Monday, October 17, 2011

Chua Jui Meng talks through the hat

When Chua Jui Meng told Malaysia Chronicle (here) that the country would go bankrupt if BN wins the next general election - and in referring to the Budget 2012 which he described as 'nonsense' - he was actually talking through his own hat.

Ever since joining the Opposition team about two years ago, nothing about the Malaysian economy and the way our government manages it, pleases him. Nothing about the country is right to him, not similar to his tenure as our longest-serving Health Minister from 1995-2004.

It's okay lor. Maybe we can understand why he joined the PKR. Not that he really wanted to but because of his own fumbles in MCA. That was his own fiasco but it is nor fair at all to vent his frustration on Barisan Nasional, the party he once served with Anwar Ibrahim and others.

He is showing an extreme detest towards the nation, the government and the people who once voted for him. The way he scorns the country is so upsurge, as if Malaysia is not his and hence does not deserve a single credit.

It's true that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has recently revised its growth projection for the Malaysian economy from 5.5 per cent to 5.2 per cent for this year while the forecast for next year is around 5.1 per cent (here).

However, our economy is strongly supported by domestic demand. It's growth will be led by robust investment, which will offset the slowdown in export momentum.

One thing for sure, Malaysia don't need a 'Plan B' to stimulate the economy (here) even if the global economic climate worsens. The current plan that has been outlined by the government, including the Government Transformation Programme (GTP), Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) and political transformation were done in such a way that they were adjustable even in the worst case scenario.

Even in the worst case scenario when things go really bad, we already have an in-built system that can adjust itself.

Perhaps, Chua should read the sixth annual Report on Malaysia published by Oxford Business Group in partnership with the EPU, which came at an important juncture when the country was making every effort to transform itself into a high-income economy.

The Report provides unrivaled insights to investors, analysts and business community on the current state and future potential of the country's economy, and serves as a reference to future investors by combining accurate reporting with independent analysis and sharp insights.

Open up your mind, please. The government will not plan and implement anything that will jeopardise the future of the country and the rakyat. Such a virtue has been in the mind of our leaders, even before the Independence.

But his wrath reflects how pompous he is now. In other countries, the Opposition will sit down with representatives of the government in finding ways to enhance the economy and the peoples' standard of living. Unfortunately, Malaysia has never had a constructive Opposition but a team of politicians who only know how to make negative infers.

You are not an obtuse person, Chua. You are a lawyer, a professional one. So stop making bad disposition about your own country.

And do remember that you were never a DAP or PAS member. You were once the MCA deputy president! It is the same government you had served and upheld, and it is still the same one!


pulut hitam said...


i personally believe had he stayed on with MCA, he would have become the president.

at least the govt will find a place for him.

but he was overcome by his frustration with MCA. too bad.

penangan said...

chua sebenarnya kecewa kerana tak dapat jadi presiden mca. tu je sebab kenapa dia join pakatan, takda sebab lain.

dulu masa jadi menteri, dia sokong barisan nasional sepenuh hati, tapi tup-tup tukar baju lepas join pakatan.

dia perlu kaji diri sendiri kenapa dia tak dapat jadi presiden mca dulu...

Anonymous said...

pity him.

a fallen hero!

black magic man said...

he also keeps his cock in the hat.

thats why he also talks cock!

a lawyer talks economy. just like anwar ibrahim, being the worst finance minister we ever had!

zenith said...

i agree with him. the country will go burst if bn wins and still retain the same economic approach. read the bank negara report. its alarming to know how much our foreign debts are!

Anonymous said...


he initially wanted to join DAP but they refused him for not being a good health minister.

then he tried PAS but he was scared to have his lancau kena potong.

and so, he joined PKR because anwar likes his backside!

undurraga said...

he better make sure the hat is big enough to cover his butt from anwar!


what a nuisance he is now. used to be among our most respected politicians for his vision and views then.

Anonymous said...

betul ke aku dengar chua akan jadi pengganti anwar kalau anwar masuk jel nanti?

hebat apek ni

Anonymous said...

he was okay. he was the one who sparked the formation of the NEAC. regrettably, he is a born loser now. apart from associating himself with anwar and gang, he cheats himself of the truth about the malaysian economy.

a voter said...

he does not come back to bakri that often anymore... not like the way it used to be. after all the support he got from his constituents, he is deserting them.

poor CJM is at a political crossroad. he wanted to stay with MCA but - like anwar - he was so greedy for power.

pemerhati dari tepi said...

ada benar gak apa yang dia kata.

kalau belanjawan 2012 asyik nak keluar duit, macam mana kerajaan nak buat duit untuk biayai macam2 projek?

takkan nak harapkan pelabur asing dan eksport kita je. dunia dah makin bersaing. produk kita pun turut hadapi saingan sengit.

pelabur asing pula makin berkurangan masuk sebab pilih negara lain yang menawarkan pakej cukai dan pelaburan yang lebih baik, dengan kos overhead yang rendah.

kita sedar tak makin banyak syarikat yang melabur di cyberjaya dan meninggalkan negara dan pergi ke negara lain seperti vietnam dan kemboja?

hutang negara pun tinggi, so macam mana kita nak offset perbelanjaan yang tinggi tahun depan dan seterusnya?

hot choc said...

to zenith,

if pakatan wins the next national poll, the country will go bankrupt much earlier than 2019!

look at how they sapu duit selangor and penang!

dont be stupid!

Anonymous said...

CJM says the truth.

so what!

money changer said...

he speaks for anwar, not for himself. anwar thinks he is an economic genius for being the finance minister before getting sacked by dr mahathir.

both of them are not economist but a pair of frusco.

north pole said...

i am not an expert but i do read reports about our economy, particularly from bank negara.

we should consider what the opposition say. although najib's govt is doing the best for the people, there are still weaknesses in its implementation. that is undeniable.

being a govt does not always right

Anonymous said...

the country will collapse if pakatan wins the next election.

they will subscribe to the IMF and world bank prescription in managing the economy.

BIGCAT said...

Chua Jui Meng is talking through his arse la. He does not know anything about economy. He joined PKR just because he got no where else to go after MCA kicked his butt off. If he is so noble like all the Pakatan morons said, he should had joined them before 2008. He is just a bloody opportunist loser. Sorry arrr...angry a bit ni.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Apa muslihat sorok Laporan Ketua Audit Negara?

Anonymous said...

zaman sekarang ni ramai nak jadi tukang tilik macam zenih & pemerhati.

we have a diversified economy,
more money for the rakyat means boosting domestic demand and encouraged domestic spending. These monies are for the benefit of little people who will likely spend it domestically, not abroad. So money not lost to forex. There appears a plan to contain import and encourage domestic investment and while continuing to attract FDI but not hot money.

Borrowing is leverage. We have had a fairly decent track record managing national borrowing and are being acknowledged by some prominent economist in our prudence.

Many loose administrative screws are being tightened and underground economic elements are being addressed too and we are watching it happen.

So let economics do its work first, the you can hantam if it doesn't work. When Mahathir wanted to build Penang Bridge and Proton Saga, we said he was mad. We were wrong, weren't we ? When Mahathir sent thousands of students abroad many said he was going to bankcrupt the country too. But that was good investment in human capital.

Don't be Chua Jui Meng or Anwar.

Another tukang tilik.

Anonymous said...

I am so pitiful with you guys (who condemned CJM)are having brain in the ass. You poor fellows really can't differentiate what is black and what is white laying right infront of you. Hmm.. GOD bless you.