Friday, September 9, 2011

Maxis betrays its customers' P & C!

Ananda Khrishnan must be fuming red over allegations that some Maxis senior personnel have been breaching telcos' privacy and confidentiality policy by 'selling off' customers calls-and-SMS record to auditing company PriceWaterHouseCoopers (PwC).

It was not the right thing to do. Revealing such info is against all principles of service. Such details should not be transferred to other parties without prior prior approval from the respective customers.

The MCMC regulates that "service providers must be open, transparent and meet generally accepted fair information principles including providing notice as to what personal information they collect, use and disclose..."

But Maxis officers like Miss Lai Choon Foong (picture-sitting extreme right), Maxis' Senior General Manager and Head of Management Accounting and Procurement and a few more are said to be responsible for the 'leak' as they work closely with the external auditors PwC Malaysia on all kinds of matters (read here and here).

Lai,, according to sources, has betrayed the trust of not only the clients of Maxis, but also trampled all over the privacy rights of the clients of the other telco companies in Malaysia, with total disregard for the law and the principles of good governance.

"And how much longer are Maxis going to retain PwC Malaysia as their external auditors, when PwC Malaysia can just waltz in and take whatever data they need, for their nefarious purposes?"

Yeap.... I agree that Maxis cannot disclose the incoming phone records to any third party without the consent of the Consumer. And for PwC Malaysia to actually attempt to use this illegally obtained documents in the KL High Court is an act of total disregard for the laws of the country.

A full investigation cannot be discounted here. Let us hear to what Info Minister Rais Yatim got to say about this...

To Maxis customers, you got nowhere to hide... heh!


012-2855.... said...

in the first place, does ananda knows about it? if he does, he should sack this people from maxis. and for pwc, customers should consider taking them to the court!

this is a blatant violation of customers' privacy!

ombudsman said...

not fair, man!

how could they do this to customers when they are suppose to observe the secrecy of such info.

i cant take this!

rais yatim should intervene in this matter. a full scale investigation is needed here to protect the rights of consumers

Anonymous said...

ini sudah lebeh!

kepada rakyat malaysia, BERHENTI langgan maxis!

dah melampau depa ni!

buku lima said...


amerika intip kita pun, kita biarkan je. ni pulak maxis

lantak je lar.... kita ni bukan orang penting. cuma maklumat orang tertentu je yang dia bagi pada pwc atau pihak ketiga lain.

he he he

red apple said...

if maxis fails to respect customers' privacy, what about other providers like celcom, digi and others.

the govt must go deep into this and stop this illegal practice.

once we breach the stipulated policy, we will start losing customers.

Anonymous said...

looks like ananda has a lot to do to clean up the mess.

if its true that his officers have been leaking info to pwc, action has to be taken to stop it. otherwise, another wikileaks will start in malaysia!

gajah berang said...

suruh mcmc tarik balik lesen telco maxis. ini satu perbuatan yang keterlaluan dan tidak menghormati hak asasi dan kepentingan pengguna. kalau maklumat seperti ini boleh diperdagangkan bagi tujuan auditing, maka banyak lagi syarikat boleh berbuat demikian atas helah dan sebab yang sama. mana perginya piagam pengguna yang dilaung-laungkan selama ni?

Anonymous said...

apa la kau suruh rais siasat. memanglah kes ini di bawah kementerian dia tapi dia takkan siasat punyalah.

tiga bini said...


last nite i sms my 6th girlfriend. maybe maxis has already leaked it to my 2nd wife!

mati la gua!

ten bucks said...

i am calling on all maxis consumers to establish a case against the telco provider. we have been paying them billions of ringgit since its inception and this is what we get!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sue MAXIS and bankrutpted them to the bone. They had been fleecing the public like nobody business.

Anonymous said...

Brother Jai.

You may be barking at the wrong tree since you don't understand the culture within Maxis.

If you check out it's  top Management , many key posts are filled with foreign expats. When they come on board, they will create a layer below them filled with again expats  in roles as GMs, SMs, CONsultants on pretext to train the local and to fill the knowledge gap. Later discovered many of these expats are not really what they want us to believe. And worst some think that we still live on tree.

Those who stayed long enough would know, Maxis is what it is today because  contributions on the locals when there were little or no expats then. The locals stood firm when Maxis going through difficult time during economic crises even when company future looks bleak then.

I hope Mr Minister to look into the policy of limiting numbers of expats in key management positions in strategic companies such as in telecommunication. We must start believe we have the local talents to make it at global stage and can be trusted. Don't let others fool you or tell you otherwise.