Thursday, September 8, 2011

US envoy rags our role in Mindanao

All American diplomats are spies. Yes, they are. Deploy them anywhere around the globe, and they will feed Pentagon and the White House with 'good unscrupulous' reports - some of which are lies - for the sake of 'doing their job'.

Malaysia is of no exception. They spy on you to your bedroom and washroom, and don't be shocked if they know exactly how many times you have sex overnight! But of course, they would not report anything about how many times their friend bugger someone of his own sex.

Former US Ambassador to Malaysia, Christopher J LaFleur (pic) did a fine job in screwing us by lambasting our peace misson in Mindanao, the Philippines. Our arbitrator function to bring about stability and peace in the region was spun in such a way that most Filipinos are hating us.

Our role to work out a truce between the government army and the Moro liberation force was misconstrued as a 'Malaysian effort to expand its influence in southern Philippine and cashing out its economic potential'.

And once again, Wikileaks exposed everything. Malaysia is now the subject of prejudice in the Philippines. Our soldiers and other personnel could be made to pay a heavy price for this badmouthing by LaFleur and his team.

"Malaysia has shown interest in expanding its influence in Mindanao and cashing in on the region by acting as a facilitator in peace talks between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)," the envoy said via several US embassy cables published online by anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks.

I think Wisma Putra and the Defense Ministry should address this issue. If possible, leave Mindanao to the Americans.

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Rizwan Zainal said...

total bulls***...dajal betul depa ni

nucleus said...


we should know by now that 'diplomatic' in the eyes of the west and americans is another gimmick to their imperialism outreach.

in giving them free space to move around in our country, we are actually exposing ourselves to their utmost dictation.

they dont treat other people - apart from the western and white community - as 'human'. they look at us as 'another species'!

manolito said...

why in first place must we interfere in mindanao?

they never appreciate our role either.

so, better bring back all our men from the region.

just leave it to the filipinos to manage their own country. they may choose to ruin it also.

daun lebar said...

alaa.. buat apa kita bantu diorang walaupun islam. sama je kalau kita bantu orang islam syria, libya dan lain2 negara yang sedang bergolak oleh pemberontakan. tak usah campur tangan, lagi baik. kita jaga negeri sendiri.

romy, manila said...

jai bare,

nasaan ka ngayon? matagal tayong dinigkikita. buhay ka paba?

Anonymous said...

its the duty of the americans to control the world and guard it in their own manner.

they think they own the planet.

fuck them!

malim kundang said...

perjanjian kita dengan australia mengenai pelarian, dah pun gagal nampaknya.

jadi, mengenai isu mindanao ni, saya rasa tak payahlah kita susah2 jadi orang tengah. biar diorang sendiri tentukan nasib sendiri, sama ada nak berperang atau berdamai.

buang masa dan buang duit je. dunia tak langsung menghargainya!

M Jefferson said...

every US and western diplomat is a spy in various categories, sir.

they even spy on your genitals!

Anonymous said...

wikileaks should be rewarded for such info.

let the US feel they themselves are being watch!

Anonymous said...

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jambalaya said...

us and israel share the same boat. they look down at others and treat them like their own toys.

but in the years to come, some new powers will be able to teach them a good lesson.

just wait and see...

Anonymous said...

amerika ni anak haram. satu dunia dia nak tawan, kalau boleh.

sebab tu tuhan dah mula turunkan malapetaka satu demi satu ke atas mereka.

bangsa yang makan babi dengan banyak ni memang bersifat demikian.

bangsa apa lagi yang makan babi?

soap opera said...

hehehe.... no surprise.

if they can kill their own people and blame it on others as a ticket to attack other nations, then u should understand what kind of a devil they are!

lennon said...

jai, the next thing u know is, they already torpedoed your backside!