Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ron Liu is so lonely... might join MCA

Ronnie Liu is a fallen hero. At the Selangor State Assembly, the DAP rep seems to be on the sideline. Even his other party reps are shying away from him.

Some people described him a loner now. Once the blue eye boy of Lim Guan Eng, Ronnie is losing much of his bosses' attention. Looks like they are drifting apart.

What has befallen this 'massage parlor tauke'?

The latest news are that, he was contemplating of leaving the Opposition and joining either the MCA or Gerakan. Good la, YB! A politician like you deserves a better place, don't you agree?

He is losing the backings of his party, and its leaders. What is there left for him?

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old curtains said...

kit siang and guan eng are despising him of late. no more rooms for him to win back their hearts.

when teresa kok took over his position, it was the day when he started to lose everything, including his pride and dignity.

pity this bugger!

long john silver said...

actually ronnie liu is one of DAP's most promising new leaders. guan eng is now playing shadow boxing to keep and hold on to his party position should ron put up a challenge on him. DAP loves him but some internal bickering are not favoring him at all, especially when the issues like massage parlor and his misuse of power were brought up, not only by the BN reps but by his comrades. no way to go for him. STUCK!

sentil tembakau said...

saya lihat ronnie ni seorang yang tegas.

kalau dia masuk mca atau gerakan, dah tentu dia menang kerusi parlimen pada pru akan datang.

boleh juga ditimbangkan untuk mana2 jawatan timbalan menteri sebab ini akan sebabkan dap sakit ati.

ron's friend said...

my advise to ron,


Anonymous said...

why must he join MCA?

join PAS laaaaaa!

smal balls said...


i think he is much better than guan eng.

if dap still rules penang in the next pru, i hope he will replace guan eng.

Anonymous said...

dap should leave pakatan rakyat for good. leave it to pkr and pas.

people like ronnie liu should also reconsider his position in the party.

he can opt out or stay to die alone!

curious said...

just asking.

is stopthelies an anti-dap blog?