Monday, November 14, 2011

DAP is worse than 'that chameleon'

When it comes to Anwar Ibrahim, DAP may batter him for one day before rallying behind him again the very next day. While many call Anwar a chameleon, DAP is nevertheless a six-sided dice for its contradicting stand on the Opposition Leader.

MCA Youth chief Wee Ka Siong today chided DAP chairman Karpal Singh's support for PKR de facto leader to be the prime minister should the Pakatan alliance take over the Federal Government after the next national poll.

"It should be remembered that when Anwar was planning for his failed Sept 16 takeover of the Federal Government in 2008, Karpal had demanded that Anwar resign as the opposition leader.

"This back-pedalling demonstrates that in order to win Federal administration, DAP will easily switch their position and go against their own principles," Wee said in a statement.

"If an Opposition stalwart like Karpal Singh who wields strong influence among his loyalists can simply change his position to back Anwar as prime minister, this clearly signals that DAP is willing to make any U-turns and go against their own principles just so to woo public support in their aim to wrestle Putrajaya," he said.

Agree. That is what DAP is all about.

Amid it's racism and admitting the lack of Malay support, DAP has made a promise to field more Malay candidates in the next general election. That is impossible. After the late Ahmad Nor, the party has no credible Malay leaders.

Meanwhile, MCA National Organising Secretary Tee Siew Kiong in a separate statement said Karpal's stand on Anwar was only made to deceive the people as their claims were never supported or approved by PAS.

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chihuahua said...

karpal is a chameleon with turban. kit siang is a chameleon with tong teeths. guan eng is a chameleon which likes to shit around...

... but anwar is ok, he is a true chameleon for his ability to screw all of them!

i dont like MCA said...

when wee ka siong talks, nobody believe him. so, u better tell him to cut the crap and concentrate on his duty to strengthen his own party!

Anonymous said...

already 3 times sept 16.

what will anwar, karpal and friends do if the lose again in the next general election?

ask them to come up with a 'fly kite' plan!

batang berjuntai said...

karpal memang macam biawak, lidah bercabang.

apa yang ditakutkannya pada anwar, tak tau lah.

nak kata anwar nakkan belakang dia, aku rasa anwar lagi takut kalau karpal yang kat belakang dia.

inilah politik biawak namanya, hari ni cakap lain, esok cakap lain, lusa cakap lain, tulat cakap lain... cuma tonggeng je yang sama!

penangan said...


sama-sama main belakang, bro!

Anonymous said...

the different between karpal and anwar is, anwar does THAT THING openly while karpal does it secretly.

so, both are backside whackers! that's why they need each other badly!

Anonymous said...

i think ka siong looks more like boy george!

anyway, i agree with what he said. we cannot trust karpal and the others!

Anonymous said...

saya banyak takut sama itu anwar. kalau saya lawan sama dia, nanti dia hantam saya punya belakang - kapal singah

red jacket said...


stop attacking the dap, pls. they are much better than any other parties, including pkr itself!

anwar is nothing without dap support~!