Saturday, September 24, 2011

Malaysia is too dangerous!

I will go on writing about the same issue - UNHCR refugees in Malaysia. We have been battered all around for being the nice guys, all because of bad reporting and badmouthing by some 'double agents', including few Malaysians who play chummy to the international organisations and foreign governments.

Please bear in mind that we have yet to ratify the UN Refugee Convention but we play host to so many refugees.

This refugee camp is so close to the KLIA

We even signed a swap deal with Australia with the intention to help those refugees but here they go again, labeling Malaysia as the most dangerous country (here) for refugees. Why in the first place we signed up with them?

If we are not a signatory to the Convention, can can always chase them from our territory or flush them out. But we have been too kind enough. I think we should review out stand on this. Rather than being diplomatically-abused over the matter, we should from now on refrain from opening our doors to them.

As a non-signatory, we have every rights to say NO to them.

Nonetheless, the government should also inspect the living atmosphere of the refugees in the country. As long as they are here, it is our responsibility to ensure their welfare is being taken care off. Otherwise, the whole world will never stop pointing fingers (esp their middle fingers) towards us.

Please investigate the allegations that the refugees are living in a very poor condition, with not enough food to eat, no clean water.... and that some of them had to become thieves to survive. This is humiliating.

So, if we really want to help them, give them some assurance that they will get proper treatments to suffice their living here until another country agrees to accept them.

Our PM and the respective ministers rarely spoke about the refugees. I don't think members of the Press have visited the refugee camps, one of which is near the KLIA. Or they didnt find issues pertaining to refugees a burning point to write of...

We cannot depend much on the UNHCR. They are only tasked to find faults in countries like us, rag our goodwill and tarnish our image. We can always question how many times in a year that their officials visited the refugees camps.

And if we don't care about them, leave them to rot!


Anonymous said...


ex-diplomat said...

the govt must wake up to the criticism instead of playing mum. this is not a small issue. anything about out reputation and good name must be addressed accordingly.

indigo said...

by the way, the situation in myanmar is getting better.

so, their what so called refugees should be stopped from finding refuge in malaysia.

we already have too many of them, many are taking advantage of the status.

unhcr must also monitor situation the myanmar as to verify their status.

copacabana said...

stop taking them. send them home or to third countries who only know how to talk nonsense about our treatment here. use the millions of ringgit allocated for the refugees to improve rural roads and others. no point being the nice guy if our efforts go down the drain.

if malaysia is a dangerous country, tell unhcr that we will no anymore allow refugees to step foot on our land... or we will shoot them!

cuka getah said...

memang ada yang jadi penyamun tapi bukan sebab tak cukup makan tapi memang asalnya penyamun di negara sendiri. sebab tu lari dan ambil kesempatan jadi pelarian serta bernaung di bawah UNHCR.

siapa kata kita tak bagi mereka makan?

buatlah siasatan dengan pejabat UNHCR di kuala lumpur berapa banyak malaysia belanja untuk mereka.

UNHCR pun kita bayar.

sial betul diorang ni!

Anonymous said...


malaysia is too dangerous.

from now on, we will sink their boats!

bastard aussies!

penangan said...

memang pukimak australia ni. dia ingat dia aje yang baik. selama ni pun, diorang lah yang layan orang asing macam taik!

siplis said...

australia itself has a bad human rights record for mistreating foreigners and the aborigines.

so, why talk cock about malaysia giving bad treatment to the refugees.

they should mirror themselves first!

hulk hogan said...

apa susah2.

tutup je pejabat unhcr, suruh pegawai dia pulang ke negara asal dan hantar balik semua pelarian ni, terutama burma. negara mereka dah aman dah. so, takyah mengada-ngada nak duduk sini sampai bercicit.

Anonymous said...

the aussies should speak for themselves.

bloody hell!

Chau said...

Why the number of the refugees is increasing? There used to be only Chin ( in the pics) from Myanmar under UNHCR protection in our country in the early stage of 2000 who are very humble and hardworking people apart from their drinking behavior .I have employed so many of them and helped them as they make me rich. Huu... I only regard these people as refugees who should be protected by the govt and UNHCR because they are the most discriminated ones in Myanmar for their religion ( Christian).

Anonymous said...

why not the local and foreign media arrange a visit to these camps and see for themselves what is actually happening...

anti-bangla said...

australia is worse when it comes to attending to the refugees. they chuck off all muslims from their list and take only non-muslims. this is certainly a racist decision.

malaysia is not such. we have been accepting all who sought refuge in our country.

the only thing the unhcr should do to to give a true picture about the refugees here, rather than listening to some unscrupulous ngos that never looked into the plight of the refugees.

yessir said...

the most dangerous countries in the world:

1. israel
2. america
3. america
4. america
5. britain
6. australia
7. north korea
8. singapore
9. singapore
10. pakatan rakyat

Anonymous said...

send them home...

send them home.

send all of them to australia!

let them fuck the kangaroos!

Anonymous said...

bila terlalu baik, orang pijak kepala kita.

bila terlalu jahat, orang pulaukan kita.

jadi.... eloklah jadi zalim pulak, biar orang takut!

Anonymous said...

if australia only took in non-muslim refugees, there would onlt be 2 or 3 granted visas in a year.