Saturday, October 29, 2011

Anwar's economic reform is a bluff

I have not seen many foreign reports on Malaysia undermined efforts made by the Opposition to introduce 'improvements' to the economy and make changes to the BN approach in dealing with the national development.

However, this article is written fairly by its economic-journalist. Fair in the sense that the government's economic program is lauded although it may contain some crackers. As for the Opposition, the writer didn't see any true and viable idea to challenge the government's ongoing plans and implementations.


"The Economic Agenda of the opposition Pakatan Rakyat has not offered any alternative. As Anwar Ibrahim, a leading opposition politician, stated in a recent report in the Wall Street Journal that he could only suggest “to focus on weeding out corruption and waste to make the country more efficient, and educate Malaysians about what is going on so they can prepare”. This demonstrates that the Pakatan Rakyat political agenda is merely to defeat the UMNO/BN government by any means but without genuine alternatives to correct the society and the economic conditions of the working class and poor as well as the youth, who will be the first to suffer if the economy worsens.

"The Malaysian economy is entering one of its most difficult periods, and it could further dramatically worsen if there is a sharp slowdown in China, on top of the economic crisis in the US and Europe persisting for any length of time. At present, social demands are kept under control only by subsidies, a relatively low level of inflation and unemployment, and a 4 to 5% GDP growth. But a further slowdown of the economy would burden the working class and youth, and this could enrage them against the government policy. They have demonstrated this anger in the 2008 General election, and this could be repeated in the next general election.

"Malaysian workers and youth have been observing the economic and political conflicts that have been unfolding in the Middle East, the US and Europe. They see young people and the working class in those countries beginning to look for an alternative to the crisis of capitalism. Similar situations could emerge in Malaysia if the economy is further affected by the world crisis..."


dick said...

he is not an economist. what does he know about economic reform?

he was lucky that mahathir made him finance minister but he screwed everything

Anonymous said...

very professionally written

3-warna said...

yes, his economic plot is only to cheat the rakyat dan to bring down barisan nasional govt.

apart from that, his plan contains no logic!

Anonymous said...

kalau kita baca bajet pakatan rakyat, kita lihat ia memberi lebih perhatian kepada perkara2 yang tidak relevan, misalnya peruntukan besar kepada pelaburan asing. kenapa perlu ada peruntukan untuk pelaburan. pelaburlah yang bawa masuk duit!

pro-PKR said...

nothing's wrong with anwar's budget.

why cant u people accept the fact that pakatan offers a more reasonable budget than that of BN?

penangan said...

media yang ni tidak dipengaruhi oleh anwar dan rakan2nya. agaknya mereka gagal memujuknya agar memihak kepada mereka.

memang betul apa yang ditulis. bukan semua yang kerajaan buat tu bagus tetapi ia sentiasa dikaji semula.

bagaimanapun, semua saranan pembangkang tidak boleh digunapakai langsung

nails said...

i support the govt but we cant be complacent and over confident with our plan and implementation. there are still weaknesses to be addressed.

the writer was very fair in his analysis, anyway