.

I hope Ambiga, Suaram and the Opposition will not be taken aback of frustrated by the ban. You people can easily think of other agenda in pursuit of your 'human rights'.

So, what's next, Ambiga? And how do you define 'freedom' or 'human rights'?

Everybody loves freedom. The whole world subscribes to trade freedom now. They call it globalisation. The terminology 'freedom' or 'human rights' has somewhat branched out many interpretations - some of which are positive while the others are disastrous.

Do the Western countries practice absolute freedom and observe total human rights provision? Yes, there are freedom of speech and expression, freedom of gays and lesbians.. so much of a freedom.

Their human rights record also scums but they keep on saying ours is worse. We are scrapping the ISA but the US Guantanamo will not be closed, not until all detainees who are chained and locked like animals go bananas and experience memory laps, hence they won't be able to tell anything to the courts even though they got legal rights.

Please compare that to Kamunting.

I like 'human rights' label too. Human rights to me means the rights for each and every one of us to good life - a better education, a house, jobs, to vote and choose, legal, health treatment, security, protection, as member of a society and other basic necessities.

However, your 'human rights' means the rights for our generation to choose to become a gay or a lesbian, the rights to streets demonstration, the rights to undermine and badmouth your own country to foreigners, the rights to stop investors from coming in, the rights to halt foreign direct capital, the rights to say whatever you want, etc.

What else are your categories? Why not the rights for free sex in Malaysia? Your lawyer friends in the Opposition can move a motion in the Dewan Rakyat for laws on adultery and close proximity be disbanded. Instead, regulate a special Act for gays and lesbians and species 'like that'.

Good idea, isn't it?

I believe free sex will win the heart of many people, especially the youths. Gays too can marry each other. It would be merrier to see our next generation produces less and less children. But that would mean positive. Less number of people to share what we already and will have.

By then, it would be proper to change the country's name from Malaysia to Maknyahsia or Maseksia. After all, many countries allow it because there is not much different between 'rights for gays' and 'rights for free sex'. Both are filthy!


lu gi la said...

waa haaa!

a good proposal. free sex is what we all want, part of human rights. they practice it in america, sweden, britain and many western countries.

here in malaysia, there are also people who are at it, except that its a religious and cultural offense.

so, suaram, amviagra and anwarock can always help to legalise it!

penangan said...


elok jugak kalau ambiga cuba perjuangkan seks bebas yang dianuti oleh pejuang hak asasi barat ni. kita tengok apa akan jadi!

cipot said...

ambiga wants u jai!

better be careful.

heh heh!

gajah berang said...


i second the motion for human rights for free sex.

in 10 years time, we better build more hospitals for HIV and AIDS.


i love malaysia said...

abolish all laws.

turn malaysia into a cowboy country where everybody has rights to anything.

they can rape, samun, kill, kidnap, main tetek, drugs, rempit, gays, main belakang, judi and so on.


Anonymous said...


how about the rights to exterminate our enemies in a pre-emptive mode

let's say the Malays in one area feel that a chinese has caused SO much pain and harassment

can they take action by majority rule to have that nuisance and troublemaker chinese be exterminated?

The Watcher said...

This post is proof-positive that you UMNO Malays are a bunch of mentally retarded chimpanzees. What made the Brits lose their good judgment in giving you monkeys independence simply defies good logic and sound reasoning.

Anonymous said...

kalau betul nak cegah jangan ambil tindakan pilih2. artis pondan dari luar negara kenapa dibiarkan masuk. Pertanding ratu bapok baru berlangsung kenapa tak sekat.takkan umno/ polis tak tahu.
sama2 tunggu dan lihat apa tindakan umno seterusnya dalam banteras kegiatan pondan.
Program Seksuality Merdeka pun diharamkan bila PAS dah buat bantahan lebih awal bersamaan dengan bantahan kemasukan artis pondan dari luar negara yang menjadi jadi terutamanya pondan Elton John.

Anonymous said...

di mana suara pengemis-pengemis habuan politik itu apabila kerajaan Umno BN mengarahkan Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (JAWI) membatalkan saman ke atas mereka yang ditahan di Zouk Club pada tahun 2005 dahulu.

apa yang berlaku dalam peristiwa-peristiwa seperti campur tangan kabinet selepas serbuan di Zouk Club dan tindakan ke atas ulama selepas tiga gadis Melayu ditangkap kerana menyertai pertandingan ratu cantik di Hotel Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya menunjukkan sikap sebenar kerajaan Umno BN terhadap persoalan moral.

kulup ludin said...


ambiga baru cal gua, dia cakap terima kasih kat lu sebab bagi idea yang amat bernas ni.

harap2 dia anjur pesta ni nanti

Anonymous said...

hey watcher

what made the koolikangs come ashore this blessed land to make millions off Tanah Melayu

when the chingkies could have gone on to the superior white land huh?

these yellow peril chinkies should be taught to obey the Kings and Sultan and the constitution

or deport them to their motherland and relinquish their mykads

Anonymous said...

cowboy country will be good.

so that all of us can do whatever we want to do, god or bad. no police, no law, no leaders, no politics.

ambiga will become our queen!