Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mirzan under Indian probe; and by Pakatan too!

Not knowing the head and tail, the Opposition is ready and more than happy to whack Mirzan Mahathir over an Indian court affidavit related to investigations into the Kakinada Port development in Andhra Pradesh.

The petition revealed that the project was awarded on Develop-Operate-Transfer basis and the consortium was given 18 months to build two more berths in Kakinada Port, the second largest port in Andhra Pradesh.

However, the consortium failed to fulfill its commitment and the construction work of another berth only started five years later in 2004, and due to the delay, the state exchequer was alleged to have lost about RM33mil between 1999 and 2007.

Mirzan, 51, had secured the project during the tenure of the state's former chief minister, Chandrababu Naidu.

The 2,424-paged document revealed that a Mirzan-led international shipping consortium won the deep-water seaport expansion venture in 1999.

The affidavit was filed by the late Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy's (YSR) wife Y. S. Vijayalakshmi last month in the state's High Court. YSR was killed in a helicopter crash in 2009.

Based on the court documents filed, the High Court has now directed the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) to probe all allegations against Naidu and his associates.

Naidu, president of the Telugu Desam Party, was chief minister of Andhra Pradesh from 1994 to 2004. He wrested the party from his late father-in-law, N. T. Rama Rao, once an iconic Telugu film actor.

There are already some signs at the Pakatan Rakyat camp to exploit the issue, especially when their attacks on the government's Nidlot project was shot down.

I bet Lim Kit Siang, Tony Phua, Anwar Ibrahim, Tian Chua and others are preparing statements to batter not only Mirzan but Umno. Not leaving our Lim Guan Eng whose ambitious tunnel and project in Penang drew criticism from various quarters, including environmentalists.

If they read this report, the Opposition will realise that the petition was to unearth Naidu's weath, while Mirzan and friends are being petitioned to feed the authorities with more details. The project delay was not attributed to his company but the strict provisions imposed by the Naidu's government.

Naidu and other respondents are being accused of committing various offenses including those under the Prevention of Corruption Act, the Indian Penal Code, the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, FEMA, the Representation of the People Act, the AP Land Grabbing Act and the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act.

Almost all the contracts like Kakinada Sea Ports, Raintree Park at Hyderabad, GMR International Airport, Ascendas IT Park, AP Gems and Jewellery Park and Emaar township were awarded to international companies from Malaysia, Singapore or UAE during Naidu’s regime.

Although Mirzan got the contract under a lawful procedure, his company was put in a very tight situation by Naidu's senior officials, according to sources. This is among why he was petitioned to reveal everything.

Mirzan was the chairman of the International Seaports Consortium and even has a majority stake in the said company which got the Kakinada sea port contract under Public-private partnership basis.

Well, the best thing still is for Mirzan to clarify it.


the arbitrator said...

its a common legal practice la, bro.

we used to call to court foreign companies which took part in our projects, for getting their testimony over cases involving local politicians.

what india is doing is not to be blown out of proportion by the opposition, unless they are really bankrupt in ideas!

gunny patail said...

this is corporate matter, nothing to do with politics.

if pakatan rakyat opens up its mouth, then they will make themselves look so foolish.

so, may as well they shut up!

pro-PKR said...

malaysians got every rights to ask mirzan - why didnt he complete the project in time?

how close is his relation with naidu for him to secure the contract? thru his father?

penangan said...


takkanlah peguam hebat pr macam karpal tak dapat bezakan antara kes korporat dan politik.

mirzan bukan ahli poltiik, jadi tak perlu dipolitkkkan kesnya... lainlah kalau mereka nak kaitkan dia dengan ayahnya.

Anonymous said...

they will definitely link mirzan and his father tun dr mahathir. just read the report about it in the link u provided.... they will ride on it!

rumah atap rumbia said...

bangang la kalau pakatan nak belasah mirzan.

tak wajar langsung.

ni hal bisnes, bukan politik.

tapi, kita sure pr akan hentam jugak sebab mirzan anak mahathir!

dick said...

yes, i believe mirzan will explain what happens before the opp 'execute' him! heheheeheh

kenny hill said...

nothing's wrong about the deal. mirzan got it in a clean way despite the chief minister's people trying to run him down. that's explains why it was delayed. in business, things like this do happen. no need to politicise it. its pure business and should be sidelined from any political backbiting. he is on his own and nothing is connected to his father tun dr mahathir. if there is any, it was just a friendly gesture for what the former pm had done to msia-india relationship. my call to the opposition, dont say anything!

joki said...

kita nak tau la apsal projek tu gagal atau terbantut.

ni hal boleh menjejaskan nama baik malaysia dan masa depan ahli perniagaan kita yang nak dapatkan peluang di india.

ni ada sangkut paut dengan politik. dah la politik india memang kotor (macam dalam film hindi), ditambah pulak dengan rakyat malaysia yang merosakkan nama baik negara ni.

Anonymous said...

good ammo for the opp.

they will say tun m helped his son to secure the contract, then it all goes spiraling.

the opp will spin it with delight, just wait and see

taukeh lim said...

why not ask samy vellu?

he is our minister to india!

that also u dont know aaar!

Anonymous said...

not ez to do bsness in india. only uncle samy can because he is considered another maharaja there.

as for mirzan, i can understand the problems he faced while taking on the project.

isn't india comes high on the world's graft index?

Anonymous said...

no big deal lor.

his daddy sure got a hand in getting the job....

who is mirzan without his father?

Anonymous said...

isn't india comes high on the world's graft index?
November 20, 2011 1:18 AM

Easier for Mirzan to bribe them then with Samy Vellu helping

Anonymous said...

Itu lah Bro...

All these anak yang berhormat dan yang terlampau berhormat...just because kaya from duit Politik Bapak doesn't mean you will be a good businessman...jangan nak berangan jadi Robert Kuok just because you anak PM Malaysia...

Anak Najib Razak lagi pandai..Dapat Free shares kaut untung naik harga saham ..tak payah buat apa business pun!