Thursday, November 3, 2011


FIRST, Bukit Aman has issued a statement banning any functions organised by any group relating to the ‘Seksualiti Merdeka’ programme in the interest of public order.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said police had identified and would call everyone involved including former Bar Council president S Ambiga to record their statements.

“Police will take action under Section 27 A (1) (C) as well as 298 A of the Penal Code to prevent any function relating to the programme,” he told a media conference in Kuala Lumpur toda, adding that the law in the country did not recognise any deviationist activity that could destroy the practice of religious freedom.

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has described the 'Seksualiti Merdeka 2011' Programme as a deviationist activity and does not bring any benefit to the people in the country as a whole. It is also against the tradition, culture and religion practised by the various communities in the country.

He said although Malaysia had signed the agreement on human rights, the country had its values, systems, religions and laws that were against deviationist activities such as the Seksualiti Merdeka.

SECOND, the authority has also banned a book providing sex guides to Muslim women. The book, entitled Islamic Sex, has infringed censorship law and is related to al-Arqam which was declared illegal in the 1990s.

Published by a group known as the Obedient Wives' Club, which has been widely criticised for promoting polygamy and denegrating women, the book can easily match Kamasutra, an illustrated book for the 'Hindus and believers'.

The Obedient Wives' Club told journalists last month that the book was intended as a spiritual guide to be read only by club members to help them comprehend sex, and that women should act like 'first-class prostitutes' to prevent their husbands from having affairs or resorting to violence.

THIRD, MCA headquarters in Jalan Ampang was splashed with red paint this morning. Passers by could easily note it on the front doors.

Party president Dr Chua Soi Lek was flabbergasted and intructed the party's management to lodge a police report on the matter. Although it is speculated that the deed could have been due his rejection of hudud laws, Dr Chua said he did not want to point fingers at anyone.

"We hope the police will get to the bottom of the matter. There are people saying it (splashing of the red paint) is because the MCA had voiced its opposition to PAS' plans to introduce hudud laws.

In Malaysia, only loan sharks splash red paint on the house or car of their defaulters. MCA is a rich party.

FOURTH, read Sin Chew's comment on Lim Guan Eng pertaining to his son's allegedly sexual harassment case. While blasting Barisan Nasional, especially Umno cyber troopers for launching such an attack on the Penang Chief Minister, it also questioned the motive behind the 'Mat Rempit' demo in Georgetown a few days ago.

"The groundless allegation involving Lim's son is a kind of slander while the demand for a racing circuit for Mat Rempit is absurd. They will become international jokes if spread abroad.

"However, those who have repeatedly come out with such dirty games will never admit their mistakes or consider it a disgrace. When a person becomes brazen, he has lost his sense of shame. Would he still listen to well-meant words?

"Although they are disgusting, we should not just turn a blind eye to such shameless acts. If the community remain silent, it would encourage their arrogance. As a result, the bad political culture will deteriorate and further confuse our social values. Eventually, we have to suffer the loss of justice, as well as the basic judgement of right and wrong!," it said.

MY COMMENT - the Opposition got a hand in all this four issues. Former Bar Council boss Ambiga is not only trying to undermine the government but also to incite tension among the Muslims. That 'sexuality' program is against any religious norms and will only see more moral decays among the younger generation. The sex book is also a disgust to Islam and Muslims. I don't know how the Obedient Wives' Club members (all of whom are Muslims) were deviated from the true teaching of Islam by asking all wives to act like 'prostitutes'. The red paint incident at the MCA headquarters reflects how notorious the people could be if the 'hudud law' is not addressed properly. The Opposition pact, which is widely-divided over the issue, should stop playing to PAS tune before the time-bomb explodes in our face. And finally, Sin Chew is adding weigh to the Opposition. Of late, the newspaper is so fond of playing up racial and religious sentiments to incite hatred among Malaysians. I am not sure if its editorial team belongs to the Opposition but from the way business is being carried out, I doubt they are government supporters. So, all this is pointing back at the Opposition.


son of adam said...

the opp will not give up to damage the country until a civil war breaks out. that's what they want actually.

the straits monitor said...

why not keep this ambiga for sometime in the our safe deposit? she is a threat to the country.

others should follow suit if they harbor any ill plan for the country and the people.

i personally dont like to see the country in disarray, just for the sake of individual politics!

