Saturday, September 3, 2011

Malaysiakini is not 'terkini'

We all know how Malaysiakini hates Najib so much. Anything that the Prime Minister did for the country is for the news portal to spin adversely. It seems that nothing is good about the government and the Cabinet.

I guess Malaysiakini's editors and writers could make better ministers. And for that, I strongly recommend them to stand in the next national poll, hoping they would win to form the Cabinet with the Opposition.

Najib should be flying home from Perth tonite after canceling his other programs Down Under. He will receive the slain Bernama TV photo-journalist body in the morning.

The way how Mkini spins Najib's 'vacation' in Australia did not reflect the maturity in its editorial team. Everybody knows the premier was undergoing a physio-therapy in Perth as Australia offers one of the best place for sports therapy.

After his knee surgery last month, Najib chose Hari Raya and Merdeka holidays for that purpose. That was the only time he could pick for the knee job.

We are not celebrating Merdeka on Aug 31 as it 'clashed' with Hari Raya. So, the government has decided to defer its celebration for Sept 16 in conjunction with Hari Malaysia. And what is wrong with that?

Relax, bro.

When Karpal was absent many times from Anwar's hearing, did you spin anything about it? I dont think so. Why? Because we know your duty is to support the Opposition and to bring down the government.

And... just look at how you played up the churches and Christianity issues of late. I believe you also want to incite racial chaos in the country.

Who are the good guys around? You?


mr botox said...

malaysia kini harbors a very bad and dangerous intention, bro.

not that they want to bring down the govt but also want to see foreign intervention in our domestic politics... like what is happening in some middle east countries.

third grader said...

i must salute najib for chosing the perfect time - out of his official hours - to seek treatment and forgetting hari raya for the time being.

malaysiakini does not only hate najib but the whole ruling party. they are in close collaboration with the opposition to ensure their victory in next general election.

their editors are a bunch of coward, hing their hands after throwing stones...

umbut pisang said...

silap malaysiakini buat macam tu.

datuk seri najib memang berubat di perth, bukannya makan angin atau shopping.

apa salahnya diorang cal dulu pejabat PM untuk minta kepastian.

ni main tembak buta je....

aku cocok mata korang kang, baru buta betul!

Ellese said...

Similarly with Malaysian insider. They purpose created Cristians siege mentality to push the country far left. Most of my comments against them were not published and censored. They claim they're against Utusan but the manner of irresponsible writing is worse than Utusan.

Moo.. said...

I agreed with your comment. So what is your comment about Utusan published all sorts of racist crap?

Anonymous said...

Well being the top public figure in the country he should have clarify at the outset what he is doing. He should tell the public before his trip rather than giving space for speculation. The fact that he did not left people wondering is there anything he is hiding? It is also good that Malaysiakini highight the plight of the christian who have been discriminated in whatever name. Now we know Najib's visit to the pope is a con job. Thanks to Malaysiakini.

Anonymous said...

Nah mkini was solely set up to demolish any GOOD Malay leader.

They were singing praises for pak lelah coz he was dismantling all that was good for the Malays.

Now that Najib is obviously not sleepy PM, they have their cannons gunned for him.

But these subversive elements can only succeed if there are gullible and ignorant Malays still.

So now we know why they sayang mat sabu and PAS.

Anonymous said...

mkini will never ever support the govt.


the people who sponsor it are anti-malaysia, anti-malays and anti-democracy!

sopak said...

agaknya najib terkentut masa mesyuarat pun akan dijadikan isu oleh malaysiakini yang sememangnya ejen dan barua kerajaan asing ni!

manghup said...

The Prime Minister has no rights to step out of the country without informing the rakyat.