Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kalau cakap pun tak begapa nak lancau...

Shamsul Iskandar who? I thought he is just another moron trying to make stupid statements about Umno and the Federal Constitution. Then, someone from Malacca SMSed me that this guy (also an Umno dropout from the same State) is PKR youth chief.

Frankly, I never wanted to know anything about him because he is not in the same pier as (at least) Tian Chua or Tony Phua who sometimes come up with foolish-yet-popular statements. And I've never found any other dumber than the duo until I read what Shamsul said in Johor yesterday.

Throwing a challenge for Umno to amend the Constitution in ensuring that only a Malay will become the prime minister of Malaysia, is actually not a challenge. And I personally do not think any Umno leaders will heed the call, which can be deemed as 'the most foolish statement of the year' since it came from 'the most stupid Malay' on earth.

This guy is nothing actually. He is so naive about politics of the Malays, especially Umno. What he does is attract attention by saying something which he himself is not certain of.

However, since he tries to become popular, I believe he needs to be reminded that the challenge he made was actually a political trap that would undermine the whole PKR (and Pakatan Rakyat) to the eyes of Malaysians. And he himself is digging his own grave!

There is not provision in the Constitution which states that only a Malay can become a prime minister. Umno would never make any alteration to it. The reason being, the founding fathers of Malaysia (and long before Independence) had realised that the time will come for a non-Malay to hold the position.

However, as long as Umno is the domain party in Barisan Nasional, it's candidate will take up the position. This does not only applies in Malaysian politics but elsewhere around the globe - any majority party in a political pact will have that prerogative rights, unless a consensus allows otherwise.

Now. Such a statement is anomalous. I don't think PKR and PAS will agree for the Constitution to be amended. Why? They have a strong DAP presence in Pakatan Rakyat. While hudud is already leading to dissension between PAS and DAP, what makes this moron to think that DAP will agree to it?

If you are confident that PR will take over Putrajaya after the next general election, why didn't he turn such an idea as a motion to the PKR general assembly, instead of challenging Umno to do it?

Stupid moves are easy to detect. He was contemplating an internal crisis in BN should Umno takes up his challenge. He is too young to play with political sentiments and I don't see him fits well into his position. Perhaps, people like Azmin Ali should provide him with a good 'tarbiyah' on how to become a popular politician.

Let me ask him this question - will PKR make similar amendment to the Constitution?

So, please do not speak through your nose. Who told you to make such a suggestion to Umno? Anwar Ibrahim? I don't think so because he himself knows the repercussion of it. Then, who? Hang Tuah?

The challenge is already making him a stigma to the Malays. He is not that shrewd after all (as a youth chief). What a heinous! PKR will be ashame of him.

(Mengikut pelat orang Melaka pantai - Kalau cakap pun tak begapa nak lancau, elok diam aje ler! Buat malu orang Melaka je!)


ali, pernu said...

besau punya hawau si malaun ni. apa yang dia kata ni? apsal tak suruh pkr je pinda kalau betul la nak rampas kuasa lepas pru13?

dia ni budak berhingus lagi, be. nampak je kepala dia besau tapi otak kecik je. tu pun ntah otak siapa dia cekau.

biau ler buat saranan yang elok sikit. buat malu pkr dan orang melayu je.

kan ke elok kalau dia syor biau kesultanan melaka dihidupkan balik, ade gak pekdahnya.

soman gagap said...

a disgrace to the entire malays!

apart from being an empty vessel, this guy should be expelled from pkr.

as a malay, i am insulted to have a malay idiot like him!

dondang sayang said...

huarrghhh harghh hah!

berapi-api nampak.

memang la dia ni siot, bangang nak mampus. buat apa cabar umno. umno tak bodoh tapi dia sendiri yang jadikan dirinya nampak tolol. cuba cabar parti sendiri.

dia ni makan dedak kot!

penangan said...

salam bang,

memang cabaran yang tak masuk akal. kenapa nak pinda perlembagaan tu kalau pakatan rakyat sendiri takkan buat.

dia ni saja nak laga2kan parti dalam bn tapi dia tak sedar pkr sendiri takkan buat pindaan tu sebab ada dap.

saya rasa dia dapat idea ni dari parameswara laaaa!!

jeeva said...

fuck him la.

he thinks malaysia consists of only malays!

he is the real racist for fomenting hatred among malaysians!

hot choc said...

perhaps your headline is the best of the year, bro.


