Wednesday, September 21, 2011

International Day of Peace: Is it for real?

Today marks the International Day of Peace. The United Nations General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.

This year - on its 30th anniversary - the Day’s theme is “Peace and Democracy: Make your voice heard”.

The Preamble to the UN Charter states that the Organisation was founded to prevent and resolve international conflicts and help build a culture of peace in the world.

Peace and democracy are inextricably linked. Together, they form a partnership that promotes the well-being of all. Embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, democracy supports an environment for a host of political rights and civil liberties.

However, some member countries are not observing the Day. Israel is still terrorising the Palestinians; the American and Nato troops are still attacking the citizens of few Middle East nations plunged in civil wars; the US marines are still pursuing their dirty tactics over the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan, while insurgency in various nations is not subsiding.

Washington too is being caught in a diplomatic tug-of-war with its allies like Israel, Britain and Australia over the recognition of a free Palestinian State, having to veto whatever resolution condemning the atrocity of the Israeli regime.

And Sec-Gen Ban Kim-moon will forever (during his tenure) remain as the American puppet at the world body, without a definite authority to interfere in what the US and Allies are doing in many parts of the world.

The General Assembly only listens to the US and its veto-in-hand permanent members. The plight of famine and hunger victims in Africa is taken for granted. Even the distribution of food to the victims is being politicised by aid agencies - no thanks to the threatening remarks made by US officials that such aids should be given more to the non-Muslims.

We are seeing profoundly remarkable happenings taking place in the world. Young women and men everywhere are demonstrating the power of solidarity by reaching out and rallying together for the common goal of dignity and human rights.

This powerful force brings with it the potential to create a peaceful and democratic future. We should add it to ours but still, one question remains - are we really being heard?


deepak chandra said...


it is not for real. just a gimmick. there is no absolute peace on this planet. so many parties are destroying it.

the united nations is being toyed around by the US and other western powers to their own benefit.

the plight and voice of small and poor nations are only heard at the sidelines of meetings and conferences.

as long as the vetoes are accorded as the prerogative rights of the superpowers, there will never be peace on earth...

monsoon said...


its a farce!

they love war.... so, let everybody go to war.

i would like to suggest another day - international war day!

Anonymous said...

is malaysia observing it?

no statement from wisma putra

mangkuk hayun said...

mana ada hari keamanan, bro. bangsa2 bersatu ni buat macam2 tapi takda apa kesan pun. rakyat palestin masih menderita. ramai lagi masih lapar dan kebulur.

Anonymous said...

peace, jai!

i always criticise u on this blog. hehehehe...

i know that u know me...

just like the world. no war, no fun. if everybody supports yr writings and no opposition, also no fun.

go on writing.

borgiba said...


hari keamanan sedunia ni termasuk ke hari laki-bini tak bergaduh? ini pun masalah besar gak ni!

caress said...

the UN is getting more absurd.

where got peace on earth?

Anonymous said...

bro, are u still writing for the UN news agency?

can we meet up in KL soon? i will be there by next week.


- ray, manila

umaiyah said...

dunia tidak akan tenteram selagi ada israel. inilah paksi segala peperangan dan kejahatan di muka bumi ini.