Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bursa Malaysia will be closed down!

Ah-haaa!!! Malaysia will be doomed if Pas and DAP takeover the government. Its economy will dwindle and the rakyat will get poorer and poorer. Even the rich will have to steal from the poor... in the end.

Our fundamentals would be charted by Pas. What fundamentals would there be under Hadi Awang, Nik Aziz and Mat Sabu, and Kit Siang, Guan Eng and Karpal?

It's an interesting piece posted by Stopthelies - Hadi promises to shut down the Bursa if Pas forms the Federal Government! Wah lan neh! How are we going to survive?

"Come on, you did not expect the past to haunt you right, Taliban Hadi? But stopthelies is out to remind Malaysians, especially the pork-eating Chinese, that PAS president Hadi Awang aka Taliban Hadi will never stop his extremist ways until he gets his way. Of course, the power crazy morons from the DAP and their groupies will help Hadi win because they actually believe that PAS has changed. PAS hasn’t said they will change," writes stopthelies.

Heh heh! Means that everything that is 'haram' to the Muslims will also be imposed on the non-Muslims, except for DAP members.

The Chinese will be barred from eating pork, no more Genting Casino and all Magnum, Toto and PMP Kuda outlets will be closed down.

Pas will also amend all banking, insurance and investment policy as to make it free from interest-takings. If you borrow RM1,000 from the bank, you will have to pay back the same amount. All banks will be regulated is such a manner that their position is only to help those in need.

Bursa Malaysia, which attracts billions of ringgits every year, will see its demise. No more stockbroking firms to operate and thousands of jobs will be lost.

Oh my! What a disaster!

By the way, can Hadi translate and define what 'Lakum dinukum waliyaddin' means?



its time for hadi to embrace buddhism while kit siang embrace islam.

they share many similarities but lack one common thing - NO COMMON SENSE!

chinchai said...

not only closing down bursa malaysia. i would like to suggest that pas and dap close down all airports and seaports from foreigners, from any foreign investment.

let everybody learn how to go back to the feudal era, eating tapioca and sweet corns.

close down all banks but add more hospitals and new cemeteries to our country.

malaun said...

baik suruh hadi awang tutup je semua skolah dan universiti. semua tukar jadi sekolah pondok je. wajibkan semua bangsa dan kaum belajar di pondok ni.

lee lap tiang said...

if we cannot eat pork, we will eat hadi awang!

ok what!

mat syabu said...


they also plan to shift the capital from kuala lumpur to kota bharu.

kl will be turned into a dakwah city. all arabs and muslims from all over the world will gather there.

kb will be developed all the way to golok! hehehehehehe

Anonymous said...

ini macam kalu, kit siang sama karpal misti belajar pakai songkok sama smotar!

misti belajar kecek kelate.


parang tajam said...

close all the banks too. banks want to make money but without interest on loans, they would not survive.

let hadi and friends look for new avenues to help our businessmen.

bloody idiots!

ah loy said...

pengumuman - semua warga lelaki malaysia, tidak kira bangsa dan agama, diwajibkan hanya memakai kain pelikat mulai sekarang manakala kaum wanita mesti pakai baju kurung dan purdah!

inilah yang akan akan terjadi jika pas perintah.

cuma orang dap je akan dikecualikan.

Anonymous said...

bro, tutup skrg pun no prob. gua dah rugi banyak. Umum mcm2 tp takde kesan apa pun kpd bursa. at the end of the day...yg kaya bertambah kaya, yg miskin bertambah papa. Lainlah kalau biar pape asal bergaye! ha ha ha