Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How much did Alstom 'suap' this 2 Malaysians?

Swiss Office of the Attorney-General said Tuesday it closed a probe into Alstom SA, and ordered a unit to pay 38.5 million Swiss francs (RM133 million) for bribing government officials in Malaysia, Latvia and Tunisia.

The four-year probe centered on payments made by Alstom Network Schweiz AG to middlemen termed as 'commercial agents' by the company, in return for securing government contracts to build power stations in 15 countries since the 1990s.

Alstom was awarded a RM2.8 billion contract by Tenaga Nasional earlier this year to provide key power generation equipment to Southeast Asia’s first 1,000-megawatt (MW) supercritical coal-fired power plant Manjung, besides winning turnkey contracts in 1994 and 2000 to build four power plants including the 1,300MW Lumut and the 670MW Kuala Langat plants and deals in 2003 and 2004 to install environmental control systems for the Tanjung Bin and Jimah coal-fired power plants.

It was also appointed by Tenaga to supply two 125MW hydro power turbines, a generator and ancillaries for the 250MW Hulu Terengganu hydro power plant in 2010.

In July, a former Alcatel employee was charged in the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court with giving a RM25,000 bribe to a Telekom Malaysia (TM) officer, in a case linked to the French company’s admission last year that it had bribed government officials to win a US$85 million (RM255 million) contract.

That's how some business are done.

However, what attracts my attention is the Summary Punishment Order by the Swiss Office of Attorney-General about the case for Malaysia.

Among the contents, it mentions:

"At the end of the 1990s, the state-licensed TTPC (Teknologi Tenaga Perlis Consortium Sdn Bhd) had major contracts for the delivery and maintenance of gas turbines to award for the Perlis project in Malaysia. At the end of 1999, the then existing ABB Alstom Power (Schweiz) AG, Baden signed various consultancy agreements to this end with various offshore companies...

"... because the original consultants were individuals, the use of an established company was chosen in order to comply with internal control. However, other internal regulations (no offshore companies, no companies with accounts outside the project country, no success fees over 3% of the contract value) were disregarded; distributing payments to different offshore companies with the same financial beneficiaries knowingly exceeded the last of these provisions.

"Both Chee Liang Ti and Abdul Hamid Pawanteh were leading executives of TTPC at the time, and the latter was also a local politician in the constituent state of Perlis where the power station was to be built. It is obvious that the Alstom employees involved in this case wished to influence TTPC decision-makers with payments to award contracts to Alstom. There is also indication that an Alstom employee involved illegally and without the knowledge of Alstom personally enriched himself.

"The parties to the contractual agreement to deliver, operate and maintain gas turbines were Alstom Schweiz AG and Alstom O&M AG on one side and TTPC on the other side. TTPC consisted of the consortium members Tenaga Nasional Berhad, TNB (20%), Landmark Sdn Bhd (20%), Alpga Intercontinental Sdn Bhd (30%), Gerang Sutera Sdn Bhd (20%) and Yayasan Islam Perlis via Infostaas Eng Sdn Bhd (10%)...

"...after a deduction of a commission of about 5%, these payments were channeled through the accounts of additional offshore companies to the two executives of TTPC, Chee Liang Ti and Abdul Hamid Pawanteh, with accounts in Switzerland..."



pro-PKR said...

nah. another case involving barisan nasional leader!

what will become of you in umno, mca, mic and others if you continue to run the country?

kilimanjaro said...

i believe its not 'suap' and not also 'bribe'.

the money went to yayasan islam, right?

nothing odd about it. others also do the same thing what!

penangan said...


agak-agak la, berapa ramai rakyat malaysia ada akaun bank di switzerland?

hari tu ada tuduhan mengatakan nurul anak anwar pun ada akaun kat sana. betul ke?

makin kaya gamaknya orang malaysia ni!

Anonymous said...

i thought the case is closed!

mat gombau said...

alamak jai,

buek apo kau sobot namo2 tu. buek busuk namo bn jo.

tapi elok gak. lopeh ni kono hati2 lah, kan?

biol said...


siapa hamid pawanteh ni?

gembala kambing ke?

thomas lumpai said...

just one question, sir.

is it not necessary for our macc to investigate the matter although the swiss office of attorney-general has concluded its findings?

ah loy said...

isn't it a normal thing to do?

i was told so many govt officers and ministers made big bucks for securing foreign companies with civil contracts?

what do we call this? bribe or token?

Anonymous said...

u and rocky are the same!


Goh KT said...

middlemen aka brokers.

some are successful, some are nuisance.

in this case, it was very successful as both parties enjoyed the contracts and the money.

so, i think its fair... hehehehe :)

Anonymous said...

the macc MUST investigate, no matter what it takes.

it tarnished malaysia's good name, esp when the whole world knows about the involvement of our politicians!

yang mulus yang kudus said...

kaya la ini macam.

gua pun mau jadi broker ayam siam. boleh ka?

diorang ni cuma jual air liur je, tak keluar satu sen pun. dapatkan projek, dapatlah habuan!

kumbang jati said...


tak berani komen.

kalau komen kang, kerajaan yang kena. kalau tak komen, kita yang malu.

kalau ada duit, aku tutup mulut!

mat bonet said...


tak ramai yang komen posting ni.

aku rasa diorang tak berani komen la. politik dan wang. aku pun cuma nak cakap satu perkara je, iaitu:

kumbang jarak, kumbang jagung
berani bawak, beranilah tanggung!

Anonymous said...

pls cc this story to tony pua, tian chua or wck, sure hot topic!

kimbalik said...

ada sapa2 berani tanya hamid pawanteh sendiri?

kau jai? jmpa la dia, kot2 benda ni silap dan sengaja nak burukkan nama dia...

sedari diri said...

suap, suap, suap..x kan terkejut kot? i'm no kpd yg pro-non govt tuh, perlu ke - asal kes suap je, kutuk govt? ingt pemimpin bkn govt tu sume malaikat ke? x de suap-menyuap gak ke?
come on la, sume tu terletak pd individu..sama je kot kl dh mata hati dh dibutakan dgn $$$!!
yg dok kutuk tu, cuba dok tempat diorg, sama jek tersuap-menyuap kot?

x yah ckp pasal isu suap smpy level keparat, amik contoh kehidupan seharian je..cuba tnya diri sendiri, kl polis tahan kt jalan raya sbb anda wat salah pape, pe anda buat? rasanya ramai je yg menyembah nk suap supaya x kena saman kn? hipokrit ar!

Anonymous said...