Monday, November 21, 2011

Karpal says YES, Guan Eng says NO!

Lim Guan Eng and Khalid Ibrahim said Penang and Selangor will not dissolve its state assemblies if Prime Minister Najib Razak calls for general election before June 2012. No reason given but I guess they are not comfortable with such a timing.

They need more time for two simple reasons - to proof to the rakyat that Pakatan Rakyat is a better choice; and to consolidate the problematic political pact.

Yes, they got problems. When LGE announced his objection to 'an early general election', DAP Karpal Singh on the other hand said the national poll must he called before mid-2012 because a simultaneous Parliamentary and State elections could save the Opposition (and the government too) a lot of money.

And Tian Chua, whose many statements and allegations turned to be a pact of political lies, is a mice since last week. When the Dewan Rakyat rejected his motion to cut Najib's salary for one month, he switched to mocking the BN of covering the Fidlot 'scandal'. And again, Khairy Jamaluddin shot him down.

The 'try-to-be-smart' Tony Pua, meanwhile, keeps mum over Kedah decision to to push for hudud laws. And the whole DAP is silence over Selangor claims about the solar powered Bibles.

"This has become the classic DAP approach – see no evil, hear no evil and talk no evil. For DAP leaders who spend their entire political career drafting daily press statements to win votes instead of doing some decent work – it has been quite a radical transformation.

"Suddenly, these outspoken heroes have nothing to say. Tony Pua, the failed economist, is busy visiting 1Malaysia grocery shops to compare prices while the mullahs in PAS are swiftly implementing hudud laws in Kelantan and Kedah," according to Stopthelies.

Well, DAP has to support the hudud for the sake of keeping the coalition intact for the general election. That's why they are so numb.

And they remain tight lips about Taiping MP Nga Kor Ming who has come under heavy shelling for using a Chinese school to campaign for the general election. Parents and teachers alike are fuming mad over such a blatant and despicable act.

Even PAS, with a hobby to exploit the mosques for campaigning, seems to be approving what DAP is doing. PKR? No comment so far. So, PAS rules!


wrong timing said...

lim will say yes if karpal comes from behind...heheheeh

they are a bit sceptical about an early election. they have to take care of their party 'erection' first.

khalid is a non-performer, so he is quite worried if he gets the boot in the next poll.

Anonymous said...

either tian chua or tony phua, both are pakatan biggest liability. assholes!

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Anonymous said...

we hope they will have a different date, so that we all can go to Penang and Selangor and campaign. We all will go until Penang got no space to walk. Not a bad suggestion. If all states do election together, our BN forces will be diluted and may not have enough supporters to go round. So LGE suggestion will backfire too.

penangan said...

dah mula bertelagah dan tak sekata dah.

lge dan karpal memang cuba tunjuk siapa lebih besar - sorang ketua menteri dan sorang lagi pengerusi parti.

suruh bertumbuk je laaa....:)

Anonymous said...

damn it.

i was just thinking of voting for the dap in next election.

now... m having a 2nd thought!

di pinggiran said...

salam bang,
si khalid sebenarnya nak agar penggalnya sebagai menteri besar dipenuhkan sampai mac 2013. dia sendiri dah tak yakin pakatan boleh menang lagi ke tidak di selangor nanti. pasal tu la kalau boleh dia nak pilihanraya umum dilewatkan.. kalua boleh dua tiga puluh tahun lagi!

taukeh lim said...

lge and khalid are feeling the syok being mentri besar. that is why they hope the general election is delayed of not be called at all.

that also u dont know aaar!

Anonymous said...

tian chua is a moron.

not fit to serve his constituents...

he only talks cock all the time...