Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kementerian Tiga Abdul...

"Bro. I joined the ministry a few years ago with a few others. They put us at the info unit in PJ. Our job is to monitor blogs and report it to the section head. We also contribute writings to the ministry's news portal.

"Part of the job is also to cover general election and by-elections. We are not journalists but we tried to be as good as you and your journo friends. Yes, we enjoy this job. Everything looked okay until the Sarawak election.

"I started with a RM3,800 monthly wage. A year later, it went down to RM2,800 and since early this year, it was reduced to RM1,800. Worse still, our status has been redefined to 'artis berjadual', meaning that our salary is on daily basis. I think sooner or later, we will have to bring our family to the sec-gen or minister's house for lunch and dinner everyday..."

Alamak! Pity them.

I was told there are only three of them, on temporary basis. However, where on earth can you find such a treatment being accorded to government servants? Temporary or not, salaries or wages normally goes up, if not maintained as offered.

And this ministry is in charge of the government's propaganda - Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan. I personally believe this few guys have done their job well. I have seen them at work.

Please la YB Datuk Seri Utama and Ybhg KSU Datuk Seri. Takkanlah kito nak aniayo duo tiga pekerja yang baik ni. Kalau ikutkan lojik, gamai kakitangan totap kementerian ni patut dibuang jo!

This is not 'Kerajaan Tiga Abdul'. Small matter. However, some small matters can rally into big upleasant issues.

If we cant handle small and petty issues like this, how are we going to face the rakyat?


on call said...


why didnt u name the ministry? takut ka?


i am not sure who are the staff but its not a fair treatment they get.

ejen miskin said...

aku cuma kenal sorang je datuk seri utama. rais yatim.

kementerian dia ke?

post-merdeka said...

what? from 3,800 to 1,800! fantastic man! its as good as kicking their butt off the ministry.

my advise to them - quit before you are humiliated further!

find other jobs. i believe there are employers out there who are keen to employ people like u.

another melayu said...


aku kenal diorang ni. memang pekerja yang bagus. dioranglah yang bertungkus lumus mempertahankan menteri ketika diserang hebat oleh bloger lain suatu ketika dahulu. dioranglah yang menjaga maruah menteri dengan baik ketika difitnah dan ditohmah oleh orang lain.

dan inilah habuan yang mereka dapat!

Anonymous said...

are they bloggers too, bro?

who are they?

Anonymous said...

... ini boleh mendatangkan marah!

he he he... dialog dalam 3 abdul.

memang la rasa nak marah sebab kawan2 kita diperlakukan begini. apa la nasib orang yang bekerja kuat macam mereka ni.

dalam dunia ni, elok jadi bodoh dan pengampu je untuk hidup!

mat gombau said...

dah den kobakan dah. kalau buek kojo tu, buek yang disughuh jo. jangan tunjuk pandai, oghang tak suko. ketuo2 kito tak suko oghang lain lobeh pandai daripada dio. tu sobab pekerjo macam ni kono tindih!

kalau kono tindih dongan bini, memanglah sodap. ni kono tindih dongan ketuo jabatan!

mak oiiii aieee!!!!

nasi dan kicap said...

aku kenal budak2 dua tiga orang ni.

takpa lah. abis kontrak korang ujung tahun ni, cari je kerja lain.

kalau tak dapat kerja, korang pegi je buat muka ikan toman kt umah menteri, ksu, kp dan pegawai lain, mintak nasik hari2. diorang ni semua kaya-raya.

mark hon come said...

lua tiga olang pun talak muleh jaga ka?

kasi sama gua la. muleh jaga gua punya babi.

satu mulan lima libu satu olang!

haiiyyaaaaa!!! tuuu lannn!!!!

a blogger too said...

i have heard about their plight and i dont think it happens elsewhere or at other ministries.

badigol said...

aku tau!

aku tau!

aku tau siapa! bloger jugak.

kesian. selama ni nampak ok je. tak sangka lak nasib diorang macam tiga abdul - ambik bau je!

el-walid said...

he who digs a pit for his brother, will himself fall into it.

one day, those who mistreated them will be punished by god the almighty.

Anonymous said...

bro jai,

a simple reason why they are not made as full time staff - because they are not feminine and not pretty!

any illiterate stupid but beautiful lady can get a job at the ministry if she knows how to carry herself well!

the arbitrator said...

this is not the only case. i believe the govt has overlooked the matter. i know many other temporary civil staff are not properly treated. the info ministry is just another. tourism ministry too.

we keep on putting up ads looking for new staff for various categories, forgetting those who have been serving under the temporary scheme for years and years.

its time to regulate or formulate a standard scheme for this workers. dont deny their contributions!

Anonymous said...

inilah pekerja dan rakyat yang langsung tidak dihargai sumbangan mereka.

apa nak jadi dengan keprihatinan kita dalam hal2 seperti ini? di mana letak silapnya?

mancis said...

inilah yang dinamakan sokong bawa rebah. orang yang kita sokong dan jaga dengan baik, akhirnya tak pedulikan nasib kita. samalah nasib kawan2 ni. tak payah sebut hal anak bini, orang bujang pun boleh sasau kalau hidup macam ni.

Anonymous said...

tanggagaji skim apa makin menurun ni? setahu aku, kakitangan sementara atau sandaran akan diberikan gaji setimpal dan takkan turun-turun, kalau tak pun akan naik.

ni kes pelik ni!

gred main belakang ke?

red card said...

if they are worth a keep, the ministry should find a way to retain them.

no point exploiting their position and hold their balls

Anonymous said...

wahai si bodoh
pergi la cari keje lain.
bagus ke, pandai ke, tak penting. yg penting duit. tak payah la melacur kan diri lagi.

Anonymous said...

yes, i have seen how they help the gov and ministry - unsung heroes but pauper's remuneration.

Najib and cabinet must do sumtin'

Anonymous said...

waktu genting mereka pertahan menteri dan kjaan, tapi lepas tu terus diabaikan. Memang le

Anonymous said...

different matter, same ministry:

I have long felt that the first thing any legislator must be made to do is to attend, test and pass a course on the Federal Constitution.

Why don't we make that a special case? I mean, we say our language is B.Malaysia but the law says differently. We say Melayu , Cina dan India but the law puts the indigenous such as Orang Asli first. In fact nowhere in it is there any mention of Chinese or Indian. They are lumped together as "others".

But RTM and its adverts is notorious for not observing this part of the Fed Constitution.

Anonymous said...

thank you, bujai for helping to stand up for our brothers.

- concerned veteran journalist

Anonymous said...

why not u guys out there, whichever side you are on take these poor souls?

They will benefit u and loss to the govt and BN.

Anonymous said...

bro jai...
orang atasan nie semua tak bole fikir, hanya nak gunakan je...time susah baru nak cari insan yg marhean kat bawah nie...diaorg tak kan tak tahu marhean kat bawah nie semua ada family...orang atasan dah kaya raya makan duit sana sini, yg marhean ni juga makan gaji, dah lah makan gaji... di kasi kurang kan lagi gaji...rahsia kerajaan bukan main banyak lagi di disimpan..kena kalu marhean nie berpaling arah... tak masak orang atasan tue...lu fikirkan lah weiii...