Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sinchew dep-editor is PR campaign manager...

There are pro-Opposition supporters among the government's civil servants. We can distinguish some of them. And there are also journalists serving Umno, MCA and MIC newspapers (and TV stations) writing 'supportive' news and articles for the DAP, PAS and PKR.

No doubt about it. This is a democratic country. The only thing is, they should not 'shit where they eat'. And of late, we have heard about a few former Cabinet Ministers who publicly avowed their support for the Opposition - some even joined the PR while surviving on government's pension.

This one is about Sinchew's deputy editor Lim Swee Guan. Pemuda Umno Exco member and blogger Tun Faisal was fast to detect some elements of 'pro-PR' in an article produced by the newspaper today.

I don't write Mandarin or Cantonese, just a little bit of Hokkien (I got it during my 4-years stint in Penang). Neither do I read Chinese. However, Tun Faisal's posting, Timbalan Editor Sinchew pengurus kempen PR? is a worth reading.


BN telah memerintah lebih setengah abad. Mereka mempunyai banyak pakej. Apabila mereka bergerak kelihatan lambat; bagaimanapun Pakatan Rakyat adalah sebuah gabungan yang baru, dan boleh ambil tindakan secara cepat. Ia boleh menyebabkan BN mahu hidupkan suasana politik akan tergendala, dan setiap kali rancangan BN selalunya kehilangan peluang yang baik.

UMNO paling takut kehilangan kuasa kerajaan, sebab itu UMNO tidak berani berbincang ataupun mengusik tentang penjagaan mereka terhadap polisi ekonomi Bumiputera, dan tidak mungkin meminta maaf kepada mangsa tahanan ISA ataupun memberi mereka pampasan ganti rugi; MCA tidak mampu ubah polisi negara ini, termasuk pertahankan hak sekolah-sekolah rendah dan isu pengiktirafan sijil sekolah menengah swasta Cina, sebab itu MCA hanya mampu berlegar dalam perkhidmatan dan kebajikan sahaja sebagai pakej mereka, MCA hanya mampu wujudkan dana kebajikan perubatan dan melancarkan projek biasiswa pendidikan; Gerakan pula tidak dapat rampas kembali kawasan yang telah hilang, asyik marah-memarahi bagi menutup keaiban sendiri.

I am not sure who did the translation. Could be by Google Translate but it's not 100 per cent perfect. However, it's easy to understand.

I am not if I know this Lim Swee Guan but as a citizen, Lim has every rights to support any political party. But for any journalist who works with pro-govt media organisation, he or she will always be reminded that his or her duty is to support the legitimate government.

Who owns Sinchew anyway? I hope Lim can write another piece to clarify 'the actual intention of the article'.

And to those senior government officers who also 'work' for the Opposition, they should by now reconsider their positions. It's not nice biting the hands that feed you. Berdosa ke agaknya tikam belakang orang yang bagi kita makan?


i love malaysia said...

ya la.

dont shit where u eat. some people are just such!

i am aware that many govt servants, esp the high ranking ones support pakatan rakyat.

during the last pru, they also help campaigned for the opposition.

remember putrajaya seat where about 14,000 votes for the opposition came from the civil servants?

cheap toy said...


i think the translation was not that perfect lor. the writer did not mean to support pakatan, just an analysis comparing bn and pr. nothing is wrong with it.

old BMW said...

why? cannot work with govt and pro-govt papers and at the same time support the opp?

why? this is not democratic!

if you get rid of the govt servants who support the opp, how many will be left to work? i believe there are more opp supporters in the govt!

ex-journo 2004 said...

dah lumrah jai. ramai yang berak kat mana diaorang cari makan. masa aku di nst dulu pun, ada wartawan yang sokong pembangkang, cuma tak tulis je sebab takkan disiarkan.

di segi demokrasi dan hak asasi, tak salah pun.

cuma di segi moral, ia tak berapa cantik la. tikam belakang orang yang bagi kita makan. macam bunuh mak bapak je bunyiknya... kan?

so, siapa2 yang terasa tu, fikir2kanlah!

Anonymous said...

who did the translation for tun faisal?

i think it was not very fair to accuse the writer of being a pr campaign manager...

batang berjuntai said...

that's why we keep on saying that there is no press freedom in the country...


Anonymous said...


In the event that PR do succeed in forming a new government, that would means all BN parties would be the NEW OPPOSITION PARTIES, does it means that, say, 95% of the 'civil servants' who use to support BN, also need to pack and go?

Like what you said - "It's not nice biting the hands that feed you."

lubok jin said...

bagi aku, tak salah kalau wartawan bagi pendapat dalam akhbar tempat dia bekerja. takkan nak kena sack pulak? kalau kena sack, memang melampau la kerajaan ni!

Anonymous said...

who is this tun faisal of the umno youth?

wrote cock only!

tommy one page said...

i dont know about the rules imposed by pro-govt media but i am against those govt servants who makan gaji with the govt but support the opposition. they are the ones who give a lot of shits to BN

tongkang said...

what is wrong wt u people in the media?

it was just an opinion, NOT an open support for the opposition. the writings were a reminder for barisan nasional also, do not be complacent.

but what if the writer is really pr supporter. want to sack him?

come on la!

kayu api said...

sin chew ni siapa tuan punyanya?

mca ke? gerakan ke? atau DAP?

aku dah nampak macam DAP punya jer!

Anonymous said...

you bloggers really sucks!

no other issue to spin, now you are attacking you comrade at the chinese newspapers.

BIGCAT said...

Sorry to say, my estimates is, 90 per cent of Chinese Press journalists are pro-Opposition, 70 per cent in English publications and 50 per cent in Malay publications. But as long as they adhere to their editorial policies, I don't mind. Be professional. Kalau conscience tak clear sebab paper sokong establishment, cari lah kerja lain.

Anonymous said...

ha ha

when these moles are exposed they justify with all sorts of reasons

bottomline is - THIS writer is just unethical

its ok to have alternative views but it is plain IMMORAL to earn your living with govt funds and consciously disagreeing with their stance

in other words, this writer is "supporting" the govt although he is dead against them

"mengusik tentang penjagaan mereka terhadap polisi ekonomi Bumiputera"

and "termasuk pertahankan hak sekolah-sekolah rendah dan isu pengiktirafan sijil sekolah menengah swasta Cina"

these 2 phrase pinpoints their AGENDA - to cement the chinese political and economical hold on Malaysia

the present situation is critical for the chinese because they are fast realising that the Malays and bumis CAN overtake their lead in wealth gains given the various pro-active policies to advance the bumis in their own land.

Now note their HYPOCRISY - remove pro-bumi policies and yet retain vernacular schools

both objectives paint chinese DOMINANCE not equality among the various races

to the bumis out there - never fall for yellow justification, no matter how convincing

just remember harry lee kuan yew once wore the Malay black SONGKOK and tour the Malay kampongs to BUY their votes

we now know the outcome - the Malays lost their freehold land and end up in 99 year lease pigeon holes

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with you. Government pension has nothing to do with political parties. Civil servants i.e., both currently working and retired are serving the government not political parties. In the case of organizations/companies directly under the political parties, then we can say that their workers should adhere to certain protocol. Otherwise, as far as public/government agencies are concerned you can't curtail democracy.

Anonymous said...

It does not mean that because a person is a pensioner that he/she is getting it direct from bn. it is from the taxes paid by ALL.

You seem to overlook the civil servants who are actually working for the candidates during elections when they are also paid by EVERYONE.