Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No hudud, no apology, no en mass resignation...

Pakatan Rakyat leaders will convene today to find an amicable solution to their infighting over hudud and other boiling issues. The chairperson will be none other than Anwar Ibrahim, whose PKR is caught in between.

At the height of our guessing game, the nation can expect just this:

Nik Aziz - no hudud (for the time being...) PR needs to win the next general poll first... PAS will bring it up again once a PR govt is formed. I will teach DAP a good lesson if PAS gets more seats this this around.

Guan Eng - sorry folks! No apology for making 'running-down-Johor' statements (here). What the heck. I will stick to my own standpoint. Did I really say it? You guys misreported me... I am not going to Johor either...also, no explanations (here)

Kit Siang - (to his son) you scored on making headlines about threatening to resign en mass. The media love it, so are the pro-BN bloggers. Don't worry, we will keep Penang, no need for you to go back to Malacca (Ali is not easy to handle). Gerakan is dying in Penang, so is the MCA. Now you can go on patronising the Malays.

Anwar - Enough is enough. Let's compromise to attain our objective of taking over Putrajaya. I got so many video issues to attend. So, please don't add to my headache!

Karpal - jangan main sama saya!

Mat Sabu - it's OK Guan Eng. I was in Bukit Kepong. No hudud there, except the communist. They are worse than hudud, they severe your hands with a hand grenade.

Hadi - betul ke Mat Sabu ni? Macam nak sabotaj PAS je...

You don't believe aarrr??? Just wait!


kamcheng said...

ha ha ha....
this is perhaps your first funny posting.

you forgot to include khalid and teresa kok. they will definitely add substance to your story.

money changer said...

those people are mere actors, a good ones.

they may look at odds on the surface but are actually working together behind the curtains.

they simply want to confuse barisan nasional supporters and journos like u, bro.

no way they will go on dutch!

mat gombau said...

mak oiii aieee!!!

lain macam yo posting kau kali ni, waghih!

lain dari yang lain.

ado apo2 ko?

Anonymous said...

so many gimmicks, so many spinning stories about them...

u really think they are fighting? u think dap is worried over hudud?

no la bro! they are brothers...

mat syabu said...

aku percaya mat sabu ialah penyokong umno!

penangan said...

mana boleh diorang berpecah? takkan pecah punya lah. tengok je nanti lepas mesyuarat.

diorang mesti ambil gambar peluk2 punya!

Anonymous said...

guan eng should say.... slap me lor, if u dare!

kundur said...

i hope they split!

ucop mantin said...

keh keh!

takda gunanya diorang tu duduk dalam satu pakatan haram.

benda haram ni tak bawak untung dan tidak akan kekal lama. betul tak?

Anonymous said...

anwar chairs the meeting?

i thought karpal is already on the CHAIR! wheelchair lar!

anyway, we expect no breakups

bambino said...


aku rasa hadi awang takkan campur tangan dalam hal ni. dia ni liberal sikit orangnya.

nik azizlah yang akan mempertahankan hududnya dalam apa keadaan sekalipun. kalau dia bertolak ansur, maknanya dia ni memang pentingkan politik daripada agama!

Anonymous said...

110% agree with money changer.

All this is just sandiwara to get free media airtime.

Just like a product. The more people repeat its name(no matter how good or bad it taste) people will remember and hence buy them.

This trick is used by Namewee and many foreign companies perfectly well

Semua kena tipuuu.

Hopefully the voters have matured enough and can see through this trick.