Sunday, October 23, 2011

The 'susu' issue: Guan Eng should 'sue-sue' the bloggers!

Lim Guan Eng has strongly denied that his son played the 'susu'. The Penang Chief Minister has made one denial after another without doing anything to really 'clear' his and his son's name. At least, lodge a police report and 'sue-sue' the bloggers whom he accused of making up the stories.

Sue them lar, YAB! Don't give them any more room to badmouth you. The pro-Umno bloggers are attacking not only you but your son and family as well.

So, why wait? If you claim that your son is innocent, do something to protect his name and dignity. He is still a boy (a 16-year old boy is also not fully-protected by the law if he commits crime).

Weird! Even your partners in DAP such as the big time lawyer Karpal Singh, your dad Lim Kit Siang, Teresa Kok and others had so far issued statements to back you up, without saying a word about making a police report or suing the bloggers for libel.

I thought Karpal will take up the case against the bloggers - not one but quite a number of them. Drag them to court so that both sides can justify their claims.

DPM Muhyiddin Yassin also commented on the issue yesterday (here). He said Lim Guan Eng denying sexual harassment claims against his son was inadequate, and that if the chief minister “thinks it is important to correct the information, then he has to come up with a strong statement."

“Mere denial is not enough,” Muhyiddin said.

And please stop condemning Shahrizat Jalil for not making any statement about the issue, and for her silence over Khairy Jamaluddin's 'disparaging' tweet the other day. No point taking her to task.

If you have strong points against the bloggers and whoever you feel are involved in defaming your son, do not let them off the hook. Sue them... repeat, sue them!

I pity your son...


Anonymous said...

strange! how come karpal didnt advise lim guan eng to lodge a police report against the pro-umno bloggers?

there must be an explanation for that!

mamak nasi kandar said...

DAP got so many lawyers, maaa.

sue the bloggers, put an end to this unpleasant episode.

come on LGE... make a police report first, establish a case against the bloggers and produce them in court, and make sure you win!


afraid hooor?

penangan said...

berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah.

kalau setakat nafi, semua orang boleh nafi. tapi nak buat laporan polis bukannya senang kalau kita sebenarnya memang tau yang kedudukan kita tidak mengizinkan kita berbuat demikian.

nanti kita pulak yang dituduh menipu!

clarke gable said...

ya la. pity your son. i pity him too.

so, in order to safe him, lodge a police report and take all the bloggers to court.

sue them for a few hundreds million ringgit.... and if you win, pls give me some, ok?

lim gone eng said...

sorry la.

i am still waiting for karpal to advise me on the matter.

- lim gone eng -

atas pagar said...

ye lar.

kalau aku yang kena, dan kalau betul anak aku tak salah, aku dah saman semua bloger kuangajor ni. buat apa aku nak nafi dan mintak kawan2 aku pulak tolong nafi.

kalau betul anak aku tak salah, aku repot polis je.

jangan teragak-agak, LGE!

Anonymous said...

ada bloger sebut tetek

ada bloger lain sebut nenen

ada jugak yang sebut buah dada

yang lain sebut payu dara.

kau pulak sebut susu.

siot btol la kau ni!

surinam said...




i only know one sue

sue ellen...

Anonymous said...

he got no gut to lodge a police report.

we should know why he is so reluctant to do so!

Anonymous said...

lim guan eng should sue you too,


moderator said...

i dont like dap, i dont like lim guan eng.

however, i pity the boy and i dont like the way bloggers spin his wrongdoings, which has yet to be proven.

pls consider the 16-year old boy, how would he face his friends at school after so much coverage that shot him down.

politics are politics but dont dirty your hands and mind with such an approach...

arcadia said...

Yea Anon October 23, 2011 2:10 AM, LGE shoud sue this blogger. Can u ask him to do it ASAP?

Anonymous said...

There must be some calculated move as to why he has yet to lodge a police report - not necessarily because his son might guilty of misconduct. He is not that naive not to know what his rights are.

Meanwhile I am amazed that Utusan Malaysia has been rather quiet on this issue knowing fully well it is always at forefront seizing any little opportunity to attack, discredit and demonise the oppositions. Fear of civil suit as warned by LGE ?

I am equally amazed as to why that Novandari who started it all does not follow through if he is so sure of his facts. Has he chickened out ?

Bukan peminat PTD tetapi keadilan semua pihak.

Anonymous said...

LGE sanggup masuk penjara pertahankan maruah gadis islam.tapi orang islam kerjanya asik buat fitnah siang malam.bila fitnah dah kantoi,sibuk nak suruh buat lapuran polis.

rexuan said...

its funny laa.. all these pro pakataiks people.. when utusan carry stories like the christian issue tho even the sultan admitted that there are some truth to it, the people condemn utusan like nobody business.. now when utusan choose not to print lge's son sue-sue story, also kena cabar to report..
is this not 'gila' to the maximum magnitude shown by the pro-pakataiks?!
to the lge's son sue-sue case, i tink its easy, lge like to sue but now he's sueing anybody yet instead asking pity from everybody not to report this matter anymore. i say its clear as an empty glass..