Monday, September 19, 2011

Thanks but no thanks, Mr Ambassador!

To US ambassador to Malaysia, Mr Paul W. Jones - thank you for suggesting your willingness to share your country's experience in formulating the anti-terrorism law with Malaysia (here).

For one very good reason - Malaysia will not adopt an 'aggressor-type' set of law to put the country under control. Naturally, we are two different nations. And for you information, we had never been and will not become an aggressor in defending our shores. Even during the Confrontation with Indonesia, we never did enter their territories like they did on us.

We are fully aware of our domestic problems. We understand the nature of our multiracial and multi-religious society and the challenges which had prompted the Internal Security Act (ISA) been enacted in 1960 to weed some elements of subversion from ruining the nation.

We had been under foreign occupation but we never harbored any desire to occupy others. Our foreign policy puts good and sincere diplomatic relations above all, and demands all international disputes to be amicably settled via negotiations.

Your ancestors settled down in America and mistreated the natives but we welcomed others to the country and share everything with them. There were problems, some of which will remain to be redressed but our well-balanced Cabinet integration will ensure that even teething problems get to their attention.

America, Australia or Britain are one-race countries that look upon foreigners with askance and prejudice. Here in this country, we do not separate mosques from churches and we don't simply point fingers at any race and religion over any issue. And of course, we don't burn the Bible as how they burnt the al-Quran in your courtyard.

Tell me, why should we subscribe to your anti-terrorist law when you accused, attacked and killed the wrong people? You even sent innocent people to Guantanamo and treated them like beasts. Under ISA, we treated them well and made them better persons. We rehabilitated them... and never erased their memories like what you did in Guantanamo and some detention centers.

You described the ISA a 'draconian' law but what is your anti-terrorist law called? A 'dragonian'? Or a 'barbaric' law as it allows you to terrorise other countries on the pretext of a 'pre-emptive action'.

Another thing. Do you still accuse the Iraqis as being part of 9/11 attacks on your soil when a decade later - after Saddam and gang were hanged, more than a million Iraqis were killed and no WMD was found - the whole world began to realise that your pre-emptive plan was totally wrong?

Nope! Thanks a lot, Your Excellency. We are Malaysians. We will formulate our law by taking into consideration all domestic prerequisites and conditions. Of course, in this globalised era which saw many cross-border crimes getting rampant, we are still capable of containing them.

After all, we are a small house. We are not as strong as your and your allies. And being small and simple, we must take care of our words and actions. That is how we made so many friends and almost no enemy. That is our best approach.

And back home, we know our people well enough. We do not watch them via satellite because we understand their character well enough to comprehend and digest their actions. Similarly, the plan to abolish the ISA was a gesture that our community is getting more aware of such consequences should they fail to observe the law and order.

I personally believe they are more prepared to work hand-in-hand to defend the country under 1Malaysia. We also recognise the fact that the threats to our security today and tomorrow are not from within but from the outside.

Your anti-terrorist law is very much suitable to your own needs, not ours.

And thank you for scrapping your Star Wars program! Otherwise, all nations will become one as the United States of America!


manolito said...


i like your posting. u sound more like tun mahathir.

good one, bro. you can make a good diplomat.

btw, i will also object if the new 2 sets of law replacing is are us or uk-oriented.

taukeh lim said...

the US is all over us, bro.

US products, US money, US ideology, US weapons....

we cant avoid but to listen to them maaa!!!

Anonymous said...

jai, why aren't u with the mole?

S KUMAR said...

is it true that we will subscribe to the patriot law.

i think najib is out of his mind.

australia and the US will be happy to make us another stooge of their foreign policy.

leith st said...

saya sokong.

tak perlulah tiru undang2 negara lain. kita ada kemampuan gubal peraturan sendiri yang sesuai dengan keadaan sosio-budaya kita yang majmuk.

janganlah sikit2 nak kena ikkut telunjuk kuasa besar. mereka hanya nak kita jadi pak turut kepada sistem perundangan mereka yang juga bersifat pengganas tu!

so, datuk najib dan kabinetnya kena waras dalam menimbang tawaran duta amerika syarikat ni.

mungkin jugak ada udang di sebalik batu.

waterloo said...


so sharp la u, bro.

better u replace anifah aman.

good posting

Anonymous said...

the us anti-terrorist law is not to protect the americans but to protect the president's interest worldwide...

think about it!

Anonymous said...

when will the yankees stop from dictating others?


kamasutra said...

i only like american pie... the song lor!

not everything about america is good, lor.

they are normally full of shit!

inspektor sahab said...


dia ingat undang2 dia yang terbaik di dunia. dia suka buli orang, tuduh orang, serang orang, bunuh orang dan lepas tu lepas tangan.

harap2 kerajaan kita tak tiru undang2 jahanam ni. susah kita nanti

Anonymous said...

same mission.

each and every US envoy despatched to malaysia will try to suck us into their system.


Anonymous said...

apa pun.... we love america!


let them do anything they want to us! and we will be okay!

ronal reagano said...

u earthlings are lucky. had i proceed with the star wars program, each and every of you would be licking my balls by now. so, pls appreciate what we had done!

ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

too common already. the US will demonise the world by all means, including by offering this and that. and what experience are they talking about in dealing with the terrorist in themselves?

Ryzal72 said...

Agreed with u Bro,
In this situation i hope that our BELOVED government will not hiring any OUTSIDERS ie from US/Britain/Singapore to be a consultant/advisers.
Jika tidak....habislah negara kita!

Anonymous said...

words mean nothing to them. whatmore, najib the 1Finger poking need them evermore for survival as any lapdog does.