Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Opposition's hand in M'sia-Indon disputes!

Border disputes between Malaysia and Indonesia are taking new turns. While both governments are advocating to diplomatic means to solve the problems, the Oppositions - at both sides - are collaborating to send our governments into turmoil.

While some Indonesian lawmakers are demanding their government to take a 'hard diplomacy' approach in dealing with Malaysia, our own lawmakers (from the Opposition) are trying to lucre from such a dispute by according their support for such a move.

I have heard about it, not once and not twice but several times at hotel lobbies, coffee house and even in a hospital about how proud the Indonesian lawmakers are for the kind of support they get from their 'friends' in Malaysia.

The Opposition would be happy enough to see both countries enter war, I suppose. And I wonder who were the Malaysian traitors during our Confrontation with Indonesia in the early 1960s!

The latest border issue is about the Indonesian accusation that Malaysia has snatched its territory in Camar Bulan and Tanjung Batu in Sambas, West Kalimantan.

It was only two days ago that Anifah Aman and his Indonesian counterpart Marty Natalegawa discussed the issue and agreed to look into it according to the diplomatic channels.

Marty has questioned the demand and rejected any unlawful and undiplomatic approach in dealing with the issue (here), adding that after the government's field investigation, the issue only amounted to a matter of a boundary marker being moved by abrasion and another one being damaged.

He also said the damaged and moved boundary markers shouldn't be a problem because the coordinates of the markers' original positions had been recorded. The Indonesian government would not discuss the territory-snatching allegation with the Malaysian authorities, but that the two countries were currently working together to fix the markers according to the previously agreed coordinates.

However, the pressure by the Indonesian lawmakers are being fueled by 'moral and diplomatic aids' provided by their politician friends in Malaysia.

So, the allegations that the Opposition plans to make Malaysia a republic is true after all. Some of them are so fond of going to Indonesia and hold 'serious talks' with the hardliners over there. The topic of discussion normally centers around 'the bad Malaysian administration' and ways to takeover Putrajaya.

"Benar pak. Mereka seringnya memohon bantuan tentang bagimana untuk berkuasa di Putrajaya... penyokong mereka di Indonesia bukan sedikit!"


gigi emas said...


who are the opp leaders who like going to indonesia, the philippines and other countries to smear malaysia?

jeng jeng jeng.... m giving u 10 seconds!

boeing 727 said...

not only in indonesia. they go everywhere to seek help and support. their idea to make malaysia a republic country gets more support from the republicans themselves.

singapore, the philippines, indonesia, the US and other republic govts are in support of the opposition.

if our people are not aware of this and keep on giving votes to these rascals, they will have to pay a heavy price in the next general election!

Anonymous said...

their hands are everywhere sir. they also tried to woo the israel to support their politics!

pena alam said...

inilah pengkhianat sebenar kepada agama, bangsa dan negara.

tidak hairanlah jika indonesia makin memandang rendah kepada kita hinggakan isu pembantu rumah pun dikotak-katikkan oleh mereka, seolah-olah kita tidak boleh hidup tanpa mereka!

cindy will said...

no surprise, jai.

their many trips abroad are meant to tarnish our image, our country and our people.

look at guan eng who made disparaging remarks about johor.

what was his intention? to undermine the rakyat and sultan of johor and the malaysia as a whole.

Anonymous said...

makin ramai yang nak jadi si kitol di negara ni.

sumbat je dalam penjara. sebab tu lah ISA perlu dikekalkan!

najib dah buat silap nak bubarkan ISA ni!

Anonymous said...

memang diorang ada niat nak menjahanamkan negara ni, kalau boleh nak jual kepada orang lain.

macam ni punya ahli politik, kalau kita sokong akan merosakkan masa depan anak bangsa sendiri.

kuchai said...

to gigi emas,

who else? none other than anwar and guan eng.

amber kwan said...


this is a serious allegation. however, i believe in what u wrote. there are proof even to support it.

these people are not only traitors but a group of corrupt politicians.

anak malaya said...

patut dibawa ke muka pengadilan. setidak-tidaknya hal ni patut dibangkitkan di dewan rakyat, biar semua orang tau betapa busuknya niat segelintir pemimpin pembangkang ni.

Anonymous said...

a republic?

republic of malaysia?


who will become our president? anwar? kit siang?

fuck them!

Anonymous said...


depa dah buat benda ni lama dah. dulu masa krisis kewangan 1977, anwar pun cuba nak minta imf dan bank dunia masuk campur. nasib baik che det tolak....

tak kalu, dah lama kita merana dah