Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Self-proclaim Chairman... so vain!

I don't know why some people are so vain when it comes to status and designation. There are time when no official announcement or declaration is made, they are already telling around that they are now the big boss!

What an a--h-le! Ringing your own bell!

I remember when Renong was about to take over the NSTP Group in the late 1980s. Halim Saad had yet to make any official announcement on reshuffle and redesignation. However, a few editorial staffs who were closely aligned to the MCKK alumni were already walking around, declaring that they were the new bosses.

And yesterday, after reading Rocky's Bru, I called up a friend at a Commission under Rais Yatim to get some clarifications about someone already being made the new chairman.

"He is just an acting chairman under Article 14 of the Commission's Act. Ha ha ha... he must be very vain, bro. He asked his boys to inform the media that he is now our new chairman. If he gets it, it's okay but no official announcement or letter was issued thus far. He got to wait," he said.

Wah lan neh! There's a big different between 'acting' and 'appointed'. An acting Prime Minister will not necessary become a Prime Minister!

It reminds me of how Anwar Ibrahim proclaimed himself as the 'new Prime Minister, come September 16 2008'. Such a farce, isn't it?

And now, there are rumors that a high ranking official of the same Commission is under probe by the MACC for 'money laundering'. Could it be the same person? I am not sure.

However, some people are really power craze. It's well understood if some politicians and artistes are crazy for publicity but for a high position at a government's agency, we have to be more careful before opening up our mouth.



Anonymous said...

kih..kih..kih...ko pun pro-claim yg ko bagus bro! sbb tu ko pandai ckp yg lain tu hanya pandai pro-claim...


Pak Zawi said...

Somebody even appointed himself as chairman of a cooperative even though he isn't a member forgetting that the chairman of a cooperative is only appointed by the AGM. Such silly things happen because many people are power crazy.

pekerja estet said...


this is serious man!

what is he up to?

penangan said...

dah memang ada manusia bersikap demikian, suka masuk bakul angkat sendiri.

agaknya bila betul2 dah jadi bos, mau tumbuh tanduk kat kepala dia!

lee lap tiang said...

want my comment?

just.... hahahaahahahahahaha!!!!

Anonymous said...

any appointment of a chairman, CEO or members of the board must come with an official announcement by the government or the minister in charge.

its strange for someone to declare his self-appointment before such an announcement is made. its against any ethics.

rumah pasong said...

ramai orang gila kat dunia ni.

gila kuasa

gila duit

gila pempuan

gila jantan

gila babi

gila pangkat

gila glamor

gila publisiti

gila talak

gila kedudukan

gila bini orang

gila laki orang

gila karaoke

gila meroyan

gila betul...

macam2 gila lagi lah! pilihlah yang mana sesuai

Anonymous said...

what a shame!

nila setitik said...

dah tak sabar2 nak jadi bos agaknya.

kalau iya pun, tunggulah pengumuman rasmi.

jangan main terjah je. kalau tak jadi, kan ke malu!

aku kenal mamat tu...

bujai said...


kau memang bagus!

heh heh!

ayatollah budin said...

why didnt u go straight to the point, bro!

after reading bru, i know its shahril of mcmc.

i think rais yatim himself does not know about this... or could he....?

masih di BH said...


memang masih segar lagi macam mana si mangkuk tu berlagak yang dia dah jadi ketua editorial masa renong nak ambil alih nstp. bukan main eksyen lagi dia.

apa jadi kat dia sekarang ni?

manolito said...


i have not come across any statement or announcement about sharil's appointment as mcmc chairman.

why cant he just wait for it?

annoyed said...

there are a lot of surprises of late. not only from the private sector but the GLC too!

who is in control actually?

PM? ministers? or the person appointed to lead the GLCs?

Anonymous said...

susah bila dah gila kuasa dan gila pangkat ni.

belum apa2 dah dabik dada, dah umum sendiri perlantikan dia.

apa nak jadi dengan orang melayu sekarang ni?

u-turn said...

do not disturb him lar.

he is the minister's blue eye boy.

stop... or your eye will be blue black!


Anonymous said...

apsal kau tak tanya datuk rais je? bukan ke kau baik dengan dia, jai!

kacip rosmah said...

some people appointed themselves as presidents, kings and other designates.

some refused to be appointed although the rakyat want them so much.

some people are not only vain but idiots!

Anonymous said...

apsal kau blog pasal ni? kau memang dengki kat aku, kan jai?

kau tunggu aku saman kau!

- shahril -

insan kamil said...

ada imam surau dan masjid pun lantik diri sendiri.

so, apa nak hairankan dengan jawatan dunia ni, bukannya kekal selama-lamnya.

kalau setakat gila kuasa ni, dah tak heran.

sebabnya - dah makin kurang orang gilakan balasan akhirat!

Anonymous said...

another 'anwar' case - greed for power!

pokok getah tua said...


ramai lagi orang yang perasan kat malaya ni.

ada yang rasa dia yang jadi PM, bukannya najib.

ada yang perasan dia lebih pandai, walhal dialah paling bangang.

ada yang rasa dialah menteri, walhal dia tu pegawai khas je...

taukeh lim said...

i heard rais has got pm's blessing on his choice for shahril to replace tan sri khalid.

however, no official announcement yet.

i think shahril was overjoyed. he just couldnt wait a few days more...

bru said...

Rais Yatim was busy giving away 1Malaysia laptops as lucky draw prizes at the Malam Media Perdana 2011 last night. The laptops were never part of the prizes. Taxpayers money tu. Nak impress PM la tu.

Dahlah MCMC kebas gua punya Acer under former chairman. Siolan.