Thursday, October 27, 2011

Come on lah, Guan Eng!

LGE gives Umno Online 48 hours to stop producing any article and comment about his son. Otherwise, he will lodge a police report against the news portal (here).

Alamak! Why complicate matters, Mr Chief Minister? If you want to lodge a police report, ensure that it covers all those 'pro-Umno bloggers' whom you claimed of accusing your son of 'that thing' lor!

Umno Online is not the only one. There are other news portal sharing the same view as Umno Online. You must consider of taking action against them too. And not to forget the bloggers.

Another thing, I don't know the truth about you son's case. He could be innocent or wrong. The best thing is for you to ask the police investigate the matter. Don't simply be outraged by the reports and allegations.

If you son is in the class of pedigrees, you should proof it and tell those who 'attack' him that he is a good egg. Then, I think everybody would stop talking and writing about it. And in turn, you could sue all of them.

Do something to stop this dissension... once and for all!


dungeon said...

ya lar.

get the police investigate his son's case. i hope his son is clean.

no need to ask any news portal or blogger to stop writing about it. no point.

if his son is clean, he got every valid reason to sue them

gerald S, tampin said...

why umno online only?

what about bloggers?

LGE must come to his senses by now.

Anonymous said...

investigate your son la, LGE. no need to play tuck or war with any news portal.

indigo said...

dah melalut la tu.

kenapa tak siasat je kes anak sendiri daripada ugut portal umno online?

selesaikanlah dulu isu anak dia.

kalau anak dia tak bersalah, ok la. ni nak lapor polis pun susah.

batang berjuntai said...

what is he up to?

if that's the case, he should get a court injunction to stop all bloggers and news portal from continue writing about it.

but on second thought, why is he still not making a police report for an investigation be conducted on his son's case?

strange, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

dia dah merepek dah!

bro kz said...

salam bro jai, a very fair and professional comment. straight forward reporting by umno online. tq

bro kz said...

salam bro jai, a very fair and professional comment. straight forward reporting by umno online. tq

Anonymous said...

I thought Karpal has already lodged a police report against Khairy for criminal defamation. Subsequently, Pemuda UMNO P. Pinang issued a press statement questioning why only Khairy was named and not the others who first exposed and launched the attack against the alleged misconduct of LGE's son.

If indeed a report has been lodged,it is incumbent upon the police to conduct the investigation expeditiously and professionally to unravel the truth. Should there be anyone found responsible for any wrong doing he should be brought to justice.

Anonymous said...


As to the reason why he picks on UMNO Online only not on the rest of the news portal or pro-UMNO bloggers, my reading is that, to him, the UMNO Online represents the voice of the UMNO President. If LGE were to succeed in shutting the mouth of the President, the rest are simply irrelevant and insignificant to him.

Similarly why Karpal picks on Khairy and not on the others.

Anyway, let's see whether he will keep to his word.

Anonymous said...

threaten only ... the real coward is lge