Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ong... ong... ong... oink!

If former MCA president Ong Tee Keat is seeking medicament from PKR, let him. Although his plan (if any) to join the Opposition is regretted, it is his call. Maybe Ong feels he is already a persona non grata to the party he once led.

So, it's true that Parti Keadilan Rakyat is a party for sour grapes like Ong and former MCA deputy president Chua Jui Meng. After holding senior Cabinet position for years, enjoying all the privileges and worked alongside with the other leaders of BN, they decided to burn down the bridges after losing their party seats.

PKR is truly a losers' pool.

I don't know what is pervading him (read here) but it seems that the former Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker has been on a silent mode since losing to Chua Soi Lek. And Chua himself has been lambasting Ong, describing him as being irrelevant to the party (here). War of words between the two could have been the cause.

I think many MCA leaders and members, and BN supporters do not like the idea of Ong's frogging. As general election is just around the corner, its repercussion on BN's prospect could be very adverse. Or is this what Ong actually want, for BN to lose?

Aahhh... Then many would question Tun Dr Mahathir's decision to leave Umno during Pak Lah's regime. It's different because he re-joined the party after Najib took over as Prime Minister and Umno President. It's not the case for Chua, and Ong too (if he leaves MCA) as they will not turn back.

The rumors are that, Ong has met Anwar recently. What transpired, only God and both of them know. Come to think about it, there is no reason whatsoever for Ong to meet the Opposition leader (whom he himself used to batter) unless for politic talks.

It's not a strange anymore for party leaders who lost their seat to turn their back on their own party. From someone who has been showing extreme fidelity towards the party, he would change to mangle it - just because he does not hold any senior position anymore.

And what do we call people like this? Political rogues! Once you turn your back on your own party, you will lose all the virtues. You have chosen to be an outcast.

So, look before you take the leap!


ramesh warta said...

this is my suggestion.

to all party presidents, deputy presidents, vice presidents and other senior officials - please join the opposition when you no longer hold any position (losing in the party elections).

this will facilitate the opposition to prepare a probable lineup for its cabinet, if the win the national election.

ma wong said...

good for him.

after serving and contributing to the party, everybody including the government has sidelined him.

you should not blame him if he joins other party. he is not a sour grape either. he only sulks!

smal balls said...

his constituents should stop voting for him in the next general election if he joins pkr or other parties.

he has had his time as a party president and a cabinet minister.

what else does he want?

Anonymous said...

from a frog to a pig.

that is what i understood from your heading 'ong... ong... ong... oink!'


he got the brain of a frog and a pig!

east life said...

stopthelies say ong didnt confirm nor deny the possibility of leaving MCA.

however, i personally think he would.

Anonymous said...

waddafuck man!

if all party leaders are like him, eventually pkr will be a party for such peoples.

why not change pkr to 'parti kelab rogue'?

Anonymous said...

Why don't write of those who left to join BN but cunningly become independents?

Aren't they also all the same?

penangan said...

nampaknya makin banyaklah katak kat arena politik tanahair ni.

nak buat apa dengan semua katak ni?

kalau katak gunung, boleh gak jual. ni katak puru!

Anonymous said...

who is next?

samy vellu?

or subramaniam!

kim said...

better dissolve MCA, form a new chinese party whose members and leaders are truly malaysians!

dorai raj said...

i am beginning to hate malaysian politics.

its so filthy.

i better not vote at all in the next general elections.

you are all clowns!

gelandangan said...

ni namanya memantat-mantat.

tak kira ong tee keat atau chua jui meng atau anwar ibrahim atau siapa2 saja...

masa korang dalam kerajaan dan memimpin parti, semuanya korang puji seolah-olah takda cacat-celanya kerajaan dan barisan nasional.

malangnya bila korang dipecat atau tewas dalam pemilihan parti, korang bagaikan anjing yang gigit tangan tuan yang memberinya makan.

apa nak jadi dengan korang ni?

takkan sebab dah tak lagi pegang kuasa, nak keluar parti? korang ingat parti tu bapak kau punya ke agar korang boleh pegang kuasa sampai mampus?!

loya betul la dengan korang ni!

Anonymous said...

another born loser who cant accept defeat.

the prob with him is, he has been treating mca like his. that's why he felt dejected after losing to soi lek.

Anonymous said...


those who left barisan nasional and pakatan rakyat to become independent MPs are just as equal. they are among the biggest idiots, frogs and pigs.

biol said...


tak boleh ke kalau dia masuk umno je. manalah tau dia akan jadi presiden bukan melayu pertama umno suatu hari nanti.

lojik ke saranan saya ni?

Goh KT said...

let him lor.

he thinks MCA will cry when he leaves the party. to be frank with him, we will clap hands. for 18 months as the president, he did nothing to strengthen the party. he made lot of enemies within....

man on the street said...

ong tee keat had served MCA, as the president, minister and other positions.

he was once at the helm of his politic, working for the party and barisan nasional.

but after his defeat to chua soi lek, he is being left out and almost forgotten. why must we forget his contribution to the party and nation? i am sad to note that even the govt failed to appreciate or recognise him.

a leader does not need anything but he wants some appreciation, that's all. for all that he had done, he is being dumped all of a sudden. what has he done wrong to the nation and the party?

kuchai said...

pity him, bro.

after all he had done for the party, he was thrown out and forgotten. he deserves some respect, i believe.

jambatan kayu said...

dia tak salah kalau lompat parti.

parti yang pernah dipimpinnyalah yang sudah melupakan khidmatnya.

cuba fikirkan

Anonymous said...

daripada pilih pelakon porno jadi pemimpin, 100 kali baiklah ong tee keat lagi...bukan melayu pilih pelakon porno, melayu pula pilih pemimpin pernah kena tangkap khalwat...memang cantiklah gu macam tu macam pinang dibelah kapak!