Friday, October 21, 2011

How LGE helps Penangites

This is how Lim Guan Eng's administration gets 'full support' from the Penangites.

1. Imposing a ban on water sports activities on the beaches, no jet-ski, not even a chance to have a boat ride. The reason given was to avoid any untoward incident. Picnickers are only allowed to sit on the beach and build sand castles or Rockets.

2. Demolishing stalls that provide extra income (in most cases, it's the only source of income) in the States, resulting in hundreds of people lost their business. It means the State Government encourages this people to resort to stealing and begging to make ends meet.

3. Disconnecting electricity and water supplies to poor households. Now they have to use candles to light up their homes, pick fire woods (is there any in Penang?) for cooking and and dig up wells for water. They government is teaching them a positive 'austerity' drive.

4. Barring the rakyat from coming to the Chief Minister's office. They must talk to their respective 'wakil rakyat' of the ruling party but this reps are not accessible. They are too busy playing 'balls'.

5. Telling Bloomberg that the Penangites are prospering more under Lim's administration, that he is responsible for developing the State. However, many Penangites are still living in poor condition, including on the island.

Aah! Impressive. Otherwise, there won't be any demo at the Masjid Negeri after the Friday prayers today to express their 'sincere gratitude' to Lim.

He is adorable, don't you think so?


tonik chap gajah said...

its ok what.

first, he wants no casualties on the beach. second, he teaches them how to save money and becoming cavemen, and thirdly he plans to build the biggest prison in penang.

good idea, right?

congrats LGE!

samagagah said...

whatever it is, DAP will rule penang for a long, long time bro.

the more you and your blogger friends attack him and DAP, the more sympathy goes to them.

i am an umno supporter but that's how i see things in penang.

Anonymous said...

mana tau, dalam pada diorang busy gali perigi, tiba2 terpancut minyak ke, gas asli ke... tak ke akan kaya lim guan eng nanti? hasilnya akan dikaut oleh kerajaan negeri, rakyat akan jadi pekerja je.

Anonymous said...

butoh hang!

hang ingat guan eng tak bagus ka?

butoh dia jugak!

ha ha ha ha ha ha!

kulitkraf said...

i am proud of him la bro. hehehehe!

not easy for a non-penangite to run the show.

TAT-TAT said...

ada dengar ke yang dia rancang nak bina lebih banyak tokong di pulau pinang, lebih banyak daripada masjid?

awak ke selidik hal ni, wahai tuan bloger!

Anonymous said...

gerai yang dia roboh tu milik melayu dan india. hak cina dia tak usik pun.

eye for an eye said...

next, he will say nobody can use the penang bridge, except DAP members!


Anonymous said...

u lg adorable bro...kih...kih...kih

superman aka green lantern