Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Johan Raslan, PwC, SC scandals and contempt of courts

I've been reading (and following) this blog about a year now. I believe Zarinahtakesapaycut is the results of 'flaws and loopholes' at the Securities Commission, its clients PriceWaterhouseCoopers and discontentment among its senior staffs, it seemed (here).

From 'Zarinah Anwar should take a RM100 pay cut' to 'Contempt of court leaves application filed against Dato Seri Johan Raslan and two senior partners of PwC Malaysia at the KL High Court', the postings are very much supported with tangible proofs. Most are too detailed.

I am not sure if Prime Minister and the regulators of the SC and auditing firms are aware of this blog but its 'mission to weed out the misconduct' at the Commission, needs some attentions.

Chin Kwai Fatt, the MD of PwC is also named as among conspirators to the scandals. Not forgetting a few senior officials of PwC allegedly forming an illegal business cahoot with Maxis, Celcom and other telcos (here) in exposing clients' calls and text messages.

And of course, Ananda Krishnan has every reason to be fuming red at them.

Earlier this year, the Audit Oversight Board (AOB) was also ragged for its intriguing implementation (here and here).

I believe the people behind the blog are the ones very close to the inner circle of the SC. Otherwise, such documents and proofs would not be easily accessed.

Hmmm.... looks like Johan and Kwai Fatt (pic) got some explanations to make. The way some postings were written did not fit them as 'office boys' or 'clerks'. They are professionals.

So, do check it out!


eric estrada said...

to my knowledge, this wrongdoings have been going on for quite some time now but nothing was done to check or investigate it.

it seems there have been a lot of cover-ups to the scandals.

why didnt the macc step in, i dont know...

alloy said...

najib does not know.

the treasury also seems not to know.

the whole system is letting it to happen.

so, who is to blame?

Anonymous said...

fly robin fly... fly robin fly...

ha ha ha ha!!!! nobody can get any closer to this people. they are well protected!

jackpot said...

i have read the blog. i find it factual.

if najib has not read it, he better do because he needs a lot of cleanings to do after this...

havana cigar said...

i am perturbed by the way our govt reacts to things like this. everybody is tight lips about it, no action and no comment. what is so special about the people at SC and PwC that their misdeeds have to be ignored?

what kind of a govt is this?

A minor7 said...

kita cuma menyalak bukit je, bro. dah banyak rungutan dibuat dan dikemukakan kepada menteri terbabit tetapi semuanya senyap je.

inilah 'corporate governance' cara malaysia - menutup kesalahan pihak atasan di GLC and agensi penting kerajaan agar tidak dijadikan isu oleh pembangkang.

tapi sampai bila hal yang sedemikian patut dibiarkan?

Anonymous said...

so, why the long wait, najib?

act now!

maggot said...


there are other good auditing firms in malaysia, some of which are malaysians.

why must our big companies turn to PwC?

its time to give the job to locals