Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gaddafi is dead

Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader whom I interviewed in Benghazi in 1984 has died, killed by his own countrymen, according to unconfirmed reports (here).

"We announce to the world that Gaddafi has been killed at the hands of the revolution,'' National Transitional Council (NTC) spokesman Abdel Hafez Ghoga said on Thursday in the eastern city of Benghazi.

"It is an historic moment. It is the end of tyranny and dictatorship. Gaddafi has met his fate,'' he added. Another NTC commander said one of Gaddafi's sons, Mutassim, was also killed in Sirte.

"We found him dead. We put his body and that of (former defence minister) Abu Bakr Yunis Jabar in an ambulance to take them to Misrata,'' said Mohamed Leith (here).

NTC fighters who had fought in the bloody seven-month conflict that toppled the veteran despot at a cost of more than 25,000 lives, erupted in jubilation at the news, which followed earlier reports that Gaddafi had been captured.

A photograph taken on a mobile phone appeared to show the 69-year-old Gaddafi, toppled by NTC fighters in August, heavily bloodied. In the poor-quality image, Gaddafi is seen with blood-soaked clothing and blood daubed across his face.

Gaddafi is a man of character. I remember during his 2009 visit to New York to address a meeting of the UN General Assembly (UNGA), he delivered a stinging speech which could only be described as erratic. It was marked by a tearing of the UN charter.

In his speech, Gaddafi also wondered aloud whether swine flu was manufactured as a weapon and said that the Security Council should be renamed the 'terror council' and demanded investigations into the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

The episode raised Gaddafi's profile in Western media and left many people eager to know more about who he was. In one instance, Gaddafi initially refused to have his picture taken for a US visa application. An aide suggested that the US consulate instead photograph one of the hundreds of billboards in Libya that featured his image and shrink it to fit its criteria.

Gaddafi was well-known for his carefully constructed photo ops and media events. His image was plastered on billboards and banners throughout Libya, often portraying him as a hero of the people. His face was also featured on commemorative stamps and state currency.

He even once presented Condoleezza Rice, the former US secretary of state, with a locket that had his image engraved on the inside!

And now that he is gone (as many believe), the future of Libya is uncertain. The country may be torn apart into several groupings, especially between pro-Gaddafi supporters and the NTC faction which received strong support from Nato and Washington.

A new government will be installed. Would Libya be turned into another Iraq and Afghanistan - getting a new pro-Washington puppet regime?

During that 1984 interview, Gaddafi said the United Nations HQ should be shifted from New York to a no-man's land, abolish the veto power and stop the dictation of the US and other super powers on its administration.

By the way, how do our leaders react to the news?



ayatollah budin said...


may Allah bless his soul.

i read a lot about him, about his anti-western policy and his hardliner govt.

as a person, he has had his good and bad times.

midas touch said...

the US and its nato ally are laughing aloud. they were the ones who added fuel to the rebellion. poor gaddafi and family.

however, libya is expected to be in turmoil for a long, long period. his successor is yet to be named but there will be a lot of opposition.

the US would also want to install its puppet president and prime minister.

we are lucky and fortunate to live in a country like malaysia

Anonymous said...

its all because of american and nato interference.

now that gaddafi is dead, they are looking at syria, yemen and iran. washington really want to have leaders of this countries dead too!

just like the hanging of innocent saddam hussein, the US is still proud for the wrongdoings in iraq and afganistan.

george bush and tony blair are still free although the whole world knows that they are war criminals!

yes, the US is full of various criminals!

mat syabu said...

rakyat libya nak bebas, nak amerika dan israel masuk memerintah mereka. biarkan je la!

torpedo said...

another devil is dead!

the libyans made the right move. they are free now

insan kamil said...


sebagai pemimpin, gaddafi banyak berjasa kepada negara dan rakyat. dia membangunkan negaranya dengan bijak walaupun rejimnya dianggap kuku besi.

seperti marcos di filipina dan saddam hussein di iraq, gaddafi berpegang teguh kepada pendiriannya mengenai ketidakadilan bangsa-bangsa bersatu dan kongkongan amerika serta sekutu baratnya terhadap negara arab, islam dan miskin.

rakyat libya, dalam menerima kebebasan ini, perlu berhati-hati memilih ketua baru yang tidak dikuasai oleh amerika dan sekutu baratnya.

kecualilah jika mereka mahu berkiblatkan washington!

apa pun, AL-FATIHAH buat muammar gaddafi

Anonymous said...

barrack obama has won!

that's what he wants - to kill all muslim leaders who oppose the US foreign policy

Anonymous said...


allahyarham adalah pemimpin besar libya.

tentangan terhadapnya diterajui oleh pengkhianatnya yang dibiayai amerika syarikat, britain dan kumpulan nato.

Anonymous said...

i think they killed netanyahu, not gaddafi

Anonymous said...

nato jets fired at his convoy. nato kills him.

libya will definitely go into crisis after this. stupid of them to be in cahoot with the west

maisara said...


biar seburuk mana pun dia, gaddafi perintah libya selama 42 tahun.

soalnya, kenapa baru sekarang ada rakyatnya yang memberontak dan disokong oleh nato pula?

johan5150 said...

please USA,kill more muslim leaders
especially who fight against your pro zionist policy.if they have oil,kill

Politicalamity9 said...

will Libya be a better place? or just another Iraq and Mesir? Libya enjoyed free healthcare and education, we’ll see after this.

Viewing the death videos, I strongly believe that the very people who were lamenting injustice has taken the laws to their hands. If Ghaddafi was ‘tried’ and executed, so should the people who tried and executed him on the street.

Whadya think?

p/s: fear not the law if you do nothing wrong. Who are the oppressed other than those not benefiting from the leader.

malim kundang said...

amerika dan dunia barat memang takut pada kebangkitan seorang pemimpin islam yang kuat.

sebab itulah mereka membunuh atau merancang pembunuhan saddam hussein, babrak karmal dan gaddafi, antaranya.

sekarang mereka cuba pula membunuh pemimpin iran, syria, yemen dan lain2.

jika umat islam tidak mengambil iktibar daripada kejadian ini, suatu hari nanti seluruh dunia islam akan dijajah. libya, iraq dan afghanistan sudah pun dijajah oleh amerika dan nato!

Anonymous said...

al-fatihah buat arwah gaddafi.

beliau tetap seorang pemimpin agung libya

Anonymous said...

al-fatihah buat arwah gaddafi.

beliau tetap seorang pemimpin agung libya

Anonymous said...

After Libya next one will be Syria then Yemen then Iran then the Gulf states ie Saudi Arabia,UAE,Qatar etc..etc..the Americans will use the terms 'people uprising..brutal regime..democracy..etc..etc..'to dictate what it wants and how it wants these so called leaders of the countries to 'kowtow' them.

What about countries in the African continents?Leaders of certain countries are obviously in violation of human rights and brutal regime but were left as if not of their concern.It is nothing more than hypocrisy of the west and the abundance of'black gold' that is in the north african and the Arab countries,that's why!!


Anonymous said...

libya akan terus bergolak, dan inilah masa yang sesuai bagi amerika untuk campur tangan dan menguasai kerajaan negara itu