Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bar Council is above the law

About 1,000 Bar Council members and their supporters staged a 'Walk For Freedom' at the Parliament today to protest the Peaceful Assembly Bill, wanting to jettison it. Instead, they want total freedom of speech, absolute freedom of speech and a 'free-for-all' country.

"What rubbish is this council trying to prove (by drawing an alternative Bill)? That they are better or bigger than Parliament? Bar Council should have respect for Parliament, which is the highest law-making body comprising government and opposition elected representatives!"

And again, Ambiga is on the forefront, carrying out the Opposition's plan to ransack the country's harmony and plunge it into religious and racial crisis. I think they really want that to happen, taking into consideration the kind of 'freedom' they want.

And this lady (I am not sure if Marina Mahathir was among the crowd) who likened Malaysia's situation to that of Myanmar, is actually opening up the country to foreign intervention. With just a basic knowledge that Myanmar is under the junta, she wished the superpowers or Nato will interfere in our domestic affairs.

Who knows if she has already sent out SOS to Washington or London to step a foot in Malaysian affairs. Worse still, a military intervention like what they did in Libya and Pakistan, with Syria, Yemen and Egypt on the list.

Yes, the Opposition is all out to ruin the country by inviting foreign intervention. Just read Rocky's Bru DAP seeks New Delhi's intervention about how two Opp MPs, namely M Manogaran and S Ramakrishnan tried to get the Baharatiya Janata Party to 'rule' Malaysia!

In fact, the protest was timely held on the opening day of Umno General Assembly which simply marks a cahoot between the Bar Council and the Opposition to undermine Umno and Barisan Nasional strength and capability to pass the new Act.

This shows how much the Bar Council is above any law. The Council is also turning into a political party, playing God to everybody. Sad to note how members of the Council are becoming copycats of Western culture - all about the West must be practiced here!

What will become of Malaysia - a multiracial country - should total freedom is adapted? What will happen if people of various race and religion start to abuse each other in a freely and openly manner, without any law to drag them to court should it lead to communal disaster?

Unfortunately, Ambiga, Kit Siang, Karpal, Anwar and the rest couldn't care less about the consequences. What the Bar Council does is to make Anwar the new prime minister, by hook or by crook, after the next general election. And should the fail, they are more than prepared to stage a nationwide street demonstration. That's why they are opposing the Peaceful Assembly Bill.

They have forgotten what caused May 13, 1969. Or Ambiga, in comparing Malaysia to Myanmar, was challenging the police and the military to take over the government. By doing so, of course Malaysia will become another Egypt like what Anwar said.

And of course, the Human Rights Watch is supporting them, placing Malaysia on the world map as another conservative and orthodox regime to topple.

Their 'human rights' calls for absolute freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of sex, freedom of same-sex marriage, freedom of racial hatred, etc. After all, they dont like the police. So, should anything happens, let the rakyat take the law into their own hands. Its also part of freedom.


gasoline said...


should what they do plunge the country into crisis and turmoil, people like ambiga, karpal and others will be the first to leave the country.

otherwise, we will put a price for their heads!

no brain!

yellow river said...

i think the govt should give the a chance. however, if it turns to be ugly, the law will be in the hands of the people!

pro-Pakatan Rakyat said...


u dont know what they are doing. they are doing the best for the country and the people.

just because u and other pro-govt bloggers are fully-paid, u condemn them without even knowing their alternative bill.

shut up lor!

Anonymous said...

freedom of speech. i like it.

one day, we can curse our leaders.


ambiga the prostitute.

rosmah the queen control

anwar main jubo

cina bodoh.

melayu nak mampus

keling pariah

... what will happen?

Anonymous said...

the govt must not crack under the opposition pressure. their ultimate objective is to make anwar a prime minister.

we need to control our own country, not by including foreign forces.

if the opposition wants to make it bad, we will make it bad for them. the rakyat will reprise should the opposition throw the country into crisis

the sniper said...

what sort of freedom to they want?

the rights to fuck each other. or the rights to kill each other.

i believe they want to see it happen!

S KUMAR said...

how to trust lawyers nowadays when they are the ones who incite racial hatred?

we better defense ourselves!

Anonymous said...

anwar, ambiga, marina dan yang lain perlu sedia menerima arus 'intifadah' rakyat jika apa yang mereka buat hanya membawa kerosakan dan kemusnahan di dalam negara.

orang melayu tidak lagi rela diinjak oleh orang seperti ini, apatah lagi macam ambiga.

nahas kamu nanti!

Anonymous said...

How many of us, the general public fully understand what the PAB is all about ? How much improvement has been made to the provisions in the various existing laws relating to the rights of holding assemblies? What are those people on the ground doing?

Other than attempts made by DSNTR to cursorily explain and defend the PAB , it would appear that the oppositions are on the forefront manipulating and exploiting the bill. This is understandable. Now with Bar Council joining the fray, the belief that the bill is really bad will be further enhanced.

I am not looking at the Bill 'per se' but the perception of the general public that the government is AGAIN flip-flopping and that DSNTR 'cakap tak serupa bikin'on freedom to hold assemblies.

This doesn't augur well for BN.


Anonymous said...

Who are these bloggers? I don't think they are Malaysians. Malaysians paid taxes so why do we want laws that curb our freedom. The politicians' salaries are from us, the taxpayers. Why do we want them to lord over us? They are our servants to serve us or not to lord over us.

ular lidi said...

inilah masalahnya bila perarakan ni diketuai oleh orang yang dah menopos! dah takda benda lain naik main... mainlah sentimen yang karut!

exvat69ner said...

Imagine slogging day and day out for 15 years providing a blanket of peace and freedom for everyone to sleep and grow up to become lawyers and this is how Ambiga and her LOWYAH BUROK colleagues repay us? By eliminating the threat of armed communist insurgencies,we were a part of the group or men and women who saw large scale economic progress extended to almost every corner of the country. There are still idiots who claim they they are not treated equal - it is only in their chicken feed sized brains that tell them - no country anywhere else has equal opportunities for every of its citizens. Do you actually see Malaysians begging? You can see other nationalities begging and they beg here because Malaysians have not only money but a kind heart to give and forget.
But Ambiga and her army of LOWYAH BUROKS are just doing what is the opposite of every respectable law obeying Malaysians. Do you really want this selfish lot of LOWYAH BUROKS tor represent you in the courts?
I am deeply sad that this tiny 1000 LOWYAH BUROKS want to shatter the peace and tranquility of my beloved country after some of us - the men in camoflaged jungle green - had risked our lives and left our families to track down and eliminated the armed threat to the country and its multi racial and multi respected people.
Long Live Harmonious Malaysia.....

Anonymous said...

One of the most interesting things about lawyers is that, when people argue with them, they will often comment that those people were not trained (in law, and/or being a lawyer). But lawyers, being trained in arguing and debating, always, always argue in whatever topics, even if they're only trained to be lawyers.

..free speech? Or hypocrisy?

Anonymous said...

biarkan si luncai terjun dengan labu-labunya... biarkan!

bila negara huru-hara disebabkan mereka nanti, kita cari dan bedal mereka dahulu!