Monday, October 24, 2011

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

New blog, new entry and fresh ideas.

That's what Stopthelies is all about. I find it rather amusing. The owner/writer is obviously a professional, judging from the style and composition.

Its latest entry Gay Elton John cannot, but Bisexual Anwar OK laments Pahang PAS Youth for declaring its protest against Elton John’s Greatest Hits Tour, scheduled for Nov 22 in Genting Highlands, describing the performance by the “gay singer” as “incompatible” with Malaysian culture.


"What a pathetic joke! What hypocrisy! Gay Elton John cannot but bisexual-adulterer Anwar Ibrahim is good enough to be our Prime Minister!," says Stopthelies, which traffic is increasing rapidly since its 'inception' about three months ago.

You may find it interesting, too. Continue reading...


karipuley said...

kah kah kah.

u and stopthelies are really something.

by the way, what's your connection with stopthelies? your other blog or someone you really know?

east life said...

elton john is a true bugger, bro. he hides nothing.

different with anwar. he hide a lot of things.

Anonymous said...


no other issue to write huh?

you are another bugger!


penangan said...

orang PAS memang bahlol al-wakaliwol! apa beza mat salleh main bontot dengan melayu main belakang?

kopiah sentiasa atas kepala dan jubah selalu lilit badan tapi otak macam otak setan!

Anonymous said...

i believe there are pas, dap and pkr members who bugger each other.

Anonymous said...

aiyoo apahal kecoh sangat ni , at least Elton John tu tak rogol orang dan main pelacur .. tapi yang rogol orang dan main pelacur macam Anwar pulak yang dipertahankannya . memang PAS ni tahap bengong

lim gone eng said...

pas is actually lost, bro. they cant differentiate between men and women anymore, between pkr and dap and between elton and anwar!


patrick hew, JB said...

its an impressive blog bro. who is the owner?