Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mainstream media tearing the country apart - Tony PuaKA

Come on lar! Use your brain before saying anything, especially to the foreign media.

There is no stopping for Tony Pua who told the Jakarta Globe that “BN is willing to not only spread false news, but also use highly charged religious sentiments to tear the country apart," and that the mainstream media is actually stoking racial and religious sentiments to tear the country apart.

"... the reports were calculated to inflame sentiment and anger among Malays and Muslims in the country, especially towards the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) alliance."

Knowing him, and knowing how the Opposition loves turning to foreign media for some publicity is perhaps something we could push aside.

That applies well for Suaram too, which said the recent reports on television and in Malay newspapers are playing on Malay fears for political gain, as the general election draws near.

It said in a statement on Monday: “Suaram is concerned that this incident points to an escalation in fear-mongering by the mostly government-controlled mainstream media by propagating the idea that Islam is under threat.”

Check your points please. Who is actually provoking the Muslims and the Malays? Umno? MCA? Or MIC?

However, I am not certain about the agenda behind political columnist Karim Raslan's jottings in The Star on Tuesday that the 're-emergence of the apostasy issue suggests a deep-rooted anxiety among Malay-Muslims over their future and identity'.

Looks like everybody wants to be heard... and me too!


Anonymous said...

They are playing the "throw it back to the other court" card. Believe me, these Christians will put in efforts to convert Muslims.

I have been approached MANY times. Don't let their denials sway you into complacence.

kamcheng said...

karim raslan.

hmmm..... i doubt if he is an umno member, bro

indigo said...

bn got its own mainstream media. the opposition too has its own 'mainstream' media.

so, what's the fuss?

their media too has been playing sentiments, in fact worse than that of the bn's!

Anonymous said...

tony pua again!

looks like he tries to become a 'chinese' anwar ibrahim

Anonymous said...

suaram belongs to the opposition.