Tuesday, September 13, 2011

India grills top executive of Maxis; MCMC plays dumb

In New Delhi, a top executive of the Maxis company on Monday was questioned by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in connection with alleged irregularities in spectrum allotment during the tenure of former Indian Telecom Minister Dayanidhi Maran (here).

Ralph Marshall, CEO of Astro which invested in Sun TV and also a Board member of Malaysia-based Maxis, appeared before the agency officials for clarifying on allegations that the company was favoured by the Minister in the takeover of Aircel and in return investments were made in Sun TV owned by Maran family.

I am impressed with the speed of action by the CBI and the government of India in dealing with such an irregularity.

But back home, Maxis is on a prowl. Some of its senior executives were alleged to have leaked customers' call-and-SMS record to auditing firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers and no action has been taken to investigate it, at least (here).

It's a major offense when it comes to breaching customers' P & C, and I guess it's similar to opening up government's white papers in the public.

They had betrayed the trust of not only the clients of Maxis but also trampled all over the privacy rights of the clients of the other telco companies in Malaysia, with total disregard for the law and the principles of good governance.

What has the MCMC done thus far to protect telcos customers from being treated like a bunch of morons? And where is the minister in charge again?

However, I think I know the reason why. The MCMC will not move without any directive from the minister. Not only the MCMC... most of our government's departments and agencies are such!


sangkuriang said...

alaaaaaa bro. u know who controls the mcmc.

like u said, they wont move without any directive from the minsiter.

but the minister has yet to make statements on various issues - maxis, 6pc hike in prepaid charges and astro.

he is tooooooooooooo busy! pls understand laaaarr!!!

Anonymous said...

if the mcmc wants to GRILL people, the list is long enough!

some bloggers too! hehehehe!

needles & pins said...

ananda should also investigate the allegations. it is very, very serious. on mcmc part, pls act without the minister's instruction. its your duty!

samagagah said...

sama juga seperti india, kita lebih suka siasat orang asing di sini daripada rakyat sendiri.

jadi, tak hairanlah penyelewengan dalam maxis dan telco lain dibiarkan tanpa siasatan.

atau datuk rais tidak dimaklumkan oleh pegawai2nya!

dua bini said...

tarikh nota kpd utaya kumar tu tahun 2001.

maknanya, selama ni memang maxis bocorkan maklumat sulit pengguna kepada pwc!

kurang ajar betul la!

patutlah bini kedua aku tau aku pegi mana selama ni!

Anonymous said...

mcmc should go deeper into maxis and other telcos... and also astro!

dont just play dumb and waiting for rais to give instruction. otherwise, you people must resign en-mass!

old BMW said...


what happens to nazri abdullah's case? i thot the MACC has already established a strong case against him.

who is protecting him? his boss?

on call said...

heh heh!

all people know alerady what.... that no action can be taken against the big companies. they got money what!

that is why minister also takut to investigate the matter.

what la u, bro. that also u dont know ka!

wrong timing said...

if telcos can leak private info of customers' calls and text messages, we better stop subscribing to them and start using public telephones once again!

asshole, those people are!

the fact that the mcmc failed to investigate and take proper action reflected in the loose system we have been advocating.

the govt too must take a closer look at this allegations.

Anonymous said...

the next time i wanna call my friend in hatyai about my next trip, i have to use public phones!

kulup ludin said...

datuk rais gi mana agaknya ek?

umrah? tak mungkin sebab dia ada kat sini.

cuti? pun tak gak sebab aku cal opis dia, pegawai dia kata dia keje... cuma sibuk kat luar.

abis tu? dia cuma tunggu laporan lengkap dan masa untuk bertindak, kot?

jangan tunggu lama2 tok. elok bertindak dan siasat sekarang sebelum orang marah dengan telco ni!

Anonymous said...

the mcmc only acts fast on bloggers when its boss was under scrutiny. otherwise, they just sit and wait for further instruction for other issues.

what the .....!!!!!

angin panas said...

tahniah kepada maxis, rais dan kerajaan kerana 'mengizinkan' perkara seperti ini berlaku.

kalau benda dalam kain pun boleh dibocorkan oleh telco, maknanya tak salah kalau hal2 dalam kain menteri kabinet dan ahli politik didedahkan untuk tatapan umum.

betul tak?

kilimanjaro said...

go back to the conservative pay phones la. what to do.

but... during those days, even such phones were easy to tap.

so, what are our options?

Anonymous said...

sebenarnya kita tidak bertegas dalam hal2 seperti ini. semuanya kita anggap mudah.

tapi kalau dibiarkan kes kecil menjadi besar, di mana letaknya integriti kita sebagai sebuah kerajaan dan seorang menteri?

gondola said...

not only maxis, i heard about people inside celcom and digi selling certain info to people who want to run down their political and business enemies.

and they made tonnes of money bro!

the arbitrator said...

i believe there are certain provisions that allow telcos to feed info about particular customers to the police and other authorities without the customers' approval.

unless it has nothing to do with crime cases, then the telcos are breaching the laws and action must be taken against them.

and for pricewaterhousecoopers to get such info, is not at all permitted!

panadol said...

kepada yb dtk rais - tolonglah setelkan semua ni sekaligus. dah pening dah. dtk tak pening ke?

mat gombau said...

jai, kau tak poie ko open hse kementerian rais di kraftangan jln conlay hari ni?

den maleh la nak poie. takdo sapo kona den....

desperate din said...

aku sokong ANGIN PANAS.

memang betul. kalau kita bagi izin maxis dan yang lain2 ceroboh privacy pelanggan, maknanya tak salah rakyat telanjangkan kepincangan pemimpin!

valderrama said...

that 6pc additional charges is already a burden... and they are collecting billions of ringgit. what is there left for customers?

we cant even complaint about their poor services. this includes astro.

what is mcmc doing to tackle such issues?

the minister himself couldnt care less about it!

Anonymous said...

mcmc regulates everything on telcos but they got to balls to take any action.


u know laaa.... money power!

power! power! POWER!

maisara said...

rais dah tak minat untuk campurtangan dalam hal2 begini bro.

dia pun dah tak minat dengan jawatannya sekarang ni....

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