Anonymous said...


interesting day. so many colorful events.

this is malaysia, man. undeniably we will become like those middle east countries very soon if we let people like ambiga, anwar, kit siang and the rest of the idiots to go on with their dirty tactics

pokok getah tua said...

buku seks islam tu memang sesuatu yang kotor dan menjijikkan.

seks adalah hak peribadi kita, bukan untuk dipelajari dan diajar. ia datang sendiri.

apa masalah kumpulan wanita jahanam ni? kalau mereka pernah dalam arqam, mudahlah kita faham kerana dalam arqam, poligami adalah sesuatu yang 'wajib'diamalkan dan dipatuhi. jadi, wanitanya tepaksa terima hakikat bermadu...

penangan said...

saya cuma nak komen hal seksualiti merdeka ni.

islam mengharamkan golongan gay dan lesbian, kecuali golongan pondan khunsa yang mempunyai dua alat kelamin (boleh dimaafkan).

tetapi lelaki yang bersekedudukan dengan lelaki, main belakang dan berkelakuan seperti wanita, memang bukan budaya sihat dan boleh diterima di negara ini.

golongan lesbian pula, selain menghina agama dan kejadian yang ditentukan oleh allah, turut merosakkan akidah dan moral generasi sekarang dan akan datang, khasnya remaja dan belia.

jika ambiga inginkan kebebasan hak asasi manusia dalam soal golongan tidak senonoh ini, dia patut kembali kepada agamnya, biar apa pun.

tidak ada agama menyuruh umatnya berkahwin dan melakukan seks luar tabii sesama jantina yang sama.

adakah ambiga jenis begini?

pro-Pakatan Rakyat said...

i believe MCA didnt take money from ah long.

i believe the incident was not done by PAS or the opposition.

i believe it was carried out by barisan nasional and blame it on DAP, PKR and PAS.

could be MCA people also!

Anonymous said...

sinchew is just another subversive newspaper.

force it to close down!

bloody hell!

root beer said...

instability is what the opposition wants.

once the country is off balance, they will sell it to the foreigners who are financing their politics.

in the end, no more malaysia.

Anonymous said...

jangan asyik salahkan pembangkang. kaji dulu apa yang silap kerajaan. bukan semuanya betul sepanjang masa. biarlah adil sikit pemikiran kita tu!

chong tuck said...

whether u people are pro or anti-govt, FUCK each and everyone of u for playing up the issues!

i dont like u.

i only like myself!

zulkarnain Y said...

it gets dirtier and filthier, day by day.

many rakyat are still finding it hard to earn a living but the govt and opp fail to attend to it.

why cant both sides work for the benefit of the people?

pak mat si parang tajam said...

ambiga dan geng dia nak menggalakkan penubuhan sebuah negara pondan dan bapok di malaysia ni. diorang sendiri tahu anwar tu macam mana tapi tetap sokong dia sebab kepentingan politik masing2.

jadi, macam mana kita nak galakkan benda2 macam ni berjangkit di kalangan masyarakat?

kebebasan hak asasi manusia memang patut dihormati tetapi kalau sehingga nak merosakkan warisan rakyat dan generasi akan datang, patut ditentang habis-habisan!

cilaka punya orang!

the wrestler said...

all this will lead to the demise of a balanced and ethical society. malaysians cannot accept what ambiga and rest are doing. its against any religion practice, i agree.

but for sin chew, it contains some truth. we should stop this gutter politics at once!

Anonymous said...

in the first place, who allows elton john for his concert in genting?

pas is against him but supports ambiga's sexualiti merdeka.

what the fuck!

belakang mati said...


i suka ambiga, tau! dia mang best sebab nak anjurkan perhimpunan untuk nyah2 semua.

janganlah marah dia. dia pun macma nyah jugak. cuba tgk muka dia betul2, ada macam jantan sial, kan?


Anonymous said...

is this a free country?

u ban this and that! what will become of malaysia without a good human rights record?

geng 69 said...

the country will install a gay prime minister if they win next general election.

their cabinet will be filled up by many gays and lesbians.

the sexuality merdeka was just a prelude to that mission.

Anonymous said...

u know why ambiga want to organise that event aaa?

because she is not a female lor.

look carefully at her face and body, it resembles the late sai baba! the only thing is, sai baba was a true man!

suami muda said...

ni semua nak merosakkan akidah islam, merosakkan anak2 muda dan menjahanamkan masa depan negara. apa nak jadi dengan orang macam ambiga dan anwar ni? mintak2 dipanah petir je!

Anonymous said...

to ambiga, u must know the limit!

if u think u are smart enough, u are wrong!

Anonymous said...

To win the next gen. elec, BN must first ensure is has the firepower and strength for an all out war against the opposition. Simply suicidal to go out with a depleted strength and blank bullets.