Saturday, October 1, 2011

Malaysian Insider hails Chin Peng as 'warrior'

Chin Peng is a 'warrior' in the eyes of the Malaysian Insider. He is also a freedom fighter, according to an article written by Shazwan Mustafa Kamal.

The former leader of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) is reported to be very ill. Ong Boon Hua a.k.a Chin Peng is critically ill and was admitted to a top Bangkok private hospital on Wednesday. He turns 87 on October 21 (here).

It is understood that family members and close friends, including those from Malaysia, have been asked to visit him.

Ong, whose communist-given name once earned him infamy as the country’s “Public Enemy No. 1”, first filed to sue the ruling BN government in 2005 for making him out to be a ruthless villain, but lost in the High Court here in September 2009.

The High Court dismissed Ong’s case on grounds he was a member of an illegal party and could not take it to court. It ruled the case was not a breach of contract, as argued, but a defamation suit and the federal government had done no wrong by remarking on a historical event.

"The Court of Appeal struck out the ageing warrior’s bid on July 27, 2010," according to the Malaysian Insider.

PAS deputy-president Mat Sabu had recently become a subject of criticism for picturing the communist insurgents who attacked the Bukit Kepong police station during the Emergency as heroes.

The police has taken statements from him last week and charged him for criminal defamation.


karipuley said...

malaysian insider is taking the cue from mat sabu.

it is seeking prominence, and one of the best available ways is to go against the odds.

of course there will be criticism, people will protest, police reports will be lodged, etc.

i would like to suggest mat sabu works with the MI

eddie wabbit said...

if chin peng is a warrior, what are mat kilau, datuk bahaman and the others? traitors?

manyak cilaka ini malaysian insider!

chinchai said...


makin ramai yang sokong mat sabu. lepas ni ramai pulak yang sokong MI ni.

inilah akibatnya kalau kerajaan tak tegas langsung dalam hal ni.

siapa2 je boleh cakap apa saja...

Anonymous said...

chin peng is a sleeping partner for malaysian insider. raja fitnah. baru tau takut kat tan sri tajuddin ramli.

Anonymous said...

shazwan , mat sabun dan seluruh keluarga malaysian insider cepat pergi ziarah bapa kamu dah nak mampos di bangkok.

Anonymous said...

MI has applied several provocative terminology in its reports. i wonder what is the intention or motive but the govt, esp home minister has been adamant about it.

lee lam taik said...

ya la...a subversive warrior. thats what they meant!

that also u do know arrr!!!

bintang dua said...

ramai sangat setan dan pengkhianat melayu yang bekerja untuk portal dan media baru milik iblis ni.

mereka lebih gemar mencetuskan kemaarahan orang ramai mengenai apa yang dilaporkan.

agaknya mereka ni memang anti-negara dan tidak mengakui menjadi seahagian daripada rakyatnya!

Anonymous said...

MI got foot in mouth disease. Very infectious disease. First Mat Sabu, then LGE then MI. Hmm.....

Anonymous said...

Media reports says he is warded at a top private hospital in Bangkok ( wonder who is putting up the bill ) and is loosing his memory fast.
His lucky victims died in a lowly 3rd class government hospital while many others died horriblly without a benefit of a proper grave.
While he is breathing, can someone show him photos of all the attrocities that he did when he was in power.
And may he, died an agonising slow death!

errata said...

ageing chinese communist leader.. correction

Anonymous said...

An agreement was made during TDM time for a peace treaty between Govt of Malaysia and the CPM. Why make the agrement if there is no intention of honouring it?

What so of Govt do not honour peace agreements?

Why are Malay CPM members allowed to return but not Chinese PKM members? Does that not looks like racism?

Anonymous said...

For political expediency, those buggers are willing to bend backwards and if possible ....lick their own ass, plus others.

Nothing is sacred.


Anonymous said...

Forget about chin peng...what about the bastards raping this country today? The rampant corruption ? Why no balls to say something agains them? Same Ketupat eating lazy Fucks is who you are

Anonymous said...

show all the films and documentaries on his ruthlessness and violent killings

so that his memory gets refreshed over his atrocities

Anonymous said...

Freedom fighter Anwar's ass.
He is a Freedom Mass Murderer lah.
If he were an US enemy like Al-Awlaki, they wud have sent a drone to kill him with a hellfire in Bangcock.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Shazwan Mustafa Kamal? Nama betul atau nama samaran? Jantan ke betina; dan berapa umur dia? Ada sedara mara dalam askar atau polis waktu dharurat dulu tak? Celaka punya budak; tak guna lahir di negara ini tapi berlagak sebagai pengkhianat.

Anonymous said...

anon @ October 2, 2011 7:40 PM says "Ketupat eating lazy Fucks is who you are"

yo better ketupat than diseased pinkish meat whose dirty habits gets attached to eater

you are what you eat, hahahaha