Anonymous said...

memang benau. dia ni mang hawau, bandang!

antau je dia ni ke paya mengkuang, biau dia duduk dengan suku sakat dia kat sana... dah ada gupa tu pun!

batu giling, tangga batu said...

salam tn,

saya ni ahli pkr tapi geli hati jugak dengan apa yang dia kata. memang tak lojik pun cabarannya tu, semua rakyat akan marah, terutamanya bukan melayu.

susah nak naik dia ni.

chong tuck said...

a wrong person to head the pkr youth. he is not only a moron but a racist maniac who could turn the whole country upside down.

we better shoot him by his balls!

Anonymous said...

apa lancau dia cakap ni?

kalau hang jebat masih hidup, mau kena tikam mangkuk ni!

bangsa malaysia said...


he should also be reminded not to incite racial hatred. knowing that umno wont amend that clause, he should not add fuel to fire. we are already facing a racial time-bomb in the country. so, get rid of the detonator - people like him!

Anonymous said...

bloody hell.

people like this is not on dangerous to the country but also a threat to his own party.

fucking idiot!

Anonymous said...

kat kampung dia sendiri, orang tak berapa kenal dia ni.

bukan aje menyombong, tapi berlagak macam wakil rakyat.

kalau jadi wakil rakyat, agaknya macam mana si lahabau ni... lagi besau idung dia!

chabai said...

he better use his brain and not his johnny before opening up his mouth.

from now on, he will become pakatan rakyat's biggest liability!

toya said...

rupa tak seberapa, otak pun takda. elok letak jawatan dan masuk sekolah semula.

apa le kau ni, memang memalukan pkr dan orang melaka je!

Anonymous said...

Memang masaalah pada DAP pun kalau dipinda Perlembagaan kepada PM mesti bangsa Melayu. Seharusnya dipinda kepada PM mesti seorang bumiputera baru betul dan mungkin akan disokong oleh DAP pulak. Tak percaya, pi tanya LGE atau LKS atau Karpal Singh.

Realitinya bumiputera bukan hanya bangsa Melayu sahaja tetapi turut bermaksud bangsa lain kat Malaysia Timur. Orang Kadazan, Iban dll pun nak jadi PM suatu hari kan? Tak boleh ke?

Tidak musytahil parti-parti Malaysia Timur mungkin bergabung antara mereka suatu hari untuk jadi parti terbesar dengan jumlah kerusi terbanyak kat Parlimen. Mereka lebih inginkan jawatan PM kalau dibandingkan dengan parti seperti DAP, kan?

Siapa yang lebih bodoh, langau, bengong sebenarnya? Hari-hari blog pro-UMNO asyik cerita pasal Melayu akan hilang kuasa dan DAP nak jawatan PM bila PR menang nanti.

Jadi Shamsul ni sebagai bekas ahli UMNO selepas bertahun-tahun kena propaganda UMNO pun buat cadangan dan hebatkan pukulan gendang, ler.
Siapa yang harus dipersalahkan dengan cadangan bagini?

Pairin Malaysia Timur

kulitkraf said...

stupid statement by a bloody fool. he should pose that challenge to pkr itself, not umno.

if he doesnt improve his skill in politics, he wont last long. and yes, he is already a liabililty to pkr and pakatan.

bodoh like a lembu!

Anonymous said...

buat apa komen hal dia ni?

dia ni bukannya cerdik sangat.

nampak orang lain join politik, dia pun nak join tapi takda tokoh lansgung.

ntah macam mana jadi ketua pemuda pun tak tau. agaknya pemuda pkr ni semua rabun dan tolol macam ketua dia jugak!

fax machine said...

i hope pkr nominates him as a candidate in the next general election. let's see if he can get enough votes!

sara, UM said...

kah kah kah!

kelakar la bang bujai ni. tajuk posting pun dah buat kitorang gelak. apa lagi baca kisah mamat ni.

kat kolej 7 ni, ramai yang nak kenal ngan abang. datang la.

lori sampah said...


bagus la dia ni.

kalau buang ke laut, takkan jadi pulau... jadi ikan buntal!

bangang punya cadangan!

Anonymous said...

Do not be too hasty to label him as moron, ignorant of the constitution or whatever for you may fall into his trap.

With the impending UMNO General Assembly, he may just be provoking some of the delegates to respond to his challenge. In doing so and overwhelmed by their own obsession and rhetorics they may inadvertantly touch on something sensitive that can cause ripple amongst the other BN component parties. This BN cannot afford to happen at this juncture.

Be wise to differentiate between objective and motive whenever your friends and foes alike make a statement - meaning simply 'yang tersurat dan tersirat.'